Putrajaya blinks on AES stand-off

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YOURSAY 'Speed does not kill, but reckless driving does. Nevertheless AES should not be privatised, for God's sake.'

AG: AES trials on hold to address legal concerns

your say Mahashitla: Out of almost 300,000 summonses issued, only less than 4 percent were paid. If AES (automated enforcement system) is not cancelled, in less than one year more than a million summonses would have been issued.

The courts will be overstretched and hundreds of thousands of warrants of arrest will be issued. The police will have a field day bringing in offenders every day.

Lock-ups will be crowded every night and more Black Marias will have to send these offenders to court every morning. Soon the prisons will be filled with speeding motorists.

By not paying, the rakyat has sent a very strong message to this 'do what I want' government that they no longer tolerate its stupidity and greed anymore.

Kgen: I don't think BN is going to give up the AES. It is too lucrative for their cronies. They are stopping the court charges because it is getting too messy.

They didn't expect people will go to court to contest a RM300 fine. So the next step is use other means to collect, like the JPJ (Road Transport Department) blacklisting road tax renewals.

Ipohcrite: Public concern has never bothered the mighty Attorney-General's Chambers before, given that it has often ridden roughshod over many previous issues.

The suspension of the court cases over AES summonses is because of the concern by BN that the AES will further screw up its chances in the forthcoming GE.

Clearwater: Even in trying to gouge the hapless motoring public, this BN government and its cronies prove to be woefully incompetent.

What more, trying to govern 28 million citizens of diverse ethnicity with any measure of fairness.

Anonymous$&@?: Like all Umno-BN projects awarded to cronies, they will first try to shove it down the throats of the rakyat.

If there is an uproar, then they will temporary put it on hold. There are so many instances that this has become the modus operandi.

Bystander: This is how the judiciary works in Malaysia, The head and the tail do not synchronised in the execution.

The AG should be sacked. This incompetency has created a lot of inconveniences and waste of public funds and court's time too.

But then, it is expected. If not, how could Malaysia ended up in more than half a trillion ringgit in debt?

Mohamad Abdul Malik: I support the AES system - but only if it's not privatised.

With the increased in the number of civil servants and I presumed; also a proportionate increase in our enforcement authorities; I did not see any valid reason why privatisation is the best solution.

Next, should we also privatised both the army and the police force?

Jingly: This is a very interesting new development. Speed does not kill, but reckless driving does. Nevertheless AES should not be privatised, for God's sake.

Amoker: MCA again looked like an incompetent follower. Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha and his party colleagues continue to fight for AES, even as AG Abdul Gani Patail is turning his back for the sake of the general election.

Anonymous #40538199: I hope they are not waiting for you to collect the BR1M RM500 first and feel good about it for a while, then resume the court cases and ask you to hand over the money to their cronies through AES.

Abuminable: Clever to seize any opportunity to make a fast buck, but totally stupid about everything else. That's the Umno rent-seeker mentality for you.

Mushiro: If someone had taken unpaid leave and spent on toll, parking and transport to court, can he claim from the government?

Wsoi: Inefficient government executives and stubborn ministers contributed to this hoo-haa today.

It's time to put some good brains in the government service. In Malaysia, private sector executives can be sacked within 24 hours with concrete evidence of wrongdoing.

But in our government service, it's practically almost impossible to terminate a government servant for his or her inefficiency or not able to deliver the expected results.

Anak JB: This is another Mickey Mouse production. What a joke and a real slap on the face. I'm not too sure whether they understood their legal locus standi before they went ahead with the implementation.

Vijay47: The summonses are put on hold because of public concern? Hey, when was the AG ever bothered about public concern? You forgot the zillion other issues of public concern.

Gods Messenger: Is the AG ready to comment and start the process of investigation on the allegations made by carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan?

There are better things for the AG to take action on, other than AES.

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