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But will the cops probe Deepak's allegations?
Published:  Dec 16, 2012 12:38 AM
Updated: Dec 17, 2012 2:12 AM

YOURSAY 'The MACC should also take action against Deepak for admitting to bribing Najib and his family to get projects.'

Police report lodged against Deepak

your say Bartimaeus 2020: DAP leader Karpal Singh is obviously upholding a legal doctrine of paramount importance but he is up against "a government of men, not laws" (John Adams' principle turned on its head).

That's why BN politicians can commit XXL-sized financial scandals without feeling remorse or fearing the law. And sadly this immunity even covers those among them who commit murder or peddle smut.

Gggg: Karpal, in this country you can get convicted for murder without a motive so here most likely carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan will yet become another victim.

He may even be convicted without the need to prove of a crime. Remember, in Sodomy I, there was no proof of penetration and yet former deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim was convicted.

2zzzxxx: Will the report prompt a police investigation? Not as long as Umno is the government. The police force in Bolehland is nothing but Umno's poodle.

Geronimo: Now we can see the chicken coming home to roost for PM Najib Razak.

Yes, Deepak should be arrested and charged for withholding information relating to a murder, but that would also mean it would be curtain time for Najib as more than what already have been said will be heard in court.

On the other hand, if Umno, especially Najib, continues to keep silent on the matter, more beans are going to be spilled in the coming days by Deepak, and that would also not look good for Najib.

Am I glad I am not in his shoes. I believe there will come a night, just like a scene from the movie 'Titanic' where an elderly couple hugged each other as they lied on bed, looking at each other endearingly as the ship slowly sank to the bottom of the sea.

I can see this happening to Najib and wife Rosmah Mansor.

Lover Boy: Karpal, maybe the revelation by Deepak does not prima facie discloses that a crime had been committed.

So far what he have revealed is the manipulation of P Balasubramaniam's SD (statutory declaration), and there were payments made by Najib's brother to the private eye.

Joe Fernandez: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should take action against Deepak for admitting to bribing Najib and his family to get projects.

Jean Pierre: Karpal should have waited until Deepak spilled more beans. Now he is going to shut up. Bad idea.

Show video in toto, Deepak dares Umno bloggers

Changeagent: Reading between the lines, Deepak was set up by the pro-Najib faction as they were trying to soften the impact of his recent damaging revelations against the PM by painting him as a PKR stooge.

I'm starting to think that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is also part of the pro-Najib faction, contrary to popular belief. The reason being, the former PM had recently given a strong vote of confidence to the current PM, saying how he felt that Najib was performing well at the top job.

Unlike Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Mahathir has absolute control over Najib so there is simply no reason for him to want a change of leadership. On the other hand, if Najib falls due to Deepak's allegations, the whole Umno regime will fall together with him.

This worst case scenario will be of no benefit to Mahathir but rather bring him dire consequences through the investigations of his past misdeeds, especially if Pakatan Rakyat were to come into power.

My hypothesis is that the pro-Muhyiddin Yassin faction are using Deepak to exert pressure on Najib to step aside. It is only Mahathir's intervention that is keeping Najib in power.

Paul Warren: Deepak sounds like a serial loser. First, he allows himself to be used and then gets played out like a fool his so-called "friends" probably think he is.

Then he meets with an Umno friend. Hello, there is no such thing as an Umno friend. Only a user.

And this "friend" brings in a couple of Umno bloggers and Deepak thinks they are gentlemen whose dignity he needs to save by not saying who they are.

Hello, Papagomo has already published the stuff in his blog. More and more, Deepak seems to be sounding like the village idiot.

Abuminable: Malaysiakini journalist Hazlan Zakaria, thanks for an excellent series of hard-hitting pieces. Very well-presented.

If I were a top-ranking police officer I would definitely be wondering why the hell I am serving these totally evil dark lords instead of the good people of Malaysia.

Jedi_Who: Umno is just like a secret society, much like the illuminati complete with secret police. They are not serving the rakyat but their own needs. Everything is possible and nothing is beyond them.

Apapunboleh: Indeed, Malaysia need a carpet expert to expose everything swept under the carpet by the BN.


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