A tacit intention to cheat with postal votes?

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YOURSAY ‘How embarrassing to beat our chest with ‘the best democracy in the world' and not live up to it, and worse, doing the opposite.'

'Shanghaied' voters cry foul at EC

your say Ferdtan: The postal votes are the key to BN success in the general election (GE). They are so secretive, and with the lax, or no control, over its handling process that it has become an important tool for them to win unfairly - by fraudulent means, if necessary.

That was why we were not too pleased or encouraged, when Malaysians living abroad clamoured to votes overseas, without proper voting procedures set up in place.

The Election Commission (EC) must have seen the call for overseas voting as such an opportunity to increase their postal votes, a fixed deposit for BN, thus you have such unauthorised and illegal conversion in status of conventional voter to a postal voter.

The Bersih committee wants to reduce the number of postal voting as they have seen the unfair side of it, instead this time it seems to have increased.

We just hope the Pakatan Rakyat coalition has taken steps to stop, or at least mitigate, the problem. Otherwise, it is futile to vote - knowing that your one vote will be more than cancelled out by two illegal phantom votes.

Disgusted: It looks like it is clear that the BN government does not intend to play fair in coming elections. All the shenanigans by EC and Foreign Ministry is to keep out potential opposition votes out of the ballot box.

There seems to be a tacit intention to cheat using both these institutions as well as the National Registration Department (NRD) offices all over the country.

That is why Bersih is needed to fight for the rights of citizens, otherwise we may not have elections at all.

Shabaruddin: May I suggest that everyone should check their voter status now and print out a copy of the status so that you have proof of status should your name suddenly go ‘missing' as the election day nears.

Whatsup: What shenanigans are these EC criminals (for breaking the laws and depriving the rakyat of their constitutional rights) playing?

Perhaps those at the consulate general in Shanghai have either refused to play the dirty game or have been accidentally left out in the shenanigans loop.

It sure is fishy for EC not to be very keen at all for registering overseas voters for the next election and I wonder what they will do with these overseas voters. Since there are so many stages these ballots have to pass through before reaching the counting centres, I wouldn't be surprised if by that time, they would have been compromised.

The EC just can't be trusted at all. This is indeed criminal and those in the leadership positions of EC should resign or be removed from their posts for reneging on their appointment.

Not Confused: Isn't this typical? The left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. The only other explanation is that those involved in managing the electoral process are doing their level best to gerrymander the entire process in favour of the political masters in BN.

They think we are all stupid to accept this - it is about to backfire big time for them.

Sabahan: Possibly these are the postal votes that are kept till the last minute of counting to be used in whatever constituency where BN is in danger of losing, to enable a fraudulent win. This tactic is widespread and well known.

Anonymous_4196: BN and EC and the rest of their gang are taking desperate measures. How embarrassing to beat our chest with "the best democracy in the world" and not live up to it, and worse, doing the opposite.

Karma: Thanks, Malaysiakini , so far I am still a local voter despite staying in overseas for some years. I will surely check again until voting day. Phew!

Taikohtai: It's a self preservation exercise by EC. Why allow the knife to be sharpened knowing fully well it will be used on them? Bring on the mother of all Bersihs now to show EC who's the boss.

Giudice: A gutless and dirty government who refuses to fight fair and square, aided and abetted by the EC.

To those who continue to support BN despite its corrupted ways, incompetence, immorality, and string of abuses too long to list, you are selling out your future and your children's future. Wake up and make a change before it's too late.

Apapunboleh: EC is known as Ethically Corrupt. It will do anything to please its master.

EC: No order to stop signing up Shanghai voters

Anonymous_3e86: I don't trust postal voting. There have been stories of ballot boxes being tampered with while on the way from villages in the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak. With overseas postal voting, the chances of tampering are even greater.

Recently, there were reports from persons who discovered that they have been registered as postal voters although they have not done so themselves.

Anonymous #33877536: These votes must be transparent and counted in front of witnesses at the respective embassies. It should not be sent to Malaysia. If this happens, then these votes will be compromised.

Onyourtoes: I have said it a long time ago, forget about overseas votes. It is not going to work fairly and transparently.

If these people want to vote, they have to come back to Malaysia, at least during this critical time.

If EC can't do one single thing right, we can't expect them to do the overseas voter registration and voting properly. Read my lips, it will cause more cheating and manipulation.

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