Najib, talk is cheap, it's action that counts

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VOXPOP 'The onus now is on the Christian leaders to act. Let the Vatican and the world know. If any law is broken, seek legal redress.'

An Xmas card to my prime minister

Anonymous$&@?: When Jais (Selangor Religious Affairs Department) and Jakim (Malaysia Department of Islamic Development) receive unverified news of Muslims being converted, they will go on attack mode and make a fool of themselves.

When Christians and Hindus have proof of underage non-Muslims in their flock being converted without their parents' consent, the BN government pretends to be deaf and dumb.

All right-minded rakyat, do you think our PM (in which Jais and Jakim are under his command) is practicing what he preached?

Paul Warren: What I cannot understand is how come underhanded and backdoor conversion is acceptable to the Muslim community.

Don't they feel disgusted and cheapened? Don't they feel that their faith is undermined and diluted in the process?

However, the silence from the majority, which is like almost all, would suggest that this is an absolutely permissible way to enhance the numbers who can be counted as Muslims. It does not matter if they know nothing at all about Islam.

All that I can then say is to tell non-Muslims to beware the dangers of association with Muslims, especially the young ones.

Lai Tak Ming: Well said, Bob Teoh. You could have added Najib's lack of response or action on Utusan Malaysia for their numerous unfounded accusations against the Christians for trying to 'steal' the country.

And I think it's not just restricted to issues affecting Christians. Perhaps the good PM should also be asked about the many stateless people in our country. This is really quite embarrassing.

What about all the cases of corruption tarnishing his cabinet. What has he done about it?

To talk about submitting their candidates for MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) vetting when there are clear-cut cases in front of you is really double-speak. How can he be serious?

Amalgam: And that is why we cannot trust the PM or take him at his word. The only way is to change the government despite the threats of a repeat of May 13 by the Umno members.

Malaysians, you have seen 55 years of Umno blackmail. Give the unknown a chance and take a stand in favour of true democracy. After all, the world made it through 21.12.12.

Mushiro: Islam says clearly that there is no compulsion in religion and this was clearly restated by even then PMs Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) a few years ago but was not given coverage by the MSM (mainstream media).

However the overzealous fanatics in Umno and the government are taking advantage of their authority and forcing conversions down the throats of non-Muslims.

It is better that Muslims truly convince non-Muslims about Islam through preaching and real-life examples of their daily practices.

Appum: It's quality vs quantity. I would think one pure Muslim will be better than 10 'celups' (fakes).

Also I wonder if the PM just reads a prepared text by some 'consultant' and really cares about the content.

So you can't blame him if doesn't really remember and therefore does not act on all these glaring issues. He's got more pressing personal problems to deal with than us simple folks.

SteveOh*: The onus now is on the Christian leaders to act. Let the Vatican and the world know. If any law is broken, seek legal redress.

Thank you, Bob Teoh, for a well-written open letter. You should circulate it extensively. I couldn't help the sniggers with the reference to the 3-in-1 kick. Let light shine in darkness.

Umar shaven, but not stirred by jail time

Anonymous #32993250: Umar Mohd Azmi, do not despair, all great leaders have seen jail by regimes that eventually fail.

Think of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Anwar Ibrahim and many local and foreign leaders who have spent time in jail for their tenacity to fight for what is right.

Anonymous #55961902: When we have more of such people like Umar, our country will be blessed.

We hope Umar will be the example to all our younger generations who will fight the tyrants against corruption, freedom of speech, abuse of power and more importantly, justice.

Bystander: Umar, I sympathise with you for the weekend behind bar which I have good reasons to believe was orchestrated by the judge and the DPP (deputy public prosecutor).

It was possibly done to send you to the lock-up based on some minor technicality, which is beyond your control.

High Court judge Amelia Tee Abdullah could have easily ordered a stay of sentence when DPP was incommunicado, but she didn't.

Blokf: Umar, you are a piece of our history, my friend. Our children will speak of your name when they speak of our struggle for justice.

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