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YOURSAY 'It is amazing when someone can say something very derogative and yet perceive it is not, and presume it won't hurt ties with others.'

'I may apologise, if Susilo repeats criticism in M'sia'

your say Ferdtan: Former information minister Zainuddin Maidin talks nonsense when he said Indonesia's third president BJ Habibie can meet PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang but not Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Do our ministers, or former ones, have some grey matter between their ears? No wonder, our country is going to the dogs.

Anonymous #67264380: I am not sure about the definition of culture, but the right to protest and fight against tyranny has been around since the dawn of men.

All religions and philosophies advocate the right to be heard and the right to fight against oppression, suppression and corruption. What is Zainuddin talking about - that the culture of demonstration is imported from Indonesia?

To oppose is the natural instinct of humankind when the threshold of tolerance is reached and we do not need to learn from the Indonesians to seek redress. How stupid can one be?

Is this former Utusan Malaysia chief editor seeking a spot in Dr Mahathir Mohamad's proposed cabinet when he makes a comeback?

Anonymous #12566075: Zainuddin, why do you want to insult our intelligence by saying that we are always misled by the opposition or Anwar to protest on the streets? Do you think you are more intelligent than us?

We certainly know what Umno leaders have been doing in abusing its power to rob the nation's wealth and use the police and attorney-general to cover up their sins.

Appum: Zainuddin, do you know the meaning of uncouth?

Anonymous #05023297: I suppose Zainuddin feels that he speaks for the Indonesians as well and that Utusan is well-regarded in Indonesia.

He finds a way to squirm out of a hole that he has dug and uses some flimsy reasons to deflect the need to respond directly.

Stop Lynas now: Zainuddin, why do you always say things and do things which make people sick? Don't you have a purpose in life?

Durio zibethinus: When Zam speaks in broken English, it's a joke. When he speaks in Malay, it's also a joke. How on earth did he become information minister. No wonder we are all so misinformed.

Bye Bye: I am 100 percent sure Anwar did not provoke any race to participate in street demonstrations. I was there, my brother was there and so were many of my friends.

Many people, not members of Pakatan Rakyat parties, just want to get rid of Umno and people like this idiot.

Mahathir has done extremely well to produce many brainless towering Malaysians in his splitting image.

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: When have any BN politician apologised for any wrong. They are all super human beings incapable making any mistakes. In fact, we should start worshiping them.

T: Now Antara is lying? He thinks everyone has the morals of Utusan.

Kelate: Antara is the official news agency of the government of Indonesia. Zam still does not get it that it means it is the official statement from the government of Indonesia.

It really reflects poorly on us that we had such a retard as a minister previously.

Gggg: To my neighbour Indonesia, I, on behalf of one Malaysian politician with the mentality of an eight-year-old, would like to apologise for the comments he made. I seek your forgiveness.

Q..!: It is amazing when someone can say something very derogative and yet perceive it is not, and presume it won't hurt ties with others.

Clever voter: First, it is obvious that such character is the hallmark of existing ruling party. Not only are they intellectual bankrupt, increasingly signs of desperation are appearing.

Without even considering the so-called foreign intervention, this man is part of a corrupt regime which that have betrayed the trust given to them, abused their power, and denied the people of what they deserved.

We need all the help we can get to overturn such decline and decay.

KSD: Wrong, Zainuddin. Anwar's goal is not to topple a peaceful government and establish a violent regime. Rather, it is the exact opposite.

He, along with many other parties, is working to topple a violent regime that is oppressing its own people and establish a fair and just government.

But then again, Zainuddin, you probably know that and that is why you are so worked up.

AKUTUAN: Hello Zam, we are not provoked by Anwar but we are provoked by an Umno politician like you.

The Chinese community is not stupid. We just want a fair election and a peaceful place to live in. Most Chinese want a clean leader, regardless of his or her race. Is that too much to ask?

Tomkurus: Habibie's lectures in Malaysia recently were very well received and he was hailed as a hero of the Nusantara. Zainuddin is a mischievous loser who is trying to attract some attention.

Indonesians need not be upset. Zainuddin was always regarded as a trouble-making clown even when he was information minister for a short while. Habibie, on the other hand, will always be regarded as a statesman.

Mushiro: Zainuddin, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has no time for you. He has raised his objection openly and you can interpret this any way you want.

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