Selangor CPO's denial lame and illogical

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YOURSAY 'You can go into the technical details of the PPA law, but that doesn't relieve the police of its basic function of ensuring safety.'

Police deny responsibility for Gombak fracas

your say Starr: It's pathetic for Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah to defend the force for its alleged inaction over the incidence in Gombak, instead of dealing with the reality on the ground where scores of opposition supporters being hit by their stone-throwing rivals.

Whether or not the PAA (Peaceful Assembly Act) has been adhered to by the parties concerned, he can't deny there were violent crimes committed during the incident resulting in scores of opposition supporters being injured.

He must now explain to the public what police action was taken and why it failed to prevent the violent crimes being taken place?

Public perception of the police force being biased against the opposition continues to be negative in the absence of an effective response from the police.

Changeagent: Selangor CPO, your denial of responsibility for the recent Gombak fracas is both lame and illogical.

One of the organisers had already complied with Section 9 of the PAA by informing the police at least 10 days before the event, so the issue of police presence should not be your excuse at all.

The fact is that your police officers should have, and could have, prevented the fracas from happening between the two parties if they had done a proper job of maintaining peace and public order, rather than just standing by the side with arms folded and doing nothing.

Evilpeople: The Umno thugs brought a dagger to the Pakatan Rakyat ceramah and injured one of its supporters. Is it not clear yet who was the culprit? Are the police so blind or stupid?

Faz: It's sad to note that PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), instead of holding to the honour to serve the nation with their motto, now is hiding behind whatever laws available, to deny anything and everything.

PDRM is not now what they were long time ago due to respect lost as a result of their impartiality.

Louis: Never mind, we accept that you are not responsible for the fracas. But have you got those Umno thugs who went to PKR ceramah with the sole purpose of disrupting it.

Even the leader of the thugs admitted that disruption of the ceramah was the only way to stop PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim 'slandering' their leaders. Come on. Show that the police is fair to all.

Anonymous #64778106: You can go into the technical details of the PPA law, but that doesn't relieve the police of its basic function of ensuring safety.

Stop the crap and do what you are supposed to do.

Look into my mother's eyes and apologise, Jenain told

Dark Archon: I just don't understand the judge's logic. If the police fire shots at the tyres, yes, he tries to stop the car. But this guy fire shots at the car's back windscreen.

Even if he's not trying to kill the driver, he must have tried to hurt him. And he fired 21 shots! If that's not intent to kill, I don't know what is.

This just shows how sick our public institutions have become, such as the Attorney-General's Chambers, judiciary and PDRM.

OMG: Tragic though this case is, the boy should not have been out driving so late at night. The police officer is entitled to assume an adult is driving the car that late in the night.

Parents are also responsible for their child's movements and whereabouts. Stop pushing all the blame to the police. My deepest condolences to the family on their loss. It's now time to move on.

Giudice: I just cannot believe that there are some who are saying that it is also the boy's fault for being involved in unhealthy activities and being late out at night.

You guys need your minds checked and will certainly not say the same thing if it were your son or daughter who has been shot.

The issue is solely whether the police ought to have acted in that manner under those circumstances. The answer, if we expect the police force to be professional, is an emphatic no.

The police had no idea who was behind the wheel. Why then the use of force? Even if the car did not stop, there was still no justification for the use of force.

What if the person behind the wheel was acting under duress, or was having a heart attack, etc, that caused the erratic driving? There was no way to tell.

Under those circumstances, the police should have either followed the car until there was a safe way to stop it or even let the car "escape". It would certainly be a much better alternative than taking a life.

Omega: I think the police should just do what the victim's sister requested - this is to help the family, especially the mother, to try and seek closure.

It may be too little too late, but the police should just do whatever they could to compensate for the mistake. What happiness is there if you have to live with such guilt?

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