Long wait for action on Orang Asli slapping case

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VOXPOP 'Punishments in cases like this should be swift to deter other teachers from breaking the law. We must also ensure that nobody tries to bribe the parents again.'

Wee: Orang Asli kids slapping case referred to JPN

vox populi small thumbnail Lamborghini: If this is the measure of how a matter of great public interest and concern is handled, it is no wonder Malaysia's education standards have plummeted.

Such a serious case that involves violation of basic rights, with police reports made and further accusations of money being offered as a bribe to hush up the case, warrants the swift and decisive action of the government.

The public has the right to know what specific action has the authorities taken and how true are the serious allegations.

Otherwise, all parents, especially non-Muslim parents, will no longer feel safe to send our children to government schools as the same thing can happen again and there will be no assurance that the rogue teachers will be dealt with.

And Wee Ka Siong, as the deputy education minister who has promised action and yet a month later you can only give vague answers, you show yourself to be completely incompetent and a weak moral being.

Resign if you have still any trace of dignity left in you. This is disgraceful.

Laila: Why so long time to investigate the physical punishment meted out by an irresponsible teacher to young innocent kids? How about the teachers' bribery attempts to make the parents withdraw the police reports?

Punishments in cases like this should be swift to deter other teachers from breaking the law. We must also ensure that nobody tries to bribe the parents again.

It's good that Malaysiakini keeps this case alive so it does not end as NFA (no further action).

Onyourtoes: Wee, I think it would be more palatable if you could just say that the procedures to investigate the case were strictly followed but no outcome of any sort would be forthcoming for this is the land governed by the nincompoops at the moment. Please save everybody's time.

Chkiew: A minister like this probably will lose his job in 24 hours if this happens in the United States.

Pua: Ministry dumbed down education system

Righteous: This is not the teachers' doing but is purely the Ministry of Education's fault. If the system was run by actual qualified teaching professionals instead of politicians, this problem would not arise.

DontPlayGod: During the 50s and early 60s, in the Cambridge School Certificate Examinations (set by Cambridge), out of 120 students, at most one or two scored eight As, and this was considered a very big achievement then.

Now almost every Tom, Dick, and Ahmad could score 12 As. I am sure you can all judge the standard of our examinations.

Onyourtoes: Everybody knows our education standards have dropped. Why this is so and the way to get out of it are not so straightforward.

To DAP leaders Tony Pua and Ong Kian Ming, it is the dumbing down of standards to boost the number of students obtaining passes and As. So the solution is to reverse the trend, i.e. pushing up the standards in our examinations and syllabus.

Seriously I think we have to do is examine a little closer what the causes are and how we get out of our present quagmire. If you ask me, I think the syllabus and examination standard are not the issue. It is the quality of the teachers and lecturers.

If most of the teachers are half-baked, the syllabus can't be followed and examination standard can't be maintained. Of course, there are many more reasons.

Whatever: Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was only a TNB meter reader before becoming a minister so what do you expect his standards to be?

Compare that to a Singapore minister whose minimum standard is a masters from an Ivy League institution, and that is why Singapore is a developed nation.

MP admits calling for Khalid's resignation over altar debacle

Nambekei: MIC, there is no need to act out a drama. Yes, the demolition of the private shrine may be wrong but worse things had happened when MIC was in power when actual temples were demolished - did you ask former Selangor MB Mohd Khir Toyo to resign then?

Tiger; In Pakatan Rakyat, their own MPs dare to call for the resignation of their own MB. I salute their checks and balances.

Look at the Umno-BN, has any YB ever called on their ministers to quit, for example over the RM250 million cow condo issue, or PM Najib Razak and his Scorpenes' commissions, or law minister Mohd Nazri Aziz and the RM40 million ‘political donation' for Sabah Umno?

James1067 : MIC is comparing a private shrine to a huge condominium approved in Batu Caves. Where were they then when they had worked hand in hand with the developers to approve that condo that the Batu Caves temple now is upset about?

Suddenly you want to champion a small cause which the Selangor government has agreed to look into. As far as Kapar MP S Manikavasagam is concerned, it is better to be dramatic over a situation rather than to use wisdom.

Don't Just Talk: MIC Youth chief T Mohan, what happened to the promises you made to the Kg Buah Pala residents if you are such a hero to the Indians in general and Hindus in particular by offering to rebuild the shrine demolished by Sepang Municipal Council (MPS)?

Don't politicise the matter, and give Khalid time to resolve it. Malaysians are not as stupid as you think as the demolition work was carried out by rogue MPS employees to smear Pakatan's image when the 13th GE is near.

Just My 2cents: I don't agree with the demolition, but I think it is MIC who should all resign en masse after the Batu Caves incident.

T Mohan, please ask Najib to call for the election. The rakyat will decide if you are a hero or zero through the ballot box.

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