So Kugan's family desecrated his body?

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YOURSAY 'If the deputy IGP can make that big a mistake then all other police officers can do the same and get off scot free.'

Kugan's body could've been tampered with, testifies DIGP

your say OMG!!: Deputy inspector-general of police (DIGP) Khalid Abu Bakar agreed, when lawyer R Sivarasa put it to him that this was the first time he had said something could have been done to A Kugan's body when it was kept by the family.

This led to judge VT Singham asking Khalid: "You suspected something amiss, but you did not lodge a police report or investigate further? "You know it should be reported or investigated further, with due respect."

It is pretty obvious that Khalid had failed in his duty as a police officer and yet he was promoted to DIGP and soon likely to be IGP.

Ksn: That this could have happened, coming as it does from the deputy police chief is absurd, to say the least.

Is Khalid implying that Kugan's family members inflicted those wounds on the corpse of a family member, and that, too, deliberately with evil intentions?

He did not answer the judge when asked as to why he did not make a report on a crime. He kept his mouth shut. What does that say? What does he take the judge and the public for? He is a shameless liar. What a shame.

No wonder the general public feel about the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) the way they do, it is not a perception, sir.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Khalid's testimony is so full of holes that you can drive a police truck through it. What motive would the family have to cause such widespread injuries to Kugan's body?

Hindus, like all other religious adherents, do not believe in desecrating a body. The sooner the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) is set up the better for all.

It is obvious that in this case the police decided to be judge, jury and executioner because they could not elicit a proper confession from the suspect.

Changeagent: The photos from the first post-mortem clearly showed white foam around Kugan's mouth, blood on his right cheek with residues on the tip of his nose and right side of his lip, cuts and deep lacerations around his wrists, as well as beating marks all over his body.

I'm surprised that the DIGP didn't claim that these were also tampered with by the victim's family members.

Sabahan: Only an evil person can say the body has been tampered with by his own family after death.

NuckinFuts: You can tamper all you want. A good pathologist can tell if wounds are inflicted when the victim was alive or when he's already dead in the morgue.

Ferdtan: It was reported that Dr Abdul Karim Tajuddin, the pathologist who prepared the first post-mortem report, had been reprimanded by the Malaysian Medical Council for failing to conduct a proper examination and prepare an honest report in the case.

Why only reprimanded for such a serious case of 'lying'? His licence should be withdrawn. He should not be a doctor.

Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: The spirit of Kugan will haunt Khalid for sure. It is better the deputy IGP resign for not being professional.

If the deputy IGP can make that big a mistake then all other police officers can do the same and get off scot-free. This is how Malaysian police work. A bunch of rowdies and gangsters.

Vijay47: Leaving aside the absence of any logic in DIGP Khalid's statement, what he said must surely rate as one of the most disgusting things we have come across lately.

That he could actually suggest that a family in grief could indeed mutilate the body of a member gone forever reflects nothing but the type of brute that Khalid is, a person totally lacking in even the minor facets that make a human being different from an animal.

Khalid said that the police did not comment on the findings of the second post-mortem. If the family had really committed some foul play to colour PDRM black, would not the natural reaction have been for the police to jump to defend its name?

In the face of such serious allegations, why did the police keep quiet? Disregarding the 45 wounds on the body and every other consideration, it baffles the mind then as to why a family, when a member dies of "fluid in the lungs", would want to falsely accuse the police of his death.

Rhi: He was the same man who claimed there was a 'parang' in a young boy's (Amirulrasyid Amzah) car following the shooting incident by police officers in Shah Alam, something that has not been proven until now.

SdnJF36784: Could be the dead Kugan could have self-inflicted the injuries after the first post-mortem just to spite the police? You never know.

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