Malaysia blessed, until 'cursed' by Dr M

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YOURSAY ‘Malaysia was a very blessed country until a curse by the name of Dr Mahathir Mohamad descended on us.’

Malaysia a blessed nation, says Mahathir

your say Starr: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's performance assessment of the country based on comparisons between the past and the present is not always the best one, as it provides no idea about the future. Obviously, he did so for self-promotion.

An objective assessment would be to assess the country's performance in terms of 'opportunities lost' in comparison with our neighbours, for example Singapore with whom we share a common heritage, nationhood and people.

A cursory assessment would reveal how much we have lost out in terms of opportunities had the country been governed with the same aspirations, policies, principles and philosophy. What Singapore has been able to achieve represents exactly what we have lost.

Only the disingenuous and fools would deny such a comparison. Resorting to comparisons with countries such as Uganda clearly adds insult to injury for what's so great in comparing with the worst?

That the latest Global Financial Integrity (GFI) report on illicit capital outflows has ranked the country among the top culprits bears iron testimony.

Ferdtan: "Malaysia a blessed nation," says Mahathir. It is obvious that it is for you. After all, your sons are billionaires.


Multi Racial: There is no doubt that Malaysia is a blessed nation as it is without natural disasters, rich in natural resources and a fertile land.

We do not need Dr M to tell us that. But what Dr M did not tell us is we are number one in the world when it comes to man-made calamities.

So what we can say is Malaysia was blessed until Umno and its BN gang came to rule Malaysia.

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: Of course, it is a blessed country from his perspective. It has made him allegedly the second richest ex-leader in the world with a loot of US$40 billion.

His children are among the richest in the country. For the rest of us, it would soon be a cursed place because of Mahathir.

Tailek: Dr M is absolutely correct. Malaysia is a blessed nation but unfortunately it has been raped and plundered economically for the last 30 years by the ruling elite, who to this day remain unaccountable and remorseless for all their misdeeds, avarice and corrupt practices.

If not for these scumbags, Malaysia would today be an Asian tiger standing head and shoulders above even countries like Taiwan and Singapore.

1Vote: We would have been and should be a far more blessed country if Malaysia had more principles in governance, democracy and accountability. Our country's graft and corruption standards are world class, especially when it comes to illicit money laundering.

It has made the country sick, a result of which is our weak ringgit (our southern neighbour’s dollar is 2.5 times stronger than our ringgit although their nation has no natural resources).

What is the former PM so proud about? Only his family and circle of friends agree with him that we are blessed.  

Bartimaeus 2020: If Malaysia is a blessed nation, then we will want to how US$100 billion was stolen from its coffers and squandered during his administration.

Mahathir must explain by what means he and his sons acquired their wealth. If they cannot account for it satisfactorily, then they must be caned in public and sentenced to long prison terms with hard labour.

We dare not forget that Sani Abacha (Nigeria), Mobutu (Congo), Bokassa (Central Africa Republic), Papa Doc Duvalier (Haiti), Marcos (Philippines) and Mubarak (Egypt) lived as billionaires with the money they stole from their countries, while many of their compatriots were as poor as the dirt on which they walked.

Telestai!: Mahathir, with natural beauty, friendly people, lovely food and plenty of natural resources, Malaysia could have been one of the best countries to live in.

Things were really looking up until you came along to incite racial and religious hatred.

Then you introduced your hare-brained projects like Proton, Perwaja, PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), Maminco and drove the country economically backwards by at least 20 years behind our resource poor neighbour, Singapore.

What are you proud of, Dr Mahathir Mohamad?

James Dean: Malaysia was a very blessed country until a curse by the name of Dr Mahathir Mohamad descended on us. If not for this curse, Malaysia would be ranked on par with Japan in Asia today.

Gen2indian: I would dearly love for you to explain how the country would have fared with all the mismanagement, corruption, etc, if not for oil money from Petronas.

You will not admit that our national revenue is almost 50 percent dependent on oil, not because of your or your cronies’ brilliance. 

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