Silence won't make Deepak's allegations go away

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VOXPOP 'Najib preaches a clean and transparent gov't but there are so many allegations against him and his wife that remain unchallenged and unanswered.'

Najib should vet himself, call probe into Deepak's claims

vox populi small thumbnail 1Vote: Yes, the PM must speak up on businessman Deepak Jaikishan's allegations to justify his call for BN candidates to be clean, both morally and financially.

Tailek: Najib is nothing but a hypocrite. He preaches a clean and transparent government but there are so many allegations against him and his wife that remain unchallenged and unanswered by him. So please do not think the voters are kids who don't know better

Anonymous #43051382: All this talk by BN about the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) vetting their 'angelic' status is just pure bull. How on earth is MACC going to probe without real factual documents?

Don't tell me a thief would reveal the loot he had stolen.

Disbeliever: Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo, your call to the PM is timely but there is no way he would agree to a probe because that would be like opening a can of worms or digging his own grave.

The only way we Malaysians will (hopefully) get a better life with justice and fairness for all is to vote for change.

Bystander: As to Deepak's allegations against Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, for their involvement in private eye P Balasubramaniam's second SD (statutory declaration), silence will not be acceptable and sustainable, but on the contrary it amounts to an admission of guilt in the eyes of the public.

Zar: This is the PM who "cakap tak serupa bikin" (says one thing and does another). He should first answer to Deepak's claims before telling others they should be vetted.

It's like the Malay proverb, a crab which sought to teach its children to walk straight.

Louis: Gobind, yes, keep this issue hanging over Najib's head like the sword of Damocles. The PM is cunning.

He will let this issue just die away hoping all will be forgotten. How idiotic. Only BN leaders are hiding their heads in the sand as if there is no issue over the allegations.

Ex-EC chief supports RCI on electoral reform

Ferdtan: Former Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, your call for a RCI (royal commission of inquiry) on electoral reforms is a bit too late at this juncture as GE13 will be held in the next few months.

Why didn't you, a former EC chief who had a moral ‘locus standi' to make such comment, come out earlier when the whole country was calling for reforms?

Under pressure by the public to do something, the BN government chose the time-wasting ineffective parliamentary select committee (PSC) instead.

So don't waste our time. If you are sincere, give suggestions about the cleaning up of the electoral rolls and the postal votes. That is more pertinent in the immediate term.

Comment more on the illegal immigrants being granted instant citizenships to make them eligible voters. Please tell us whether there are phantom voters in the electoral rolls; you should know, you were there once.

DontPlayGod: This former EC head had worked hand in glove with Umno to swindle the public, but now he's talking. Weren't you involved in all the grossly unfair delineation of the constituency boundaries?

In which a constituency of a few thousands electorates in rural areas are allowed to vote for one MP/Adun, whereas in urban area (for example Petaling Jaya), a constituency can have an electorate of more than 120,000.

This can only happen in Malaysia, and I don't even see the present EC head doing anything about it. In fact, we are getting more of the same from him. So vamoose and get lost!

Love Malaysia63: "But I am not against it. I also wanted to do it (in 2008) but the government did not agree then. I don't know why they did not agree. During my tenure, the government did not agree but they agree now. Maybe because the pressure is higher."

As a citizen, I am puzzled. Isn't the EC supposed to be above politics? How can it be independent when it has to listen to the government? It should be answerable to the Agong and not the PM.

Lim Chong Leong: When he was EC chief, he could have implemented indelible ink but caved in to Umno. The government has no say in the implementation of election rules it turns out later.

He was also colluding with the government when the EC and the government decided not to use the ink because of some made-up sabotage attempt, alleging that certain parties would forcibly ink some others to deprive them of voting.

No investigation ever followed up on these allegedly seditious attempts to derail the election process.

Orang Jauh: Abdul Rashid, I suggest you just wait your turn "to be judged", which, going by your age, will not be too long coming.

Meanwhile, pray. And pray very hard that millions of Malaysians "go easy" on you, when the time comes. You're Muslim, aren't you?

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