Lawyer and son should answer allegations

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YOURSAY 'I agree that the lawyer and son should come forward like gentlemen. I think most people already know their identity.'

Bar Council mulls probe against lawyers in Bala case

vox populi small thumbnail Lover Boy: Let's get this right, lawyer Haris Ibrahim has lodged a report to the Bar Council to carry out an investigation to identify and name this lawyer.

The concern as pointed out by former Kita president Zaid Ibrahim is that this Tan Sri lawyer was the same one who sit in the five-member MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) panel.

There is a serious issue of conflict of interest and he should have disqualified himself knowing that he prepared the second SD (statutory declaration) to cause private eye P Balasubramaniam to retract his first SD.

Look at the second SD, Bar Council, the name of the firm of solicitors should usually appear in the SD. From that lead, write to the firm and confirm who prepared this second SD.

The firm is under an obligation to reply to you. From there, need I teach you to suck eggs further?

This is serious misconduct by the Tan Sri, who is a senior lawyer. Junior may not know what is happening.

Mr Bar President, the Tan Sri has been fingered, and you need do a bit of fingering yourself to get the truth.

Abasir: Can the Bar Council explain what it means by "unnecessary speculation and confusion"? Is there something called "necessary speculation and confusion"?

Where has the Bar Council been since the SD 1 and SD 2 were made public - all within 24 hours of each other? Wasn't it even curious as to how such a twist was staged and who among its members were involved?

Does the Bar Council expect the public to believe that none of its members knew anything about what has now come to light?

Or are we to understand that the phenomenon of "SD specialists" whipping one up with neither input from nor presence of the signatory is acceptable practice?

And does it serve the course of justice that the SD specialist is also in a position to influence a decision to investigate the very matter in which he is involved?

Pray tell us Bar Council, is this the "unnecessary speculation and confusion" you referred to?

Louis: I agree that the lawyer and son should come forward like gentlemen. I think most people already know their identity.

Why does ex-top cop own four low-cost flats, asks PKR

LittleGiant : First of all, it is not proper on the part of PKR to have kept this disclosure away from public knowledge for so many years. Critical or not, time is a crucial factor in exposing corruption and abuse of power.

DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) can be hauled up for a detailed explanation on this matter. PKR can make an official report to the MACC with all the evidence it has. But at the end of the day, nothing will happen.

Corruption is in ‘the system'. It is a ‘two-way game' that is well-insulated by the government itself due to its lack of commitment and conviction to prosecute corrupt government officials - those in service as well as those who have retired.

The government can carry on with its propaganda about corruption and expect the rakyat to believe in its rhetoric.

As long as the country's leadership itself lacks integrity and transparency, it will not have the strength and will power to rid this nation of corruption and corrupt officials. Eradication of corruption is all about leadership by example.

Ketuanan Rakyat: It is well-known fact that low cost flats are allocated to Umno, MCA, MIC and BN cronies first before given to people who really deserve them. That is how Umnoputras have been doing it all these decades.

Disgusted: Where is MACC in all these revelations? Do they need the private sector to do investigation and reveal all this whilst they sit in their cushy offices, have tea and cake and watch porn on their computers.

Their usual excuse is waiting for the attorney-general to give them the green light for to prosecute. Or is that they don't touch their brothers in the police force on the ‘you scratch my back, I scratch your back' basis.

Changeagent: It doesn't matter when the properties were acquired. If the former top cop was stupid and arrogant enough to purchase those low-cost flats under his personal name, he should expect the truth to come out eventually.

Booh: The MACC should now jump to take on this case - the rentals alone amount to hundreds of thousands of ringgit.

Instead they go to intimidate the poor Orang Asli over an alleged RM300 bribe. What a bunch of clowns. Can anyone believe that the MACC is doing its job in fighting corruption?

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