Perhaps a Gaza-flotilla style mission to return wastes

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YOURSAY 'Ask yourselves, Lynas, if the wastes can be recycled for good use, why not ship them back and recycle them in your own backyard.'

Why return wastes if they can be recycled, Lynas asked

your say Ferdtan: In a nutshell, what was said by Australian academician and journalist, Wendy Bacon, confirmed that Australia does not want the toxic waste.

If project Lynas is still on, despite the opposition, we should organise a similar protest like the ‘Gaza flotilla' packed with the toxic waste to be returned to Australia - the country of origin.

Unmasked: This is insane. Instead of confining the radioactive waste in Gebeng, which is bad enough, there is now a potential for the waste to be plastered on the roads all over Malaysia under a by-product called synthetic gypsum.

Kinikid: Radioactive waste is radioactive. There is no way to convert radioactive material to become non-radioactive. There is only one solution, that is shut down Lynas. My fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters, please vote BN out in the coming general election (GE).

Jack Leong: Ask yourselves, Lynas, if the wastes can be recycled for good use, why not ship them back and recycle them in your own backyard to benefit your own people?

Anonymous #64778106: As a gesture of goodwill on bilateral trade, the Malaysian government will buy all the synthetic aggregates produced by Lynas and give it to the Australian government for free to be used as construction material in Australia.

Kgen: It doesn't make sense to manufacture commercial products out of the waste as the dilution ratio will have to be nine parts of other material to one part of waste.

With 61,000 tonnes of waste produced a year, Lynas would have to be invest more in the manufacturing business than in rare earth refining.

Don't talk about operating for 50 years or 20 years. Lynas will be gone in 12 years at most when the tax holiday expires.

By then the environmental degradation will be too horrible to hide and Lynas will make a quick exit from Malaysia leaving behind 732,000 tons of radioactive waste for future generations of Malaysians to mull over.

Blogsmith: We don't want the wastes or by-products of the wastes to be left or sold in Malaysia, full stop. We don't trust the Malaysian government nor the regulating authorities as they had not been transparent right from the beginning.

Even the Temporary Operating Licence details are being kept secret from the Malaysian public and it is extremely sad that the police/government/authorities had conspired to keep the shipment of the rare earth raw materials from the public, showing how they operate secretly. How can we trust them?

Voice: Wendy Bacon should ask first that given the reason Lynas was an Australian company and all the raw materials are dug out from Australian soil, why must Lynas build the processing plant in a small tiny country called Malaysia and transport the ore all the way here.

Mahashitla: The secret EIA (environmental impact assessment) for the setting up of the Lynas plant was only made known after the plant's construction was nearly completed.

The 100 containers of rare earth was given police escort at the expense of taxpayers' money. The technology to convert the toxic waste to safe commercial products is not tested and even if it is successful there is no guarantee that it is marketable.

Application by Lynas to re-export the waste back to Australia is also unsure. Lynas chief Nicholas Curtis liked our regulatory environment which he claimed was 'clear'.

These are but clear signs that our government, whether gullible, incompetent or greedy, is determined to have Lynas even if safety standards go down the drain.

Taikohtai: Another day, another low. Lynas Corporation ended today down 1.5 Australian cents to 55 cents. It has become a case of buy low, sell lower. Any announcement these days can only result in dead cat bounces.

Abuminable: It's time the world abolished nuclear power plants and all polluting industries. If smart phones will become less smart without rare earth components, I say it's wiser to let our phones be a bit stupid than for all of us to become stupider than our phones.

Karpal remains DAP chair, Guan Eng sec-gen

Quigonbond: Gerakan chief Koh Tsu Koon says DAP's CEC (central executive committee) line-up doesn't reflect the 1Malaysia concept. I'd like to ask him how come Umno only comprises Malays?

DAP's CEC election is democracy at work. It doesn't matter in what colour they come, as long as they hold the same political ideology - in this case, progress for middle-class Malaysians.

AF McLaren: DAP should line up all the their CEC members next to the Umno supreme council members. You will see the contrast in integrity and wealth.

Sarajun Hoda: Anybody who performs gets elected. That's the system.

Not happy? Then convince the leaders and change for the better. Malays have always lived in a 'cage' protected and fed by BN, making them feeble and wanting.

Why does DAP have to do the same? Leaders are appointed by merit and let the Malays in the party work their way up.

Keturunan Malaysia: I joined MCA a very long time ago and gave up my life membership on my own accord nearly three decades ago because of the party's sheer hypocrisy and the selfishness of its leaders.

I have not been a member of any party since then. However, given the choice we have now, I'll place my bet on DAP.

Sinner: This is indeed a very good sign for the DAP. There are so many capable leaders in the party now that even very good ones like Kepong MP Tan Seng Giaw find it hard to compete for positions in the party.

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