Deepak-Ropiaah buyout - whither the butt dancers?

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YOURSAY 'The Ali Tinju butt dancers are missing in action when the Armed Forces' retirement funds are being used to bail out Umno.'

Vets want servicemen in Boustead to stop LTAT deal

your say Ferdtan: I believe that the announcement made by Boustead Holdings Berhad to buy out Deepak Jaikishan's company Astacanggih Sdn Bhd for RM30 million and the land from Selangor Wanita Umno chief Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah for RM130 million is not a firm agreement by the board.

It was merely an immediate solution to placate Deepak, hoping that it would be sufficient to make him stop all further damaging exposures affecting Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor until the general election is over.

The amount involved is not ‘peanuts' but it involves millions of ringgit, and as Boustead is a public-listed company it has certain procedures that it must satisfy.

First, the land and the company (Deepak's) must be valued by professional valuers. Due diligence measures, such as financial and legal, would have to be carried out before agreeing on the price of the company.

It may take more than a month to audit the targeted company. A memorandum (prospectus) to all the shareholders needs to be circulated with full details of the intended purchase, and an EGM has to be called to approve the takeover and the buying of the land.

Changeagent: The armed forces veterans should question what exactly would Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT) be purchasing with their RM30 million outlay? In addition, Deepak's Astacanggih also carries a debt of RM98 million.

Would the purchase transfer the burden of liability to the veterans instead?

Amoker: Shame on the armed forces if they allow this deal to happen. The land was given to pay for the RM100 million Defence Research Centre which was never built, and now the army needs to buy it back at RM130 million.

In total, the army would have lost RM260 million. Where is Labis MP Chua Tee Yong of the Talam fame?

Dont Just Talk: What has happened to the group of professional armed forces veteran butt-shakers led by Ali Tinju, who performed in front of Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga's house?

It is time to move your butt-shaking to Raja Ropiaah's bungalow to show your displeasure for taking LTAT for a ride.

What you fellows had received from the Umno government for your butt dances were mere handouts but what Raja Ropiaah got for her loyalty to Umno is a huge bonus of over RM100 million. Use your head, boys.

Anonymous_3ec6: The butt dancers are now missing in action when the Armed Forces' retirement funds are being used to bail out Umno. What hypocrites.

AR47 BR: PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, we are with you. Get to the bottom of this fiasco and hold the directors of Boustead responsible if they are resolved on this deal.

This is a desperate attempt to keep Deepak at bay and not reveal more dirt. The defence minister has no brains to even think up the scheme.

Armageddon: Deepak claims that he was strong-armed into the deal as well as forced to settle his legal suit against Raja Ropiaah, which many saw as an attempt to silence him.

Money talks, doesn't it? It is all about money from the day Deepak made the deal with the devils. How else does one silence greed if not with money?

Jedi_Who: There are lots of Ropiaahs in the market buying expensive items and splurging money on houses, furnishings and accessories.

Now we know how easy it is to make money with Umno. It's like stealing candy from the people. And they don't even have any honour and religious morals. That's 'janji ditepati', BN-style.

Anonymous #05023297: Yup, this is the Umno who professes to protect the Malays, except in reality the protection is for the privileged Malays.

Let's see how Perkasa, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Pekida and the rest spin this and blame it on others. This is bloody disgusting and absolutely revolting. The entire Umno-BN cabinet should be hauled up and made to answer for this.

Abasir: The Altantuya Shaariibuu murder conspiracy involves many players. Connect the dots and you'll see the links. The C4, for example, was not purchased from Mydin for sure.

Headhunter: It looks like the Wanita Umno leaders are as greedy as their male counterparts. They do think big when it comes to leeching off the rakyat. And as shameless and blatant as well.

How true it is what a former MCA president once said about a fish rotting from the head down. BN is sure one rotten fish and more.

Veterans denied sight of Boustead documents

Anonymous_3e93: Yes Rafizi, please also galvanise the foreign institutional shareholders of Boustead to vigorously scrutinise the corrupt deal and please also lodge a report with the Companies Commission on the bad corporate governance practices of Boustead's board of directors.

The main LTAT chief is Lodin Wok, who is also involved in the Scorpene case via shareholdings in Perimekar.

Mushiro: If this was a deal with no hanky panky, then Boustead should have shown the documents to Rafizi and the army veterans. Then it will show that Boustead is honest.

By playing tough with the veterans, Boustead is just increasing suspicion that they are guilty of a bad deal.

Spirit of Malaya: My goodness, what has happened to this country of ours? They're forever stealing our money - before it was the Scorpene submarines commissions and the cow condos, now it's Deeepak and Ropiaah.

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