'First couple' hoping Deepak will vanish?

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YOURSAY 'Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor to comment on the claim? Not in a million years. She will do nothing of that sort.'

Answer RM13mil Jewel-gate claim, Rosmah told

your say Anonymous_3e21: Please end your elegant silence now, Mr Prime Minister. We are supposed to be a sovereign country with law and order. We, Malaysians, felt so embarrassed by the accusations levelled at you and yet you kept your silence.

This is not Zimbabwe and please response to the accusations as soon as possible or resign and hand over the job to your deputy.

To the related authorities set up to ensure check and balances, please do your work now or else just go away so that taxpayers' money are not wasted. Let's be civilised as no way on earth can you keep undermining law and order forever and ever.

Kee Thuan Chye: Only one document has Rosmah Mansor's name on it. It is therefore safe to assume that the law cannot conclude that all the jewellery was meant for her. So there isn't really much to pin on Rosmah.

As for that one piece that the document states is for her, she can say she paid carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan for it. And it would be her word against his. Her response, as requested by PKR, will not be earth-shattering.

Lim Chong Leong: The "first couple" really have not answered a single allegation from Deepak. Are they hoping that he will just disappear - in a cloud of C4 smoke maybe?

Black Mamba: This is better than a Korean drama. It should be known as Mongolian theatrics. The plot gets thicker and eventually our "great transformation leader", who can make millions of ringgit disappear, may himself disappear to seek asylum in Bugistan.

Kingfisher: One is left wandering if the fish is already seriously rotting from the head. And one is also left wandering if the rot is one of many reasons as to why there is little by way of sanctions over so much abuses of power and the lack of effective corrective action by the administration.

Lionking: What is wrong with our people - the greed and the hunger for more, more and more money.

Spare a thought for the rakyat who are struggling to put food on the table, the thousands of children taking loans to study, the thousands of rakyat struggling to travel to work, and here we see absolute greed.

Odin: Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor to comment on the claim? Not in a million years. She will do nothing of that sort.

She will - ahem! - write a sequel to her first biography to explain everything. Or perhaps it'd be more correct to say she will have a sequel to her first biography ghost-written to explain everything.

Anti Umno: Dear PM, your downfall is not caused by the opposition but more by people close to you, such as your wife and the powerful Umno warlords led by the senile old man.

Your days are really numbered. If you have any dignity left, why don't you just step down voluntarily. At least, you may gain some respect by doing so.

SiPekTuLan-BN-Liao: Too bad that nothing is mentioned in the mainstream media - TV3, RTM, Bernama and The Star are totally silent. They try to stay unperturbed but we must hit them while the iron is hot.

We really need Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan or Pakatan Rakyat to call Deepak 1.0 (or Bersih 3.5) to bring this scandal to the attention of the Malaysian public. Let's do it now!

Fair deal: They are not guilty as long as BN is in power. But if Pakatan is in power, and change the head of MACC and the inspector-general of police (IGP), then it is a foregone conclusion.

You know, I know and almost everybody knows. The only thing is under the present system, a certain group of people are immune, perhaps even for murder.

Maplesyrup: If this allegation is true, it just goes to show the extent of the greed of those who walk the corridors of power. She certainly does not need another ring, or bracelet, or diamond, or necklace.

To jeopardise the good name of her husband's high office just doesn't make sense. The only honourable thing that Rosmah can do is to sue Deepak for defamation and make him pay her RM30 million.

Fair Play: BN, and more specifically Umno, are caught between a rock and a hard place. Whatever action Umno chooses to take as damage control measures would weaken the party as there are so many camps.

How to go to war when their house is in complete tatters? It might as well send an olive branch to Pakatan and call it a day.

Brahman: "PKR treasurer William Leong, who was present, urged the MACC to investigate the claim "without fear or favour". Keep dreaming, there is more chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Kgen: Indeed, asking the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate this is like asking Dracula to investigate vampires.

Starr: Najib is being plagued with scandals after scandals not only involving the party that he leads but also his own family members. Given the circumstances, how can he continue leading the nation, never mind about transforming it?

Clearly, not only the country is rotten to the core but also Umno-BN and its leadership. After 50 years of rotten administration, it's absolutely due for replacement if the country is not to continue sinking unabated.

So far, the leadership is tone deaf about the Global Financial Integrity's report on illicit capital flows ranking the country high on the list and P Balasubramaniam's second statutory declaration .

Najib's silence on the issues are indeed deafening, sinking his personal integrity and standing to yet another lowest ebbs.

Surely, his response to the latest allegation on yet another scandal - this time involving his wife and the alleged purchase of expensive diamonds - will be predictably muted. Instead, he will continue to ask the rakyat for another mandate and not to risk their future by electing Pakatan.

Durio Zibethinus: How can these guys insult the PM's wife? Throw them in jail. But if they have evidence, throw her in jail.

Abasir: So is it now a case of 'You help my missus, I help you'?

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