Time to come clean with Lynas agreements

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YOURSAY 'Let me be the first to ask: Can the government please make public the TOL (temporary operating licence) documents?'

Gov't didn't consider TOL disclosure, says minister

your say Mahashitla: Is the TOL (temporary operating licence) going to be placed under OSA (Official Secrets Act)? Please don't lie to the rakyat further.

Lynas has confirmed that exporting the toxic is not a provision in the TOL and converting the waste to commercial products is voluntary and non-binding.

We are simply being told if the toxic waste cannot be converted to harmless materials, then it needs to be buried in our backyard.

Who are the people who approved this project even before solving the problem of toxic waste disposal? Why are they so adamant?

Is our government so poor and desperate as to have a plant that will leave hundreds of thousands of tons of hazardous by-product behind? Only an uncaring government with its greedy cronies will want to do such things.

Anonymous #07521476: All along right from the beginning before the plant was set up, there was never any solution to the toxic waste, which is a major health hazard.

To make the people happy, the government announced that the toxic waste will be exported, which is a big lie.

Than come another idea to reprocess the toxic waste, where no technology in the world could do it safely.

So in the end, Malaysians will have to live with the poison in our backyard.

Lim Chong Leong: "Speaking to reporters for only a minute, he added that the ministry would not issue any further statements on the matter.

"‘(There will be) no further statements. We have been issuing more and more, more and more,' said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Maximus Johnity Ongkili."

Is this government of the people, by the people and for the people? It looks more like a police state.

When they are caught lying, they rebuff the public seeking more information. Throw them out of Putrajaya as they now behave like they do not have to answer to us.

OMG!!: The minister and the government should know very well this is their golden opportunity to come clean, unless they have nothing to show, which appears to be the case as has been made very clear by the Lynas chairperson.

The government has fumbled big time by allowing Lynas to set up shop here without adequate regulations on the disposal of the toxic waste.

Just admit that, close down the plant, compensate them and apologise to the rakyat instead of fighting on.

Paul Warren: Since no one has asked, let me then be the first to ask: Can the government please make public the TOL documents?

Ksn: In other words, the minister is telling the public to go to hell, right? Why did not the government consider public disclosure?

Is that not the job of a responsible government, elected by the people, to allay the fears of our people by public disclosure?

Somebody should ask for disclosure? What sort of logic, reason, is that?

Anonymous #07521476: Dear Malaysians, the four ministers and the cabinet are playing with words. From all the news reports, the export of toxic waste was never mentioned in the TOL.

Do not be fooled by them. The Lynas boss is correct. It is not a condition in the TOL. The waste for export they are talking about is the toxic waste reprocessed into synthetic aggregate.

This will bring another disaster to our country which we do not want to happen.

We do not want the waste in our land nor reprocessed. We want it exported. If we cannot export, then the only way out is to close the plant.

There is no other solution. I hope all Malaysians understand the scenario now. If the four ministers disclose the contents of the TOL, it would be like committing suicide. They will never do it.

Taxpayer: Thousands of tons of toxic waste have been rampantly dumped into our rivers, with and without the knowledge of our DOE (Department of Environment) enforcement officers.

Who is going to be the watchdog to make sure the Lynas wastes are being shipped out of the country or actually dumped in Malaysia?

DOE again? Dr Mahathir Mohamad has said that Umno was corrupt to the core. So, what makes you think enforcement officers are not? Just vote for Pakatan Rakyat. Period.

Ourvotesdecide!: This is how BN ministers/leaders whom we Malaysians voted during the election do their jobs.

They confuse the people in order to cheat them. So why should we continue to trust and vote for them. Malaysians, don't be foolish again. This time, vote all of them out.

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: If you are speaking the truth, why not bare all for the rakyat to determine who is telling the truth.

As a matter of fact, the issue is of great public interest and in any properly functioning democracy, the government would be the first to provide detailed information on what is to be done to the wastes.

Righteous: Isn't this the basis for most of our dissatisfaction with this government?

They rule over us and dictate to us, when their position is to look after the country and through democracy, do as the people ask.

Anonymous #33877536: I believe the ministers think the Malaysian public is naive of legal documents or they themselves did not read the terms of the TOL.

They are cornered as the deal has been done and there is no turning back by the government.

Now let's see how they are going to come out of this. BN is losing ground everyday with their weakness in dealing with problems which they have created. GE13 is really going to screw them up.

Wira: Science Minister Maximus Ongkili, the main points of contention are the conditions of the TOL.

The Malaysian government has said that all wastes must be returned to the country of origin was a condition in the TOL.

Lynas replied "no such thing" and called your bluff. If Putrajaya doesn't make the document public, it simply means Lynas is correct and the Malaysian cabinet headed by Najib Abdul Razak had lied to the nation.

Taikohtai: Now that the four ministers have made everything as clear as mud, they have decided it's time to zip up.

Najib must be very proud of them for being his equivalent to the 1Malaysia slogan in clarity.

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