If there's an independent audit, Najib can't contest

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YOURSAY 'Give this vetting exercise to an independent external auditor and if all of them, including the PM, come out clean, I'll vote for BN.'

DAP: Is PM willing to vet Taib?

your say Pemerhati: The stark reality is that if the leaders of past and present BN were to be thoroughly investigate by an impartial and competent investigative agency (there is none in Malaysia), then it would be discovered that all the PMs and most of the other leaders of BN from Dr Mahathir Mohamad's time onwards, would be guilty of corruption and theft of the people's money.

The total amount stolen by them should amount to hundreds of billion ringgit. Justice would only be done if all the BN thieves and criminals are brought to justice and the stolen money returned to the people.

Taxpayer: If the BN leaders are vetted based on the standard operating procedures of Hong Kong's graft agency Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), almost none of them will be free from findings of corruption and/or stealing from the public's coffers.

At the very best, the cleanest of them all would have beaten the system by applying for some free land for themselves and their families using dubious names as nominees, etc, etc.

AngryBird: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) says there is no case against Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud as he is really 'clean' and this is confirmed by PM Najib Razak. Similarly, Sabah CM Musa Aman is equally 'clean'.

In short, all Umno-BN members are above board. The same cannot be said of opposition members.

TimsTime: Before vetting others, the PM himself must be vetted. How on earth can the rakyat trust the integrity of the BN when only selective vetting is applied?

If this exercise is actually carried out, one wonders if there is anyone qualified and clean enough to stand as a candidate for BN.

Give this vetting exercise to an independent external auditor and if all of them, including the PM, come out clean, I will be the first to vote for BN.

If the son of the Sarawak CM can blow away RM780,000 in a couple of months on credit card charges alone, not including what he pays by cheque and cash, and yet he has been exempted from being investigated, there is no reason for us to believe the PM.

PM, you can't be serious even when you say you are serious. It is now our turn say, "PM cakap aje, jangan kita layan" (It's just talk, no need to bother).

Doc: Asking MACC to vet Taib will certainly make MACC looks like fools when they will have to come with a ‘not corrupt' report on the Sarawak CM.

Straight-Talk: Taib will probably tell Najib to get lost if he were to be vetted. Najib himself has also got a lot of baggage to answer for. This is a case of 'pot calling the kettle black'.

Anonymous #32444974: Forget it. The PM, the MACC, Inland Revenue Board, the police and government can't touch Taib. The Sarawak CM is above the law, so please save your energy.

Mohican: Najib is a flip-flop leader - you see, he can tell you one thing today and another tomorrow. How are we to buy his story?

Anonymous #05023297: I don't get Election Commission (EC) deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar's logic - how does one equate ensuring a ‘clean' candidate with that of restricting the democratic right to contest?

On the other hand, Umno-BN will definitely have no candidates left at all if the vetting is implemented, judging from their entire ‘thieving' cabinet.

Bender: "Wan Ahmad pointed that out that although the vetting could produce ‘clean' candidates, it could be seen as restricting the democratic right to contest in elections."

This statement that comes from MACC's no 2 offers a glimpse of what kind of drama this really is.

Timo100: The EC deputy chief should know better. Let the MACC do the vetting and produce their reports.

Go a step further; similarly appoint independent vetting to be done by auditing firms. Publish both reports (from MACC and from independent auditing firms) for the rakyat to see and judge for themselves.

Then, we leave it to the political parties to pick their candidates for GE13, based on these reports. This way, there is no "restricting of the democratic right to contest in the election".

That maybe would be almost impossible here. We will run short of candidates.

Starr: It's fallacious to even contemplate that the MACC and the EC are the appropriate agencies to vet through election candidates for 'cleanliness', when the credibility and public standing of these agencies are at the lowest ebbs for lacking in integrity and neutrality in carrying out their respective roles and duties.

It would serve the greater good of the public if these agencies were to do their job properly, professionally without fear and favor. Never mind about being vetting agencies for the public.

Anonymous #02382443 : Sometimes we inadvertently put our foot in our own mouth - Najib is one glaring example.

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