Adnan Yaacob, who do you think you are?

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YOURSAY 'Adnan cannot be entirely blamed; he comes from a breed of leaders who use money to settle everything. This breed easily forgets that they were elected to serve the people.'

Aunty Mei vs Adnan - gila, binatang and RM50 notes

your say Ferdtan: Don't they teach it is political suicide for a politician, especially a person who is the head of a state government, to lose temper and insult an elderly person, a 71-year-old woman?

Pahang MB Adnan Yaacob did just that without thinking of the consequences. That for sure will cost him and his coalition partners, MCA particularly, dearly in term of support.

The Chinese newspapers have a gala time in reporting this ugly incident. No matter how MCA try to spin it later, it won't work - you just don't get into thoughtless tiff with a senior citizen. And that from the highest political leader in a state government is just unforgivable.

So why did he get into this situation? The answer is obvious, isn't it? Umno leaders have been ruling for so long that they think they can vilify or ride roughshod with anyone who displeases them - not caring about any bad publicity.

In the past, the servile mainstream media either never report such incidences or they spin them for their political masters. Now it is different with the Internet media.

Timo100: Poor MB. He is just showing his true colours. He is probably so used to flashing money at everything; he does even know how to communicate respectfully with an elderly woman.

He cannot be entirely blamed; he comes from a breed of leaders who use money to settle everything. This breed easily forgets that they were elected to serve the people.

The people of Pahang should now know what to do. Kudos to the Chinese press for highlighting this incident.

Anonymous_3e86: "Do you know who I am?" is usually spoken by a powerful and arrogant tyrant. Such a person demands respect but usually never earns or gets any.

He uses his authority to force and bully others to comply to his wishes and demands. Such behaviour are characteristics of tyrants and dictators like Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il and Adolf Hitler.

Giudice: This is the kind of ‘leaders' from BN. It really says a lot about the ruling coalition. There is no doubt that having been in power for so long, they have completely lost track of their role.

And there really is no way around it but to stop them from governing (at least for a couple of terms) to remind them that they are there to serve the country and not help themselves to the perks.

The question should not have been "Don't you know who I am?" The question should have been "Who do you think you are?". By the way Adnan, that is a rhetorical question.

NX: The old lady (Tuw Yin Lan, or more popularly known as Aunty Mei) appeared very rude here by calling the MB "binatang" (animal).

IloveBN: NX, the MB deserves more than he got. "Binatang" is not the word for him. It's more like "moron".

Adnan has a history of lashing out with vulgar words and displaying vulgar gestures. If he demands respect, he better learn to command respect. I think it was perfectly alright to address him as "binatang".

You should go back and read about the vulgar gestures and language the MB had used in the past before trying to defend him.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Perhaps Auntie Mei should have been a little polite but persistent as oppose to shouting out loud. But knowing what she would be facing, she deserves our support for having spoken the truth.

CAT Lover: It must be so irritating to Adnan and his likes for having to deal with a populace that fails them so badly by questioning them and demanding apologies for telling lies.

It is truly scary to imagine what kind of world Adnan envision for themselves. ‘Aunty Hijau' and ‘Aunty Bersih' are most courageous women for not having any of it.

Slumdog: This is a typical Umno response when faced with a problem or an awkward situation.

It's all about money, money, money; pay a bribe, pay hush money or just throw some money around and the problem will go away. When you need more, just plunder from the rakyat.

All Adnan had to do was to invite Aunty Mei into his office, sit her down, offer some tea and curry puffs, listen to her gripe and apologise for his inadvertent choice of words against the marchers.

Aunty Mei will be happy as a pig in mud, Adnan's comes out looking like a rose and everyone will be happy. Instead, we had this bun fight.

Moontime: With this kind of arrogant, spiteful and temperamental leaders, BN won't stand a chance of winning any states at all.

I would really love to see Pahang fall into Pakatan Rakyat hands and watch gleefully as the ex-Pahang MB walked out of his office for the last time.

Aunty Mei, this kind of people would never ever apologise for their actions because to them, magnanimity is an alien concept and they believe that to apologise is to be seen as weak.

Let it go and move on. This MB will only be remembered for his vulgar actions and remarks - nothing more.

You, on the other hand, is much better than him for you stood up for the right principles and cause whereas this buffoon only knows how to lose his temper and throw money at his problems, hoping that they will go away.

Anonymous #23456263: She walked from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur for a selfless cause. She believe that the thorium from the rare earth waste is going to harm many Malaysians and the environment for many years.

Nothing will change her conviction. Hooray to a senior citizen. That's the true Malaysia Boleh spirit.

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