Bangsa Malaysia won't happen overnight

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YOURSAY 'Twisted logic - BN, which is made up of mostly single race parties, fit the Malaysia spirit, but Pakatan parties, open to all races, do not.'

Tsu Koon: Malay-less DAP CEC against M'sian spirit

your say Wsoi: If the country has been ruled for over 50 years based on racial politics, how can you expect a multiracial political party to change the landscape overnight?

Young Malaysians especially, regardless of race, must insist on ‘Bangsa Malaysia' if they want future generations to be competitive and respected.

Allocations of wealth will not make any race progress because it's not competitive. Under the NEP (New Economic Policy), after 30 years, greedy Malays took away the major portion of the government's allocations. How much has the community as a whole progressed?

Chinese primary schools have been marginalised, sidelined and deliberately harassed at times for 50 years. Any yet Chinese primary schools have survived and continue to do better.

How can you build talent based on spoon feeding, easy money, and with no need to work?

Anonymous_40f4: How many Chinese and Indians are in the Umno supreme council? How many Malays are in the central working committees of MCA, MIC, and Gerakan? None!

They are not even appointed.

MW: Twisted logic as usual - BN, which is made up of mostly single race parties, reflects the Malaysian spirit, but Pakatan parties, open to all races, do not because their elected leadership is dominated by one race.

Multi Racial: The reason there are no Malays voted into the CEC (central executive committee) in DAP does not mean DAP is less Malaysian than Umno and Gerakan.

On the contrary, DAP is certainly more Malaysian than Umno and Gerakan. Umno is known as a race-based party and such a party has no future in this country.

While their president preaches 1Malaysia, the party is exclusively for Malays. As for Gerakan, they should be speaking out when they are in a position to do so.

As for DAP, they need to work harder to attract more Malay leaders into their party.

Anon: Gerakan chief Koh Tsu Koon is only telling it as it is. After all, everyone knows DAP is a Chinese party and 99.9 percent of its members are Chinese. The claim of "multiracialism" is a smoke screen that is slowly fading away.

After Karpal Singh is gone, they will throw out his two sons and DAP will complete its transition to being 100 percent Chinese.

Sinner: DAP, with few Malays, fights for all including the Malays and is even prepared to have its leader go to jail in defence of the Malays. MCA is a wholly Chinese party which fights for its leaders' pockets and nothing else.

Gerakan is a wishy-washy party that does not know its purpose. It professes to be a multiracial party but joins a racist Umno whose members threaten May 13 against the Chinese every time it loses an argument.

Quigonbond: I thought the bigger coalition members are called PKR and PAS with loads of Malays? Anyway, as MCA president Chua Soi Lek accuses, DAP is pandering to PAS, so who cares if there are Chinese or Malays in the party?

I don't think Chua made the distinction that DAP is only pandering to PAS because it has Malay CEC members. Gerakan should sit down with Umno and MCA to get the story consistent before criticising Pakatan.

Anyway, the way I look at it, this is democracy at work - at least the institution is in place for Malays to get voted in. Whether they get voted in is up to their calibre, charisma, etc.

What's important is that the CEC works towards the objective of rescuing middle-class Malaysians from the clutches of monopoly, economic inequities and abuse of power.

Ferdtan: Koh Tsu Koon, before you make a fool of yourself by opening your mouth commenting on others, can you check your own backyard?

In your multiracial party, Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, in the 2008-2011 listing of office bearers, you have both elected and appointed members who made up of 37 CC members and 10 observers (excluding some who had passed away).

If you want to go ‘racial' with us saying that it is a shame that a multiracial political party like DAP failed to elect a Malay member to office, shall we talk about your party make-up?

We have found only one Malay name, by the name of Asharuddin Ahmad, who had lost in the vice-presidential contests appointed to the CC.

At least DAP, out of 30 CC members, have two appointed Malay members. So where is the Malaysian spirit that you are talking about? No, it doesn't apply to you?

Disgusted: DAP has always been shunned by Malays all because there was no money or glory in joining them. The backbone of DAP has been Chinese and some Indians who for the last over 50 years decided to swim or sink with the party.

Before 2008, there were not many Malays in the party. It was not that DAP did not want Malays to join them.

In fact, they reached out to them but Malays fearing reproach from the BN-led government and discrimination from its institutions, did not want to join them but preferred other Malay-majority opposition like PAS, Semangat 48 (which went back to BN's fold, and later with the emergence of PKR led by Anwar Ibrahim.

DAP favours real democratic elections - anyone standing for CEC post is given a chance to win and it does not practice a no-contest rule as in Umno, or the president has a handicap of a certain number of nominations for the post.

If Malays are not voted in, too bad - they are just not popular enough with the delegates to secure a seat. There is no quota set for race.

KPNG: Koh Tsu Koon, let's stop pretending, you are in the cabinet also by appointment, so don't talk about the appointment of the two Malays in the CEC.

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