KK Supermart crime wave no perception

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VOXPOP ‘Hishammuddin, if you are reading this, there is one robbery in every KK convenience store in the country every three and a half months.'

Unfazed despite 10 robberies in two years

vox populi small thumbnail Changeagent: The KK Supermart crime statistics are extremely alarming and are perhaps symptomatic of the increased crime in the wider community. They have gone from an average of 0.13 robberies per store in 2008 to 3.39 robberies in 2012.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, if you are reading this, that is one robbery in every KK convenience store in the country every three and a half months. Don't tell us again that is just perception.

Doc: Let me quote the famous words of Hishammuddin - the increased crime rate is only perception as in actuality crime rate statistics have gone down.

In short, the home minister is telling us that 134 robberies in KK Supermart outlets last year is not bad, as the brilliant PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) has reduced crimes statistics and thus the robbery numbers could be much more.

Pemerhati: KK Supermart staff member Hasem Magrabali said he had tried to dissuade robbers from crime by telling them, "Malaysia has many jobs. You have feet; you have hands, why are you doing this?"

But they did not listen to him. Perhaps they might have been persuaded if he had told them, "Why are wasting your time and energy and taking huge risks by stealing small sums of money from the small businesses.

"You all should become BN politicians because then you and your families can all become multimillionaires and billionaires by stealing the taxpayer's money while sitting in air conditioned offices.

"You also can get titles and become highly respected members of society. The police will then not hunt for you as they do now, but instead they will ‘kow tow' to you and take orders from you.

"To learn the exact technique of stealing millions and billions easily you can consult with any of the successful thieves in the BN."

Moontime: Another 'fine' example of reduced crime rate in Malaysia. In addition to having security guards, KK's management should equip the workers with mace or pepper sprays as a deterrent to criminals.

Not Confused: The PDRM doesn't give a damn about this kind of thing. They are more interested in harassing and intimidating people taking part in bona fide public interest protests.

The brain-dead home minister also doesn't give a damn either - he is too busy feathering his own nest and being a pathetic sycophant.

2zzzxxx: Well, in Bolehland the authorities - that is Umno's police - are busy putting people like student activist Umar Mohd Azmi in prison, while the police can have joint ventures with the crooks. So the figures are not surprising.

Mob1900: PRDM knows only how to shoot and kill, that's their answer to law enforcement. Just ask Aminulrasyid Amzah . And you can thank BN for corrupting the entire force and the judiciary.

Ghkok: Our country is becoming unliveable... surely we all have the responsibility to exercise our vote to restore the safety of our family and our country.

For 55 years, only one party has ruled and that party is fully responsible for the present state of our country. Now is the time to change.

Righteous: I rob you, and they rob him, and we all rob each other. That's the short story of governance in our country. It's a matter of he who robs last, robs best.

Young voters now in favour of BN, contends DPM

Black Mamba: Young voters are ignorant of BN's 55 years of mismanagement history. If ever they vote BN, it is because of the feel-good factor now of low unemployment rate.

Wait till the government coffers run dry and it defaults on its loan and given a negative BBB ratings when interest rates shoot up where it hurts those expose to various loans. Then you will see if they will curse BN to kingdom come.

Anomnim: Didn't DPM Muhyiddin Yassin know the banner (‘Orang muda sokong BN') was made by BN's own peons? Why on earth will the younger people refer to themselves as third person otherwise.

Anonymous_40c3: There is no dispute that BN will win the next election. Everything points to a win.

When you turn on the TV, when you read the news, when you see banners and posters that say 'I love PM' and 'Orang Muda Sokong BN', what more glaring outcome is there.

Pakatan Rakyat, be prepared to lose and remain in the opposition forever.

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