Where was the PM when Christians were attacked?

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YOURSAY 'A true friend is a person who comes to his or her aid during difficult times. They don't need fair-weather friends - they are a dime a dozen.'

PM: Christians have not been forgotten

your say Slumdog: PM Najib Razak, based on your poor track record, you are a hollow person who makes perfunctory statements to suit your audience with no intention of carrying them out.

Your silence was deafening when the Christians were being blamed for proselytising Muslims and wanting to install a Christian government. You didn't say anything when churches were burnt and when Christians were banned from using the word ‘Allah'.

You think you were so magnanimous when you lifted the restrictions on Christians visiting the Holy Land. All this empty gestures just in time before Christians celebrate Christmas and the imminent general election.

Your words are filled with insincerity and not many Christians believe a word when you said that you have not forgotten them. On a sincerity index, your words rate one out of 10.

Ferdtan: Najib, where were you when the Christians were under constant attacks by Perkasa, Jawi (Federal Territories Religious Department) and the likes of (Jati chief) Hasan Ali and the Perak mufti (Harussani Zakaria)?

A true friend is a person who comes to his aid on difficult times. They don't need fair-weather friends - there are too many out there.

Dark Knight: "Upheavals in the Middle East serves as a cogent reminder that revolution is not the best practice, given the violence and discord which follows the removal of a dictatorship or autocratic leader," said Najib.

Is Najib implying he is a dictator or autocrat? Just like his predecessor Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is the father of all that has destroyed Malaysia as a nation?

Malaysians are not seeking a revolution; they are seeking a more inclusive government through democratic and peaceful means. Our democracy recognises and honours the rakyat's will through elections.

Lai Tak Ming: It's a season of goodwill, a season to forgive and to express the grace of God. So I guess it's in the spirit of give-and-take the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) has invited the PM to attend its Christmas hi-tea.

I however do not quite agree that we should however be playing nice with the PM when he has time and again failed to stand up for the Christian communities.

I wish the Christian leaders would more clearly express to him our unhappiness over all the various issues that have yet to be resolved. Letting us go to the Holy Land is a small crumb dropping from his sumptuous table.

We ought really to make it clear to him our disquiet at the manner this country is being run, the blatant corruption, the treatment of the poor and the stateless, the Allah issue which is still outstanding (the government is appealing to the Court of Appeal), the treatment of Christians as bogeymen to lay blame on, the lack of direction for the Christian schools in the so-called education blueprint... the list goes on.

Chris Wong: More babble from a hypocritical and non-elected prime minister. Najib, we do not need you to tell Christians that they are not left out, because you have allowed all your Umno and Perkasa minions to bash Christians unreservedly in the mass media you control.

You have also proceeded to do nothing on the scare-mongering, and the stoking of racial hatred among peace-loving Malaysians. Action speak louder than words.

Onyourtoes: "I do not want to be a prime minister for only a section of the community but for all Malaysians and I have said this repeatedly," said the PM.

And we are telling you "repeatedly" that your party is fascist which marginalises others routinely and habitually. Facts and figures and consistent pattern of past behaviour do not lie.

Geronimo: Najib, please don't divert from the core issues affecting the Christian community. First and foremost, since when did the 'pendatang' issue become related to the feeling of 'despondency' of the Christians?

In reality, our feeling of despondency is derived from the banning of the use of the word 'Allah'. Lift the ban and we may consider giving you our votes.

Next, release all our Malay Bibles currently held under bondage in your warehouses across the country. You must promise not to put serial numbers on the bibles henceforth.

This is to be followed by a full-page apology by you in all the MSM (mainstream media) for mounting covet operations in a church, torching of the churches, conducting illegal raids on churches, etc.

Starr: A picture paints a thousand words, but not those uttered by Najib that "Christians have not been forgotten". Whilst they may not consciously be forgotten, they are certainly not embraced in the national agenda of the federal government.

Priorities are being accorded to the 'majority' groups in preference to other 'minority' groups. That's the essence and the legacy of the NEP (New Economic Policy), at least in the implementation of that policy. That's the source of all ills facing the country.

Najib's 1Malaysia policy has been too vague, too ambiguous, too haphazard to be effective in reversing the country's degenerating race-based policy. The mishandling of the 'Allah' issue bears testament to such ill-fated policy.

Najib's words are uttered merely to 'pacify' the Christian minority in the face of waning support from the community ahead of the general election.

They are not to be taken seriously at all but only with 'a grain of salt'. In fact, it's downright insult to the intelligence of the followers.

Absalom: It's amazing what an election and the chances of losing in one, can do to a leader.

If an elected leader has been fair to the people at all times, been law-abiding himself, done the right thing against vices like corruption and crime, not been a head of a racist chauvinistic party and last but not least, not have a greedy self-centred spouse, he or she need not have to stoop down to low levels to beg and bribe for votes from each and every group to stay in power.

Imraz Ikhbal: It is not the Christians that have not been forgotten, it is their votes that have just been remembered at the eve of the upcoming GE.

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