State gov't should confiscate cheap BN land

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VOXPOP ‘They got the land at RM1 per square foot and still they don't want to pay quit rent. Only devils can behave like that.’

DAP: S'gor Umno behind on taxes for cheap land

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Anonymous#007: Is it not strange that Umno is buying land, properties or owning businesses while in power?

Does the party have a licence to conduct business? If it doesn't, isn't that a good enough reason to suspend the party and confiscate all its assets?

And should this not warrant a probe into abuse of power by the party, never mind that they got it cheap and have not been paying quit rent?

Even if the land or properties were acquired to be used as administrative offices, they should be acquired at arm’s length.

Disgusted: They get land cheap and yet the cheapskates in BN don't pay taxes and rates on them. The rest of the rakyat have to pay through their noses, otherwise the land and property will be confiscated.


Sahana: They got the land at RM1 per square foot and still they don't want to pay quit rent. Only devils can behave like that.

The Selangor government should forfeit the land without giving any notice as I feel this is a con job by Umno.

We do not want the nonsense the Umno plunderers have done to the states they are currently governing.

All the people in Malaysia, if you really love this beautiful, progressive country, then please vote Pakatan Rakyat this coming GE13. Let us all bury Umno-BN for good.

Wanderer: Good one, Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh, you got it right. Confiscating the land is the only option to recover the money owing to the state by these Umno "robbers".

Skeat: They are probably waiting for PM Najib Razak to claim back Selangor, by hook or by crook, so they can continue to stay on for free.

Iwatch: This country is no different from the Third World countries in Africa. The Umno warlords just treat the wealth of the country like it’s their grandmother's properties and money.

They just simply loot in the daylight without thinking twice for the past 50 plus years of rule. Enough is enough for our next generation.

Anonymous #24936590: Hannah Yeoh should know that Najib is OKU (orang kurang upaya) and permanently deaf to respond to any allegation.


'Why did Utusan remove Zam's article on Habibie?'

Ferdtan: Universiti Teknologi Petronas professor Ahmad Murad Mohd said there was nothing wrong politically in the article and that the position taken was the writer’s right.

However, in the same breath he said we need to look at the context of international relations and it is a good ethical code to maintain good relations among countries. He might as well not to give his opinion - there is no position there.

For Ahmad’s attention, Zainuddin Maidin is no longer a government minister; for argument sake, he is only a private citizen and the country’s international relations has nothing to do with him.

We would expect our learned professor to have keen and discerning mind to give opinions. Please don’t give politically correct answers - that is not the job of academicians.

SMC77: I am appalled by the ignorance and stupidity displayed by these idiots. Until now, Umno politicians are still thinking Malaysia is much more superior than Indonesia.

Thanks to Umno and BN, Malaysia has been stagnant in the past 15 years and Indonesia is fast catching up post-1997/98 financial crisis.

I am afraid to say that, Malaysia, is in danger of losing out to Indonesia by a big margin in 10 years’ time if we, the voters, continue to support Umno-BN.

It could be one day that Malaysia will become a country to export our people to work as maids in Indonesia.

Mano: So Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono found the article insulting for placing former president BJ Habibie in the same basket as Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim?

Wow, I presume Susilo rang former Bernama chief Azman Ujang and told him this.

Mushiro: Both Azman Ujang and Prof Ahmad Murad did not have a stand at all in the forum.

Azman's statement that "Susilo found the article insulting for placing the former Indonesian president in the same basket as Anwar" is not qualified. Why comment when they do not have anything wise to say?

S Ravichandran: You can still read it on Zainuddin Maidin's blog, . He rants about everything and anything deemed as non-Umno or non-Mahathir Mohamad-friendly.

Read it at your own peril, for your intelligence will be insulted by this idiot.

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