Enough of Ngeh-Nga, all reps must declare assets

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VOXPOP 'Will the MCA Youth pledge that at the very least, all elected party reps declare their assets immediately after the two DAP leaders have done so?'

MCA Youth urges Ngeh and Nga to declare assets

vox populi small thumbnail Quigonbond: I think it's fair. Anyone who gets elected should declare assets - this applies whether they end up in the government or otherwise - that means all MCA leaders as well.

But declaring once is useless. That's only the base parameter. It should be compared again the next time they get elected again. That way, even if they are corrupt, they won't go for re-election.

The laws should be changed to facilitate such declaration. And then there should be a presumption of corruption for elected officials living beyond their means.

Wira: The declaration of assets is to measure a person's wealth before he assumes an executive position in government so that if he picks up more than he is supposed to earn after his tenure, the people will know.

What is the point of declaring assets after a person has left the government?

Changeagent: This is exactly what happens when Pakatan Rakyat politicians do not declare their personal assets, unlike the Lim Guan Eng-led Penang government.

They open themselves up to unnecessary political attacks from BN. The Pakatan coalition should make it compulsory for all serving MPs and state government office bearers to declare their assets.

Takung: All elected politicians should declare their assets. Will the MCA Youth pledge that at the very least, all elected party representatives will declare their assets immediately after the two DAP leaders have done so?

Ex-Wfw: MCA, don't you know that once the cousins declared their interests, then all MCA leaders will have to do the same? Isn't it suicidal?

I would suggest both the cousins immediately declare their assets and let the people of Malaysia see if MCA leaders would declare their assets and to be followed by Umno and other BN components.

If they don't, Pakatan has the opportunity to drag this issue until the GE.

Anonymous #19098644: The MCA ministers should set the example by declaring their assets first. After all, the entire Penang exco has already declared their assets, including CM Lim.

Ex-EC chief: Election system not dirty, just incomplete

Ferdtan: Former Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman's suggestion that a new electoral roll be prepared every three years after each general election through a methodology similar to that of the census to minimise the number of non-resident voters, which are often labeled as ‘phantom voters' by the opposition - estimated to cost RM50 million - is a foolish idea.

We have a better idea which costs nothing: why not the electoral rolls be tie to our identity cards? There is no need for the electoral rolls. There is no need for new voters to register; all will become automatic voters on reaching the age of 21 years old.

Thus we don't need such a huge budget to maintain the electoral rolls which are useless - not accurate and filled with discrepancies. On top of that, the voters get to vote at the addresses shown in the identity cards.

Of course, we do not expect the BN/EC would want it that way. If implemented they cannot control and gerrymander the way they like. It means that the advantage will be gone - all things become equal.

To have thousands of phantom voters to win an election, they have to give them real MyKads, instead of the safer way, like now, of inserting their names into the rolls.

So Abdul Rashid, if you are sincere, isn't this a better idea than your RM50 million brainchild?

Wira: The electoral system is ‘incompletely' dirty. They don't have to be completely dirty because they only need to cheat about 10 percent in areas where the margin of victory in 2008 was less than 10 percent.

Joe Fernandez: Explain illegal immigrants being on the electoral rolls with MyKads obtained by the backdoor. Explain gerrymandering. Explain the Indians being marginalised and disenfranchised and not having even one ethnic seat in Parliament or state assemblies.

Explain 300,000 ethnic Indians being stateless to keep them out of the electoral rolls. Explain the Orang Asal - Murut, Dusun including Kadazan or urban Dusun, Dayak and Orang Asli - being marginalised and disenfranchised.

Explain the abuse of postal votes. Explain the Likas election petition. Explain former Sabah CM Harris Salleh telling a court in Kuala Lumpur that twice-born Pakistani carpet dealer Salman Majid has always been a loyal BN supporter and thereafter the court declaring him a Malaysian.

Explain the EC not being online and linked to the JPN (National Registration Department) to check the authenticity of MyKads presented to it. Explain the EC being deaf, dumb and blind to obvious illegal immigrants turning up to vote.

Ipohcrite: Depending on how you look at it, the system is, either, incompletely clean according to the ex-EC chief, or to the majority of the rakyat, completely dirty.


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