Komuter trains risk getting derailed by BN ads

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YOURSAY ‘Would you use soap powder that does not clean effectively even if its advertisements are all over the Komuter trains?'

S'gor BN ramps up 'love fest' on Komuter trains

Lim Chong Leong: This form of advertising on our Komuter trains amounts to campaigning and breaches election rules. Of course, the Election Commission (EC) and police won't do anything about it.

And Umno is using public facilities as if it is their own. The only way is to wipe them off our homeland in GE13.

Dhammika: Umno-BN, don't lower yourself so low in order to catch the attention of the rakyat. Why is the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) allowing such overt political displays?

Sarajun Hoda: This is exactly why a politician or former civil servant should not be made head of a government-linked company (GLC).

They just can't think beyond serving the political interests of their political masters to the extent that they would betray the greater interest for the public they are supposed to serve.

Anonymous_4196: We are not little children to believe this advertising campaign. It's the people's money that BN used to campaign.

BN has mismanaged the people's money to the point that we are No 1 in the world for corruption. Now nobody wants to do business with Malaysia. Malaysians, please do the patriotic thing and save our country.

Shemc2: Some sarcasm: First, how disgusting of BN, but then again, it's nothing new.

Second, the KTM Komuter service sucks big time which KTMB is unable to improve, but it can do this type of ‘marketing' activity for BN.

Third, to all those who would vote for BN, plan to vote for BN, and are BN die-hard fanatics, please for the sake of the rest of us who want to vote them out in the coming GE, spare us the misery of being ruled by BN and their corrupt practices and super stupid policies.

Last but not least, if BN comes back to Selangor, just remember this: "Even God cannot save us, the people of Selangor"... we are all doomed for good.

Anonymous #06001393: I believe this will backfire because the train service is bad, it's often late, and when they see this video and Najib Abdul Razak's picture on the trains, the commuters will blame them for the bad service.

It's a reminder of who is responsible for their woes.

Thana55: Paid advertisement? Okay, can Pakatan Rakyat do something similar? Anyway, when the Umno-BN product is so rotten (as Malaysians have tried and tested for 55 years) any media campaign will not help.

Would you use soap powder that does not clean effectively even if its advertisements are all over the Komuter trains?

Muak: Is this stuff legal? Can Pakatan also screen a three-minute video on these trains? What a bunch of losers. Spring cleaning is needed in GE13 to rid the nation of this bunch of thugs and thieves. Nothing else is acceptable.

Apapunboleh: This is very nauseating indeed. If BN has good governance, there is no need to go begging.

Anonymous #43051382: Tell us who paid for the advertisement - federal government or private companies - then we know what to do.

Timothy: I always plan my routes, avoiding KTM as far as possible when moving around the city. It is not because they are now KBN (Keretapi Barisan Nasional), but because their service really sucks.

Never bring any senior citizens or children along, KBN is not user-friendly to them. That was my last and only experience.

True Sarawakian: Sorry, I don't take the train because it doesn't take me to where I want to go. One less brain to be ‘brainwashed'.

Abcxyz: They used our money to canvass for BN, we use our votes to reject BN.

CHKS: It is good for the country to change government from time to time when the leaders or political parties that made up the government of the day is not performing their duties.

That's the way it is, that's the way in many successful nations - we are loyal to the country, we are not loyal to the government of the day.

In fact, if we are loyal to the country, we must not be loyal to the government of the day.

Anonymous #43051382: Now, how much did the latest BN propaganda campaign cost the government?

Having already spent several hundred millions of ringgit advertising on all TV stations which had zero impact, how can it get results by advertising on trains?

It's better to give the money to the poor, the disabled, old folks homes and orphanages.

CiViC: BN might as well start campaigning for GE14.

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