Deepak, do what's right and ignore the politicians

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VOXPOP 'If it were another person whose integrity is unchallenged, it may worth the risk to be involved. However, it is you, Deepak; that is the problem.'

Deepak denies giving Rafizi the 'diamond papers'

vox populi small thumbnail Mahashitla: We have to accept carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan's denial on giving the ‘diamond papers' to PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, but Deepak has not denied that his companies - Carpet Raya and Carpet Plus - paid for the jewellery.

It looks like Deepak is not the only one doing the expose. There are also others within his companies who are angry over having to allegedly pay such bribes.

Anyway Deepak, you are on the right path in making the revelations. Do not be too concerned about politicians not giving you the support. Right-thinking rakyat will stand by you.

Joker: Deepak, you keep on saying you are not interested in political mudslinging, but you whine that no politicians are supporting you. If you are genuinely angry at being cheated and are squarely in the right, why ask for politicians' support?

You expose your items, Rafizi and Co expose theirs. If they say their information came from you but which you did not give, just issue a denial.

In this case, it is a simple matter of Rafizi saying your companies bought jewellery for PM's wife Rosmah Mansor.

You can say that you are unsure about the authenticity of Rafizi's document but if you did buy the jewellery for her before, just say so. There is no need to hide behind legal mumbo jumbo.

Ferdtan: Deepak, do you know why Pakatan Rakyat leaders are apprehensible of associating or openly supporting you?

As you had said, you are a hot potato; whoever comes near you gets burn - friends and foes alike.

If it were another person whose integrity is unchallenged, it may worth the risk to be involved. However, it is you, Deepak; that is the problem.

If you still want to clear your name as you had said many times, prove it with deeds and stop playing games with your Umno adversaries, Pakatan leaders and us, the public. Be direct in your exposé and give clear-cut evidence.

So far it is only your words, which we know are probably true. For heaven sake, just give us one piece of firm evidence to support what you had said. Then I am sure the Pakatan leaders would take it from there.

Tailek: Rafizi stole the thunder from the carpet seller. Now he has lost another bargaining chip with FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia) since the news is out although he denied he was the source.

Next thing you know, Deepak will deny he ever bought any jewellery for her.

Again, his book launch was postponed. He is probably having problems in his negotiations with the other parties and is putting the blame on Rafizi.

Aishah: Don't be so naive. Someone big must be behind Deepak. This is a very high-stake game.

What Deepak did is to destroy someone's future and that someone is the most powerful man in the country.

One can only expect that Deepak must have someone really big behind him. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare.

Anonymous #12566075: As far as Deepak's drama is concerned, Malaysians should pay attention to the following:

1. Do not pass judgement on Deepak until he discloses the full and true story of his association with PM Najib Razak and Rosmah.

2. Do not be detracted from the other corruption cases in Umno by blaming only Najib/Rosmah. This is exactly what former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his gang in Umno would want.

3. Whatever the outcome of Deepak's episode, Umno-BN must be voted out in GE13.

'S'gor gov't's delay cause of water disruption'

Tholu: I am one of those affected by the water crisis in Selangor. The consensus of my similarly affected neighbours is that the BN federal government is behind this heinous manipulation of the water supply to make us angry against the Pakatan Selangor government.

BN's aim is to lure back voters to vote for it in the upcoming elections.

If that is true, then BN, your dirty tactics have miserably failed and backfired as the voters are now even more incensed against you.

Everybody is wondering how five pumps can mysteriously break down simultaneously and why it is taking such a long time to repair them?

The CEO of Syabas should not give lame excuses and resign immediately for failing to manage the water supply efficiently in Selangor.

Please do not create an imaginary water crisis and use it as a tool to win the elections.

Adilawan: The message that Umno and its stooges in Syabas want to get across to the people of Selangor seems to be this: "See what happens when you vote for the opposition. If they retain Selangor in GE13, you will certainly experience many more of such disruptions."

That the elderly, the sick, the disabled and infants are put at risk does not bother them at all. Their only aim is to take back Selangor so that they can resume their thieving schemes.

Vgeorgemy: Syabas, if you are incapable to handle the water supply, please hand over the job to the Selangor government.

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