Cheap land - BN politicians have lost the plot

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VOXPOP 'This is underlined every single day ad nauseum when one after another, they trot out illogical and blatant lying statements and comments.'

Tee Yong practising double standards, accuses DAP

vox populi small thumbnail Not Confused: The YBs (elected representatives) of BN component parties have all lost the plot, having such a distorted view of what is right and correct, and what is not.

They blindly believe that they can siphon off state assets like land and ‘commissions' for services rendered in their capacity as YBs and even office bearers of companies contracted to the state or federal government.

This is underlined every single day ad nauseum when one after another, they trot out illogical and blatant lying statements and comments. The rakyat must by now have totally lost any respect for the YBs. It's time for a major shake up.

RKR: When BN grabs land, they say it is for the benefit of the rakyat, but when Pakatan Rakyat is involved in any land deal, even if there's no proof of deceit, then they say it's a scandal. What kind of third world politicians are these BN goons?

Taikohtai: The MCA underling has opened a can of worms, and the wind has blown it directly back into his own backyard.

Chua Jr (Chua Tee Yong) has been found wanting in his very own profession and ministerial portfolio ever since he inadvertently tightened the noose on his own neck over Selangor's Talam debt recovery exercise.

The guy shall swing. Just a nudge to add one more statistic to MCA's long list of political corpses.

Davis: In this land issue, Chua Tee Yong is like the three monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Rosmah to answer allegations in biography

LittleGiant: Forget about Rosmah Mansor's biography. I am not interested in that at all. I am more interested to know how and why a deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department is assigned to act as the publishing advisor for the biography of the prime minister's wife.

Is that part of his job? I am sure the deputy minister has loads of more important and urgent matters to attend to than to waste his precious time on helping the PM's wife with the publication of her biography.

She should have rightfully engaged a professional from the publishing and printing industry to assist her. Members of the cabinet have to stand up to serve the rakyat and the nation. They should not be involved in some unproductive activities that has nothing to do with national development.

Treeman: Rosmah, a biography is a record of your life and personal experiences, not a platform to respond to allegations.

For that, you should have the guts to hold press conferences, debates, etc. How are your critics expected to respond to the rebuttals and answers in your book?

Geronimo: I sure would like to know where she come by with all the money to buy those expensive Birkin bags, and multi-million ringgit diamond ring. This is the part of the "honestly answer all the issues and allegations" section of the book I would like to read. No bullshit, please.

Osama: This makes me wonder why Malaysians big shots are in such a hurry to have a biography written before history has a chance to critically review their contributions or role in the society or the nation.

Re-reading ‘Pak Lah: A Sense Of Accountability' indeed made me tickle, but Najib did not learned from history and has one of his published when he became PM. Let's see if a comedy can be made of it after GE13.

Odin: Osama, I suspect they do that because they are hard up of fame. They want to appear important and intelligent.

Incidentally, there's a joke in the publishing industry stateside about aging actresses writing their autobiographies or have their biographies written on the assumption that people would be very interested to know about their lives.

The truth is that unless they are very famous such as Elizabeth Taylor was, most people aren't interested to know, and such publications usually don't sell well.

If carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan (and any other parties) has made his allegations without foundation, then sue him (them). His allegations have totally demolished what minuscule shreds of dignity Rosmah and her husband may have.

Explaining your side of the story in a biography amounts to nothing more than he-says-she-says. I wouldn't want to read your biography even if it were given to me free.

Onyourtoes: I love this sentence best: "The interesting chapter is an frank question and answer chapter, and she (Rosmah), will honestly answer all the issues and allegations," said Ahmad Maslan.

You know what - implied in this sentence, there are fake questions and answers and there are dishonest answers to all the issues and allegations. It is a biography, why do they need words like "frank questions and answers" and to "honestly answer" the allegations?

The deputy minister in the Prime Minister Department paid for and maintained by taxpayers is now the publishing advisor to Rosmah's private biography. Since when can the wife of the PM command a deputy minister of the crown to do errand for her?

By the way, the wife of the PM under the Westminster government is not the first lady. I think even real first ladies such as Michelle Obama may not be able to command a deputy secretary to be her publishing advisor.

Malaysia has rightly given the women lots of respect and opportunities for advancement, but frankly some of them should rightly be pounding chilli in the kitchen.

Anonymous #12566075: It is rather unusual and strange that one has to announce the pre-launch of an autobiography. Why not wait till then to announce it? Is Rosmah under heavy pressure at the moment?

Does she think public so forgetful by then and everything could be swept under the carpet once again?

Dingy: To know more about Rosmah, there is no need to read her biography. Go to Wikipedia or Google search for her. There are more bad things about her than good things. She is wrong if she thinks she can change people's mindset through her biography.

Karma: Chances are I will get a free copy in my letter box soon. It will become a must-read for STPM Literature paper. All civil servants are required to read the entire book where exams will be held.

At PMR, a question or two will be from that book about who she is. Only objective question so no one can write other things, and the answer is always E for "all the above".


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