Superbikers are not Mat Rempits but...

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VOXPOP 'Superbikers are often rogues on the highway, zooming past me at well over 150kph. I nearly killed some of them recently.'

Bikers demand apology over 'pest' tag

your say Changeagent: TV3's Majalah 3 segment had all the hallmarks of bad journalism. The reporter made an irresponsible generalisation that all superbikers are road pests, the footage was misleading because viewers did not know they were staged, and the reporter could also have used a different adjective other than the term 'pelesit', which has its origins from an ancient form of animism.

I am not a superbiker, but I think the superbikers are right to demand for an unreserved and unqualified apology from TV3 and the reporter.

Timothy: Superbikers are not Mat Rempits. They are legal riders on the road. My concern is, are our trunk roads and highways designed for superbikes? I doubt it.

Therefore, superbikers must instill some level of discipline when on trunk roads and highways. Don't just ride haphazardly, overtaking vehicles from left and right like they are the lords of the road. This, I write from experience.

Bye Bye: Superbikers are often rogues on the highway, zooming past me at well over 150kph. I nearly killed some of them recently.

Nearing Gua Tempurung, I realised the lorry in front was extremely slow and I had to overtake at the last moment. Those idiots came out of nowhere and flew past me with very little space to spare.

Chris Wong: All my experience with large motorcycles have been negative.

They either do not understand right of way, and whizz past you right and left, or they are rich and politically connected enough to be escorted by a taxpayer-funded traffic police outrider that does not care that other road users have the same rights as a motorcycle.

Sure they have a right to use the roads, but they must understand that others have the same.

Johorean: For those bikers' groups that ride with marshals who are rude and at high speed, too, you all deserve these negative reactions from other road users and motorists.

Don't be arrogant just because you are riding around in a two-wheeler that cost as much as a car. I can more than afford those bikes that you own, but you don't see me going around in my superbike in a group "bullying" other road users.

Anonymous #03216792: Superbikers, you all should also protest against BN to demand they bring down the price of superbikes and the price of spare parts in Malaysia.

A Ducati Diavel is US$11,000 in the US, but it costs RM135,000 in Malaysia - almost five times the price in the United States.

Anonymous #95676433: There is no such nuisance and overaged hooligans in nearby Singapore. The police there will not allow such nonsense because they take their duties seriously.

We will remain a Third World country until we have a new government dedicated to good governance.

Wak Kanto: Become a super-bike rider so long you are a good Samaritan and be courteous to others. This is a democratic country and if you want to walk with your head down and legs up, who cares?

Ummi Hafilda to wed beauty therapy specialist soon

Hang Babeuf: Malay society now seems inundated, and has long been overrun, by a succession of ‘celebrities' of truly embarrassing vulgarity. Why? What is this phenomenon? What is it about?

The attitude popularly taken seems that of some cultural ghetto or backwater. Yes, they may be really shabby non-entities, those wannabe celebrities, but they are our celebrities.

Even if they are mediocre they are our mediocrities, so we have to admire them.

China: "Age is not a factor of time, it's a state of mind..." Why so many cynical comments?

I wish the couple all the best for their coming nuptials. Ummi Hafilda Ali is an attractive woman and her young beau must be equally attractive, too. So, what's wrong?

Bystander: Dr Zaman Khan, are you okay? Should I recommend a good eye specialist to look into your visual impairment?

Or is it a conspiracy for the much-needed publicity, especially for the very rare species living in Malaysia? Do you need her to also bring much publicity to your flagging business?

Mushiro: Wish her all the best and hopes she repents to be a good doting wife.

Vijay47: So dear Ummi is going to marry, what's that again, a beauty therapy specialist, whatever that is? One thing is clear, we all know who will wear the pants in the family.

Abasir: The immaculate 'virgin' is finally going to get some. And this winner: "God has instructed us to find a spouse who has looks, strong religious convictions, knowledge and possessions."

Leaving the language aside, I think she has got the list in the wrong order... or is it the right one?

Laila: Congratulations! Imagine a fairy tale, where the old Virginia hypnotises a young prince from Jannah (Paradise) to fall in love with her. Hope Malaysiakini readers will be invited to this auspicious wedding.

Geronimo: Please Malaysiakini , Ummi Halfilda is not news. Giving her this space is an added publicity for her. Why not charge her for space taken up in your news portal? Come on, there are more important fish to fry than this.

SangRimau: Oh my God (OMG), he may change his mind after reading these comments in Malaysiakini .

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