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Deafening silence over Deepak's disclosures
Published:  Dec 15, 2012 8:32 AM
Updated: 1:01 AM

YOURSAY ‘This makes a mockery of the BN government. Disclosures of this kind in other countries will result in a massive investigation.'

Cash for Bala paid by PM's brother, claims Deepak

Mahashitla: Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu only wanted her fair share of the commission in the Scorpene purchase but ended gruesomely C4-ed.

Private investigator P Balasubramaniam was offered RM5 million for the second statutory declaration, but was paid only RM750,000 - betrayed as promises were unfulfilled.

Deepak Jaikishan is a businessman and a close friend of the PM's wife, Rosmah Mansor. He was asked by Rosmah to help in Bala's second SD. Business relationship has now gone sour and Deepak feels he is now being harassed, intimidated, stifled and driven against the wall.

Najib, all these three persons are linked to you and your family. You are our PM. We are very concerned and afraid, very afraid as you have not come out to defend these very serious allegations.

And with former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, known for his cruelty against his opponents, coming out to back you and Rosmah solidly, we are really, very, very frightened.

Anonymous_3ec6: How is Najib going to show his face to the public? OMG (Oh my God), I can't imagine the stress he is going through now.

How is he going to run the country with all these allegations, which are not even denied by Najib and his family?

Lionking: With such kind of disclosures, how can the government keep quiet? This makes a mockery of the BN government. Disclosures of this kind in other countries will result in a massive investigation.

We cannot just keep quiet as these charges are damaging the country's image. It is sad that the BN government has brought this nation so much shame and it cannot just keep quiet without acting on it.

True or not, a royal commission must be set up.

Thetruth: I wonder who is behind Deepak? Deepak will never have the guts to do this without somebody powerful enough to stand up to Rosmah. Logically, Pakatan Rakyat or Anwar Ibrahim or PKR do not have such influence or power.

So it should be someone from the ‘party' itself. It looks like it is a coordinated attack, if you take into account former police chief Musa Hassan's outburst as well. This is getting very interesting. Indeed, we are seeing a ‘dog-eat-dog' situation.

Abuminable: Nazim Razak, for aiding and abetting the cover-up of first-degree murder, you must be arrested as an accomplice and subject to the law of the land.

Indeed, even without Deepak's confessions, we already know who is responsible for murdering Altantuya and why.

The entire BN cabinet is also guilty of "looking the other way" and playing along with this gigantic deception.

Jimmy Ng: It is good for you to repent, Deepak. Otherwise, Altantuya's ghost will never let you rest in peace. Do the right thing.

The silence from those accused is indeed deafening. Strange, one would have thought that they would all come out with guns blazing to defend their pride and honour.

Playfair: There probably are Umno lackeys working behind the scenes to link Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim with Deepak to redirect the stench away from the comforts of Putrajaya.

The Datuk T trio must be pretty busy recording the follow-up episodes to this wayang kulit. In Umno's Malaysia, what you see is not what you get.

Pemerhati: The Altantuya saga and its aftermath provide clear proof that Najib's various slogans and statements, like‘Janji Ditepati' and ‘You help me and I help you', are blatant lies meant to deceive the people.

We have learnt that Altantuya was allegedly promised a small fraction of the Scorpene loot, but when she claimed the money, Najib completely forgot the ‘help' she gave him and his ‘janji', and instead she was blown to bits with C4.

Now Deepak too is having a similar nasty experience. He helped Najib and Rosmah by arranging the meeting with Bala for the second SD in the hope that Najib will in turn ‘help' him by honouring his ‘janji', but instead he became vicious and nasty and started hounding him.

To ensure his own safety and prevent Najib from doing an ‘Altantuya' on him, Deepak has correctly publicised the matter. Because now, if anything happens to him, the logical suspect would be Najib. The big question now is, what will a desperate and angry Najib do?

Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: Deepak, if you believe the ghost of Altantuya is coming after you, the only way to repent and pay for your sins is to come out clean and tell the truth for the whole world to hear and see.

You have to do it fast so that there will be little chance for manipulation by anyone.

Mushiro: Why aren't the police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigate the allegations? Why isn't the mainstream media reporting this exposé?

Why isn't Mahathir commenting? Just these reactions alone show that they are desperately trying to save Najib and Rosmah.

And Mahathir is not commenting because he is the man behind Deepak's expose. No one will dare do this type of expose without very strong political backing.

WeWantJustice: It's urprising nothing about this matter was reported in Utusan Malaysia , Berita Harian or The Star or TV3, ntv7 or RTM1 and 2.

But if there is anything about PKR, PAS or DAP, even if it's false, they will be flashing it on their front pages and TV news headlines.

They say that dogs only listen to their masters. I guess this is one case their masters told them not to highlight the matter.

WangMalaysia: This script is only seen and heard in soap operas on TV. But I wonder if all Malaysians are reading this in utter amazement and dismay.

If all these are true then I think Najib's position as the PM of the country is no longer tenable.

Not only must he call for an election now, he has to step down and submit himself to investigation until he is cleared of all charges.


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