" God is silent. Now if only man would shut up." - Woody Allen

COMMENT It is a simple question really. When DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng chides the BN regime with "if BN was a principled, people-centric coalition, it should not politicise Christianity to gain support of its Malay voting base", the question is:

"Does the people-centric coalition of Pakatan Rakyat think it is hypocritical to chastise Umno for chasing the Malay/Muslim vote when the DAP itself is politicising Christianity to gain support of the Christian community?"

Religious messages by politicians during festive seasons are usually banal and loaded with platitudes that pay homage to whatever brand of superficial values they are pushing at that particular moment in time.

tenang ceramah guan eng talk Sometimes, these messages are meant to rile up their bases. When this occurs, it is either subtle or a full on polemic. Lim's Christmas message is the latter. Lim, who I am on record as stating would make a credible potential prime minister, seems to enjoy the taste of his foot in his mouth. This would be of no concern if he did not insist on making it a public spectacle...

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