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The following is the press release in full by Americk Singh Sidhu, who is the lawyer for former private eye P Balasubramaniam.

There has been much speculation in the press recently over the identity of a “Tan Sri lawyer and his son” who were both supposedly involved in the preparation of my client’s 2nd statutory declaration (SD), the contents of which were specifically designed to withdraw the allegations made in his earlier statutory declaration and to state that my client, Bala, was ‘compelled’ to make those allegations ‘under duress’.

The reasons for this alleged ‘compulsion’ leading to the alleged ‘duress’ were never explained in the 2nd SD.

As far as I am concerned, the 1st SD was transcribed, produced and eventually affirmed by my client over a period of two months during which time every detail was painstakingly checked and cross-checked to ensure the highest accuracy. There was never any reason for my client to withdraw those contents unless he had been forced to, which is now apparent...

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