Najib, it's high time you put a leash on your BN thugs

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YOURSAY 'The honest man will stand bare-chested as he has nothing to hide. The dishonest will hide the truth using all means.'

Pro-BN mob attacks Anak's Orange Convoy

your say Onyourtoes: What has become of this country when citizens are not allowed to move freely for legitimate reason?

Who are these people to decide whether or not the visit by Felda Settlers' Children's Association (Anak) to the settlements will cause trouble or not? The basis of democracy is contestation of ideas and principles.

I think those who go around disrupting the legitimate rights of others are either paid trouble-makers or people devoid of basic principles of democracy. They are deranged thugs, archaic cavemen, primitive souls and greedy whores.

Dood: I'm not sure which was more screwed up - that Felda employees and police personnel were part of the group, or that a so-called "village chief" blamed the chaos on the Anak group.

Wait, I got another one. Maybe the most screwed-up thing is that the pro-BN mob thinks that their criminal activity will actually endear themselves and Umno-BN to the people.

Not Confused: Desperation and yet more desperation. Violence and intimidation like this is about all the Umno-BN members and their equally desperate supporters can produce.

They have low intelligence, zero tolerance or knowledge of the democratic processes and are seriously destined for a major awakening come the general election.

If only Malaysia were more like the more mature democracies where there is true respect for both sides of any political argument. Such a delinquent action is the only kind of argument that the ruling BN junta can muster. Sad really!

Mushiro: Umno wants to win the elections by blindfolding Pakatan Rakyat, tying their hands behind them and whacking them black and blue.

Pakatan wants to win the elections by meeting the rakyat and winning their hearts. It becomes more difficult when the Election Commission (EC) and the police take the side of Umno. But nevertheless, Pakatan must press on and campaign hard.

Senior: If there's nothing wrong, then why does Umno have to attack Anak's convoy and prevent them from entering Felda villages? Read between the lines, something is definitely not right.

James1067: It is a shame to use violence to stop people from learning about the truth. The honest man will stand bare-chested in public as he knows he has nothing to hide.

The dishonest will be the only one who will hide the truth using all means. In the end, truth will prevail as it has God on its side.

Don't Play-Play: The convoy was a stupid act by Anak. Anak should just let their political masters fight for their rights lawfully because that is why they were elected.

Why allow yourselves to be tools for their political survival. It should be the other way round, is it not?

DontPlayGod: Umno thugs and mobs have been instigated by their paymasters to run wild and wreak maximum damage at nearly all Pakatan ceramahs. But we don't hear of any mob violence at Umno gatherings.

P Dev Anand Pillai: This is the Malay peasantry, forever they will be loyal to the ruling lords who will use and discard them when not in need. Yet after being enlightened by the thinking Malays, the Malay peasantry choose to be the serfs of their lords.

Their history and evolution is such, it cannot be helped. It will only change if more Malays begin to think and free their minds.

Multi Racial: BN should clean up their mess. Now they are more like gangster organisations using violence to solve their own problems. As for the police, the inspector-general of police (IGP) should be answerable for this. If he can't, he should resign.

Abasir: PM Najib Abdul Razak knows what will happen to him and his dark secrets if Pakatan wins. The violence we continue to witness is an attempt to stop the will of the rakyat. ‘People First', Najib?

EugeneT: Every day, this country is descending towards hooliganism and gangsterism, but the authorities are not doing a single thing to curb this disturbing trend.

If they are not doing anything, it's effectively sending a message saying they condone such unruly behaviour and violence.

Ferdtan: Aminulrasyid Amzah, a 15-year-old boy, was shot by police 21 times until he died for running away.

Now you have a crowd of 100 violent Umno supporters assaulting the rakyat, the police as seen in the video have shown such ‘restraint' and ‘politeness'. One police officer just tried helplessly to stop them.

Isn't that uncharacteristic of our police officers - guns were not drawn? It is good that they have changed. Or is it because they were dealing with Umno supporters, and they deemed them as non-violent?

Brahman: Question: Do the rakyat want a party which encourages thuggery, prevents the rakyat from having the right to express their thoughts, orders the police to let such incidents occur without any consequences, and not only uses racialism to divide the rakyat but also encourages a split in our Malay population?

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