An honourable man where there are none

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YOURSAY 'The hardest thing: to be, or even try to be, an honourable man where there are no honourable men. He tried. What more can one say?'

Ex-Gerakan chief Keng Yaik dies

your say Anonymous #12566075: Former Gerakan chief Lim Keng Yaik (LKY) is one of the few BN politicians who serves the country well. He was close to the grassroots and mixed easily with ordinary people.

He was not tarnished by corruption like many other BN leaders. His performance as a minister could be even better had he not served under the ‘dictatorship' of MM (Dr Mahathir Mohamad).

I am rather sadden by this tragic news of his untimely death. Rest in peace, LKY.

Anak JB: A good straight talking and hardworking man who in my opinion did a lot of right things but joined the wrong coalition.

He was critical of Gerakan and was a disappointed man towards the end. The hegemonic politics of Umno killed his party and drives it to oblivion.

My thoughts are with your family and loved ones. You are one of the very few politicians in BN who have my respect.

Onyourtoes: Condolences yes, but seriously what has he done for Malaysia that we all aspire for? Was he not part of the establishment that led to the malaise of this nation?

Anonymous_40bb: To stand apart from MCA and a cut above during the ruling government under Mahathir is indeed a difficult situation to survive in. Every leader has to protect its members and its party to his best of ability.

No one has a right to criticise or judge when one has done his best. It is to those who have not done their best and act like 'Romans when in Rome' who should be chastised. Let the one who has not sin cast the first stone.

RIP, LKY. May heaven's door open to your soul that you may return to God a child once more.

Hurt: Good riddance. This was the man who interviewed me when I was 19 and was applying for a Perak state scholarship where he asked me if I drank toddy.

Dood: I have nothing good to say about this man. Then again, I have little bad to say about him either, except that he was fighting for the wrong side.

He may be forgotten and forgiven for that sin, but don't expect accolades and love from us.

Thirunavakarasu: My deepest condolences and sympathies to the LKY family. I remember the time Tun treated me for my leg injury at Chemor Perak. May your soul rest in peace.

IloveBN: May God bless his soul and may He also give his family the strength and courage to go on in his absence.

It is also worthy to take note that the Malaysian palm oil industry is alive today thanks to Dr Lim Keng Yaik who fought tooth and nail to defend it when the Europeans were promoting corn oil and soya oil whilst discrediting palm oil when he was primary industries minister.

Surprisingly, this was not mentioned in the article. A job well done but no credit given. Anyway, those who have gone through that era will know.

Paul Warren: Ah, he is the man who never knew what the rubber tappers did behind the rubber trees. I hope he found out before his demise. Condolences to the family.

Anonymous #43051382: LKY was one of the few senior politicians from BN with a reputation for honesty and that by today's standards, that is an extreme rarity.

Awakened: He is one of the more daring leader from BN's smaller component parties. The many positive comments from Malaysiakini readers show that those BN leaders who are truly good and not corrupt will be remembered well by the rakyat.

Hang Babeuf: The hardest thing: to be, or even try to be, an honourable man where there are no honourable men. He tried. What more can one say? That, what can be said, is quite a lot.

Vijay47: Tun Lim Keng Yaik, a simple man throughout, brought some quaint elements to the dirty world that Malaysian politics is.

Perhaps his only real sin was the company he kept and the masters he served. Farewell, Tun, you were the last decent one of a rotten crowd.

Anon: He was a man of character and conviction. Never a dull moment when he spoke and every time with so much excitement and practicality.

Gerakan missed his leadership, and our prayers go with his family and may he rest in the arms of the Lord.

Hplooi: He fought the good fight. but the battle in the end was too big. May his soul rest in peace.

Anonymous_40a7: Keng Yaik died a great man. It's a shame though he had to see Gerakan "die" first when he was still alive.

Ferdtan: Lim Keng Yaik is taking the journey we all have to take without exception. Therefore with the limited time God has given us we should at least do what is expected of us.

It is not too late for many others, some already in old age, to repent and help the people of Malaysia to keep the country an environmentally safe nation. That is the least we can do for our future generation.

SaveMalaysiaNow: These are mostly good comments from the Malaysiakini readers, who are normally very critical of any past BN leaders.

Lim was one of the few who was very brave and spoke his mind against anything that goes against the principles relating to honesty and clean governance.

He deserved all the acclaimed and accolades for his contributions.

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