But why did the mob block Anak's 4WD?

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YOURSAY ‘And now these BN people are trying to turn the whole story around to make it look like they are the victims.'

Video showing 4WD driving into pro-BN mob surfaces

your say Mat Salleh: What is a reasonable action when one is confronted by goons who blockaded a public road? Of course, you choose to either drive forward or reverse to escape from being lynched.

And now these BN people are trying to turn the whole story around to make it look like they are the victims.

Mirror On The Wall: Who says the camera cannot lie? Showing one part of a picture or video is only one part of the truth.

Frankly, the BN and its attack dogs have zero credibility and even if they do speak the truth once in a while, no one will believe their tales.

They have used every dirty trick in the book, and then some, to gain sympathy and pretend that they are the ones who are being 'victimised'. It's like starting a fire and screaming "fire".

And because they are not caught, they have become comfortable with this modus operandi.

Quigonbond: I wonder if the description is correct - should it say that the video is about a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle which abruptly screeches to a halt, or it driving "into" a crowd? Those carry vastly different connotations as to the state of mind of the driver.

Ahmad5: If the full original video is not shown then it is just another doctored piece of propaganda.

Is it legal to block a public road? Who is the mastermind behind this demonstration? Did the organisers of the demonstration have a permit?

Nil: The mob should have made way for the 4WD, as it was blocking the way. Also, the driver was probably thinking the vehicle was going to be attacked and tried to escape. And was the video edited to make it faster?

Enuf: Even a trained police officer lost control of his vehicle during the Bersih 3.0 rally. So I am not surprise that this 4WD driver panicked when attacked by those thugs.

Ferdtan: What do you expect the driver in Anak's convoy to do when he was blocked in the middle of the road to bar the vehicles from continuing their journey?

Luckily no one was badly hurt. If the driver had been ill-intentioned, a few of the BN supporters would have been hit.

The BN supporters have no business and right to be there to stop them. This land does not belong to Umno.

Onyourtoes: So are they saying each time they block the road, everything must come to a standstill?

Fair&Just: The fear of losing their obscene decadent lifestyle, corrupt raping of the gravy train, heinous immunity from the law, wanton splurging of tax money, jumbo overpricing of purchases and spiteful arrogant claim to race supremacy have made all of them fearful and desperate to hold on to power, or else they will have to start slogging to earn an honest day's work like the ordinary rakyat.

P Dev Anand Pillai: How does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine, BN? As always, Pakatan Rakyat gets walloped by your uneducated serfs so for a change why not we hear news that Pakatan has whacked the mickey out of BN? That will be so nice to hear.

Come on BN, your boys in the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) have walloped and even made people "suddenly" jump out of windows and you complain of a little nudge by Pakatan. Aren't you being a little unfair here?

HYL: It takes two hands to clap. Whoever is right or wrong, we can never tell. But to attack and injure people is not the right way. In fact, even if it is intentional, it is still barbaric to react so violently.

Whatsup: Umno has lost everything except their billions and the reins of the government and all its machinery. They have lost their integrity and morality.

With their hallmark talent in violence, lies and spinning, no one, I repeat, no one believes such incident as allegedly to have been caused by others, in this case, Anak members.

Common sense tells us that out of so many violent incidences - all caused by Umno and its supporters - who's going cause the next episode of violence?

Apapunboleh: Najib Abdul Razak said debating is not our culture. But it looks like gangsterism is, especially by Umno.

Guna Otak Sikit: Please show the whole video and not just the part where the car is going at speed. Is the video edited just to show it going past the crowd?

Why is the crowd there in the first place? I did not know there are restricted areas in the Felda areas that are off-limit to public.

Why are the goons there with poles and flags? Why are they preventing the convoy from getting into the Felda areas?

If the Felda people are not interested, then there will be no one who will be bothered with the convoy. If the Felda people are interested in the convoy, what business do these people have to prevent the convoy from getting into the Felda areas? Why are they so afraid?

KnockKnock: Scary, isn't it? Cowardly act, isn't it? No, no, no, they are not Umno supporters.

Umno people are always polite, humble, soft spoken, logical, trustworthy, religious, its leaders are all recognised and envied worldwide, at least that is what I see and hear on TV.

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