Deepak appears to be a man pushed into a corner

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YOURSAY 'We want more juicy exposures to come out - we can sit by the sidelines and watch the baddies fight it out. How satisfying.'

Deepak to release 'tell-all booklet' on Rosmah

Moontime: Carpet trader cum developer Deepak Jaikishan is really taking a huge risk in trying to link the PM's wife, Rosmah Mansor, with Altantuya Shaarriibu's murder.

Will he succeed in his endeavour? Only time will tell. I suspect someone powerful and influential is behind him - giving him some kind of protection.

So far, there hasn't been any response from the affected parties and thus, we can conclude that there might be some element of truth in what he says.

In Malay culture, silence means you concur or agree with all that has been said against you.

Pemerhati: The earlier interviews given by Deepak to the various media were designed to pressure Najib and Rosmah so that they would honour the undertakings they gave to him.

The latest threat from Deepak to publish a booklet to expose more details regarding Rosmah's involvement in the Altantuya saga indicates that Najib and Rosmah did not succumb to the pressure from Deepak and so now he probably is giving them a last warning to honour their undertaking to him.

Kolopilah: The plot thickens, the mouth salivating juicier, the day beckons, noose prepared ... and the public shall look forward with bated breath for the show that is bound to unfold!

Ferdtan: Out with the popcorns, we are going to enjoy the show. We hope Deepak's ‘Tell-all on Rosmah' booklet is worth it.

We should get a Hollywood director to come out with a film. It has all the ingredients of a blockbuster - corruption, murder and sex involving the very top of government officials. The victim was a pretty model and a mother.

It had a CIA's style of execution using C4 explosives. Two special Malaysian commando-trained men, akin to the famous US Navy seals, were charged and sentenced to death for the murder of the hapless victim without any motive.

We want more juicy exposures to come out - we can sit by the sidelines and watch the baddies fight it out. How satisfying.

Whatsup: The eerie silence is frightening and an obvious admission of guilt - as usual. It's strange that Deepak should come out now and threatened to squeal.

We'll just have to wait for this ‘sandiwara' to unfold. Perhaps like the private eye P Balasubramaniam or Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) episode, once paid their dues, he will retract what he has said and claim to be coerced/enticed by PKR, etc.

Let's wait and see ... I'm sure we can't trust such people at all, period.

Restless_NativeP: Maybe we will get to see more of these snippets of information so that we can string a coherent account of what actually happened that resulted in the poor Mongolian's demise.

I know that PI Bala also decided to "tell all" as a result of reneged promise of the RM5 mil that was promised.

I suppose, more of the same "cheated" individuals will come forward as they realise that they are expendable to the cronies.

Trouble with lies is that it always requires another lie to support the first one and then more lies to support subsequent lies.

After a while, it is hard to keep track of all the lies. The truth is much easier to remember!

Anonymous #12566075: One can say that Deepak is now taking revenge for whatever unfulfilled promises (rewards) given to him before.

This clearly show us what is actually happening now in Malaysia in the so-called 'dog eat dog' world involving those dealing with BN politicans.

There are many other untold stories like this one. BN politicians are all rotten characters chasing power and money.

Myop101: Gosh, I am no fan of Rosmah but Deepak isn't exactly an angel. I wouldn't bother much with what he says unless he has concrete and solid evidence to back his claims.

Multi Racial: Well, if Deepak wants to publish a booklet, he would have just done it.

But why give warning? Because he wants to use this as his bargaining chip.

I am sure eventually nothing will be published because he knows too much and the other party just cannot afford to allow them to be published. So at the end, Deepak gets what he wants from Rosmah.

Abasir: A suggestion for you, Deepak. We live in a digital world. PM Najib Razak had recently announced that Malaysia will go fully digital.

So in the interest of time, money and speed- go digital and the contents of your revelation will go viral.

You do want the world to know the truth, don't you? Go digital and put Malaysia on the map!

Anonymous #41809171: In 1960, Skeeter Davis recorded the wildly popular 'answer' songs ‘Tell Tommy I Miss Him' (to Ray Petersen's ‘Tell Laura I Love Her') and ‘He'll Have to Stay' (to Jim Reeves' ‘He'll Have to Go').

Now we have a resurgence of the formula with Deepak promising to release his tell-all booklet to answer Rosmah's biography.

Bookstores should sell them both as a special offer - they will fly off the shelves.

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