Good on Gobind to question Selangor MB

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YOURSAY 'It only goes to show that Pakatan leaders don't apple polish their bosses or leaders, and instead check on them.'

MB ticked off for silence over shrine demolition

your say Aries46: While I do not condone the high-handed illegal actions of the Sepang Municipal Council (MPS), I am told that construction of shrines outside the house proper is not the norm among Hindu devotees. They generally have an altar inside the house where the immediate family sit together for their daily prayers.

Conducting prayers in open shrines outside the house can invite unnecessary visitors and may be exploited as a mini-temple, causing noise pollution and inconvenience to the neighbourhood.

Nevertheless I am in agreement with Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo that the matter is serious as it amounts to trespassing as well as a violation of the house owner's rights and Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim should make his stand clear.

As local councils have been prevented from demolishing other shrines, it stands to question whether the actions of the MPS officers were in contravention of existing state laws.

Silence on the part of the MB is tantamount to encouraging rogue politicians into exploiting the issue for their own selfish gains.

IloveBN: I think Gobind's views and ticking off Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim is fair. It only goes to show that Pakatan Rakyat leaders don't try to apple polish their bosses or leaders, and instead check on them.

Unlike in BN, what the PM or MB says is the gospel truth and the deeds, God's instructions. Way to go Pakatan, this is true transparency and a lesson on checks and balances within a sensible political coalition.

Brother Umno : When PKR appears not to handle matters right, DAP and PAS will sound out their displeasure.

But when Umno abused its power or pulled out its ‘keris' during their AGM, BN partners like MCA, MIC, Gerakan and others remained docile and quiet like a church mouse.

Mahashitla: Nice, a Pakatan MP criticising a Pakatan MB - it's a healthy sign of democracy. Where were the MIC youths when it was revealed that the Batu Caves condominium project was approved by BN councillors?

Where were the BN MPs and MCA leader Chua Tee Yong when it was revealed the RM1 per square foot (psf) land meant for community centres for the rakyat, has turned into a RM200psf condo land to make a few people rich?

This is milk spilt again for Pakatan and it is better to keep heads cool to solve such ongoing problems. There should be clearer rules for such private shrines in private compounds. Perhaps it should be solely for the spiritual needs of the house dwellers and should not exceed certain dimensions.

Immediate neighbours around may feel the strain if outsiders start to visit the shrine, causing congestion, parking problems, etc. I sincerely hope the Selangor government can allocate more RM1psf land - such as that allocated to BN parties previously - for religious purposes.

Anonymous_VV: MPS should have obtained a proper court order if they wanted to demolish any altar within someone's compound.

Ex-wfw: Can someone sincerely do a survey and come up with some guidelines on construction of temples so that all Malaysians have a proper place to seek spiritual communication with their version of creator: to each his own.

To allow everyone who decides to create temples everywhere they please will be an inconvenience to others. Let us study the issue in a rational manner and come out with some guidelines for a less chaotic society. Can someone cite some statistics on the whole issue?

Onyourtoes: I think we should look at this issue from the legal point of view, whether or not it is within the jurisdiction of the council to demolish structures that are not approved.

I think no one should build whatever they like indiscriminately even on their own property, and then claim protection under the pretext of religious sensitivity.

There must be bylaws on all these, and the government must act without fear and favour on all structures and on all religions. I don't think I want to see shrines or whatever at every nook and corner.

Of course, the state government must be fair to provide land for places of worship for all religions. Once that can be done, please don't build and construct whatever you like indiscriminately.

Mahatruth: Hindu Sangam and other Indian NGOs have to help the government to stop the building of too many illegal temples. Hindu shrines are seen in almost every corner under trees.

It will start with someone putting a stone and red or yellow cloth around the tree and a group will gather once a week and that's the start of a temple.

I was told, a temple committee chairperson when he was thrown out, started his own temple nearby. And in one of the well-known temples, when the chief priest knew he would be terminated he started a temple in his corner-lot house.

How should we deal with such acts? There are plenty of very well-established shrines in this country, please keep those going instead, with lots of positive vibration that will benefit all human.

Gggg: Mahatruth, the so-called altar was within the owner's compound and the politically correct decision would be issuing a compound and daily fines for illegal structures. I am aware of religious places of worship under whatever name that has mushroomed within my neighbourhood.

The only difference is they get planning approval and probably funds, but for people like the house owner in question, Umah Devi, she has to be content building one within their compound.

Unless Umah's rights cause inconvenience her neighbours, Pakatan should be able to deal with the structure more professionally. Unfortunately, it is difficult to be fair when the country is practising dual standards.

Ranjit Singh: It is fascinating how both the politicians and commentators run an agenda. Nobody to date has come forward with the requisite law on the matter.

Let me ask you know-all folks, imagine you have a house with a compound. You have a dog kennel, maybe a bird house, a chicken coop or even a shoe rack. These are tangible structures without altering the structure of the house. So you seriously think you need permission to build those?

This shows how inept most people are when you don't even understand basic common sense. Surely you have seen the tangible structure of the shrine? And you have Onyourtoes talking whether it needs to be approved or what not, and most importantly because he does not want to see it.

It is difficult to argue when common sense and logic defy us. Maybe this guy should have built a dog kennel and have his deities in there, then it would not be an issue. How stupid can we be to defend such an action by Pakatan.

Ketuanan Rakyat: Umnoputras seem to succeed in creating issues using their agents now, particularly just before the GE. Pakatan should take a collective stand against similar moves without delay.

The Selangor MB should make a clear stand on this matter before it is too late. There are hundreds of thousands of Malaysian-born Indians who do not have Malaysian citizenship which MIC should have addressed in the last 55 years. They did not do so.

Yet a small issue like this is being blown out of proportion to confuse simple-minded Indian Malaysians.

Ong: Something is seriously wrong with those Pakatan supporters who think and believe that wrongdoings by the Pakatan government agents such as the illegal demolition of a Hindu shrine within someone's private property should not be raised publicly by Pakatan leaders and should instead be resolved in private.

To my mind, they are behaving like immature schoolchildren incapable of acknowledging mistakes and accepting criticism.

I also hope that the Pakatan state government does not think that Malay/Muslim civil servants are immune from getting sacked from their posts when they indulge in gross and/or illegal misconduct in the name of the official state religion.

Abasir: Are we to assume that the devil we know and the angel we expect are one and the same? One appears 'as is' while the other is in disguise?

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