Ngeh-Nga, politics and business do not mix

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YOURSAY 'The transaction may be above board, but still it's such a bad idea for politicians to do business, especially when the deal involves land.'

Ngeh: We obtained Kelantan land through open market

your say RL: Perak DAP chief Ngeh Khoo Ham, we don't need this type of politician anymore. This is exactly the kind of politicians that BN has and the rakyat are rejecting them.

If you want to be in business, then leave politics. We need politicians to care for the people and take care of the country, not their own pockets.

Southpaw: The commercial transaction may be above board, but still it's such a bad idea for politicians to mix politics and business, especially when the deal involves land.

Ngeh and Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming are simply too insensitive and I would say it's a political mistake by these two supposedly seasoned politicians.

Pronto: If they want to be in politics, they must be prepared to sacrifice their business pursuits, as business for politicians in the eyes of the public is likely to end up with ‘you do me a favour and I do you a favour', especially when it comes to land acquisition.

It is worse when it involves Pakatan Rakyat states.

Timothy: Let's say it was legitimately a business transaction. So now are the two cousins part-time businessmen or part-time politicians?

I hope DAP will not be a ‘towkay' party (party of bosses), or be perceived as one later. DAP leaders should not mix business and politics like what MCA has done.

Onyourtoes: Okay, two questions answered - first, it is not a ‘land for MB' trade off. Second, it is an arm-length transaction, i.e based on willing seller and willing buyer.

Ngeh and Nga, I have one more question. Why, despite your very active leadership role in DAP, are you two so keen in business dealings? I know it is not legally wrong but do you think it will affect your usefulness and your credibility as active politicians who are likely to assume governmental positions in the future?

Do you know the difference between PAP (People's Action Party) and MCA in the early days of Malaysia? One was (and still is) a ‘towkay' business-orientated party while the other was and (still is) a party populated by professionals; there is no prize for guessing right the answer.

Are we the people expecting too much from you two and the rest who may have harboured similar ideas of wanting to do business? Well, it is a choice you have to make.

Ferdtan: All got it wrong. Why can't Ngeh and Nga do business in their private capacity? They are no longer the excos in the state governments. So where is the conflict of interest?

Isn't Karpal Singh still practising his law business? Or should he give up his law business because he is the elected MP and as well as the chairperson of DAP? Please show some logic.

Thetruth: Politic and business do not mix. If both mix, it will lead to corruption in many forms. Ngeh and Nga should know this.

To say it does not have any element of wrongdoing is not exactly correct because if this opportunity of buying cheap land was given to them due to their connection in politics, it is ethically wrong even if it is legally right.

DAP should get rid itself of such leaders before more damage is done.

Anak JB: Although this may not be legally wrong, the public perception will be negative regardless.

I do not agree with their actions especially in acquiring company that deals with land and state concessions in their positions as state assemblymen and members of parliament.

Starr: As public figures, Ngeh and Nga should not have gotten involved in business in the first place, let alone with government departments, whether from other states or their own.

Apart from keeping themselves in good conduct, it keeps public office from allegations of corruption, perceived or otherwise.

DAP leaders' integrity and conduct should be exemplary and beyond reproach, otherwise how can they lead to bring change in Malaysia?

Amalgam: The more important question is that why are Ngeh and Nga interested in land purchases?

Are they into politics because they truly believe they can help to improve our living conditioins or are they hoping to ape some former MCA members who are now big property developers by obtaining land cheaply from the state or federal governments?

Politicians should not mix business with politics, otherwise we will have more of the Umno-type political parties.

Banzai: The real issue as alleged by BN was that Nga and Ngeh agreed to let a PAS member as the menteri besar in exchange for a piece of land. Was this proven?

There is nothing wrong in allowing any Malaysians or state representatives to purchase land as long as it is done transparently in an open market and without any strings attached. What is the fuss?

BlueApple: One fact to note: the appointment of PAS' Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as Perak menteri besar in 2008 was decided by the Perak sultan.

He has choosen Nizar among the three MB candidates (one each from PAS, DAP and PKR) of which Nga was nominated by DAP.

Is BN now blaming Tuanku for choosing Nizar over Nga?

Ah Gu, Ah Beh: I have doubts over the two cousins, Ngeh and Nga. DAP must thoroughly investigate this allegation to put it to rest, otherwise it will cost them votes in GE13, especially in Perak.

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