Orang Asli 'vote BN' training: Time for Bersih 4.0

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YOURSAY 'EC is closing one eye and shutting the other. Actually, that's incorrect. EC is actively participating in abusing its powers.'

Pakatan: Orang Asli dept holding 'vote BN' training

Anonymous #19098644: A police report should be lodged, a civil case taken against the Election Commission (EC) to compel them to take action against the staff and an official written protest to the chief secretary be made.

A gathering to protest this high-handed illegal action should be held in front of the Orang Asli Department and the matter highlighted to the media and people.

Tholu: These are all sure signs that BN has tacitly conceded defeat even before the general elections.

In their desperation to make an attempt to change their fortune at the ballot box, they resort to immoral, illegal and shameful acts. How low can they stoop?

SteveOh*: Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What else will they do next? Only a bag of rice in exchange for five years of plunder?

Someone better tell the Orang Asli they are being short-sold and cheated. Their vote is worth more - like decent education, jobs and freedom from exploitation under a decent government.

Changeagent: There's a Chinese proverb that says, "If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."

Let the BN bribe the Orang Asli with their 5kg of rice. Pakatan Rakyat must ensure that they educate the community on how to reclaim their rightful place as the true indigenous people of the land, and have positive affirmative policies to ensure they are not the most marginalised group in the country.

Taikohtai: Bersih 4:0 can't come soon enough. The EC is closing one eye and shutting the other. Actually, that's incorrect. EC is actively participating in its their powers.

That's the reality. Bersih's S Ambiga, time to act - again. Bring on the mother of all Bersihs.

Clever voter: We should not be surprised. The BN machinery has been well greased, and the tracks are well laid. There is only a remote possibility they can lose, as they have thought of all the dirty tricks and plans in place.

More importantly, not only the public agencies including security, judicial, etc, are behind them, it would be unthinkable for the government to contemplate any change.

Incident such as this is business as usual, and unless opposition parties can think of actions other than street demonstrations, it is best that we prepare ourselves for more of this corrupt regime.

Anonyxyz: Those who are talking about Pakatan Rakyat taking over the government in the next GE are really idealistic.

It will not happen because the radical pro-and anti-BN are equally divided. The estimated 40 percent middle ground are the kingmakers.

Look at the variations of BN strategies. Cheating of voters via EC through phantom and illegal immigrant voters, massaging of territories by moving voters around, vote buying by giving freebies to everyone including all the ignorant Orang Asli and tribes, obscene use of mass media to manufacture and twist news, raising racial tensions and violent threat tactics.

All these are targeted at all segments. And the most potent and brilliant of all... attack on DAP by Perkasa and all Muslim groups to draw away Malay support, attack on PAS by MCA and other BN components to draw away Chinese support and attack on PKR by blogger RPK (Raja Petra Kamarudin) by sowing confusion and planting the argument it is equally corrupted like Umno and it is just replacing one evil with another.

Jiminy Qrikert: Anonyxyz, if you are for Pakatan, then just make sure you come out to cast your vote.

The only other thing that any of us can do is speak to at least 10 people to get them to realise that they must come out to vote for Pakatan on election day.

The way things are going right now, it does look as if the electorate is slowly but surely swinging in favour of Pakatan. Hopefully, it will be enough to tip the scale in Pakatan's favour. What else can we hope?

Voiceless: I have always wondered how political parties buy votes from voters. Then I was told this: Say party B wants to buy votes. The people responsible will get at least one of their members to come out and vote early.

He cast a mock ballot paper into the box and bring out the blank ballot paper issued to him at the polling centre. Then at a pre-arranged place, he will pass the blank ballot paper to these people who will then mark party B on the ballot paper.

The premarked ballot paper will be given to a voter who is willing to sell his vote for an agreed sum. This voter cast the premarked ballot paper into the box, and surrenders the blank ballot paper to the party B members as proof and collects his money. And the blank ballot paper is then premarked and the process continues.

Can someone verify the above? Is it true? What can be done to stop this?

Wanderer: Overseas postal voters took two long years to register and the process is still not implemented. Creating "instant citizens" coming from neighbouring countries was given top priority; whereas, in the country we still have thousands stateless Indians since Merdeka.

What do all these acts of abuse of power say of the devils we know and what shall we do to them?

Bash: When I look at the mock ballot papers, I can't help but snigger. A thought comes to mind - monkey see, monkey do.

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