Syabas blames Selangor for its own incompetency

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YOURSAY 'At a time when there is heavy rain, talking about water shortage and water rationing is nothing but holding the people to ransom.'

Noh: Without water, S'gor will continue to be backward

your say Buddyoo: Selangor BN deputy chief Noh Omar said the BN government had foresight in planning the Langat 2 water treatment plant since 16 years ago.

Come on, there was no foresight - the project was put together purely to qualify for the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) soft loan so that all the cronies can dip in to steal the money, not because they had predicted (16 years ago!) that Selangor would run out of water.

The BN government cooked up a project that pleased the Japanese, including the bulk of the project being  awarded back to a Japanese firm.

Sixteen years ago, they didn't even have the technology to determine the amount of NRW (non-revenue water leakages) and did'nt even know which pipe was located where and whether it was leaking. They saw the soft loan coming, and they couldn't resist.

Paul Warren: At a time when there is heavy rain every other day and floods as well as flash floods, talking about a water shortage and water rationing is nothing but holding the people to ransom.

This is because BN's people are controlling the taps.

Yeow: Noh, stop your lies and rubbish right now; we know that the water crisis in the Cheras area is an act of sabotage by BN, thinking that it will encourage the people to vote against Pakatan Rakyat. Sorry buddy, we know the truth.

Thana55: Can I remind you and the rest of the Umno-BN goons the people are not stupid and neither blind?

Pakatan has done a far better job in their four years than all the 55 years of Umno.

When you have five pumps and two more as back-up and all are not working, that just reflects Umno's massive incompetence.

Soon Umno will be a case study in our universities on how not to run a government. Your last hope is to be a lecturer on this subject.

Gggg: What's the point when Syabas can't even service the existing pumps properly? There is no logic that no back-up pumps are available.

Tim'sTime: And what is the big fuss over the Langat 2 water treatment plant?

Didn't the Selangor government okay the project "provided" they handle the tender and operation process.

Why is Syabas still clinging on the water treatment and distribution when they have done such a lousy job?

If there is ever any water rationing, the first to cut would be all the Putrajaya offices.

The Selangor people won't blame Pakatan as we all know that the culprits behind all this ‘wayang kulit' are BN people and we will retaliate even stronger against BN.

Wait and see. Don't push us Selangorians too far. Play with fire you get burnt, play with water, you get drowned.

Opah: And so the countdown to GE13 has begun. Remember they were shooting a television commercial showing angry lines of people queuing for water in Petaling Jaya?

It appears that the commercial has been completed and it is now ready for airing.

First the water is cut off in Selangor, and then they air the commercial showing that it wouldn't happen if Selangor votes in Umno again.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Come on Mr Minister, who does Syabas take orders from? It is definitely not the Selangor MB.

Some little Napoleon who has strong political connection to Umno is calling the shots in Syabas, and this is to ensure that the people of Selangor would vote BN back into power.

But we know this already - though it may be tough, the people of Selangor are steadfast. How much can you make us suffer, Mr Minister?

The Umno fat cats and their families are also staying in Selangor, so you can't keep them dry as well.

Tholu: Noh Omar, have you still not realised that we in Selangor and in Kuala Lumpur know all too well that you will spew all sorts of lies to provoke the Selangorians and the KLites to hate Pakatan?

Don't you know that we are aware of your desire to be the next MB of Selangor?

Please come out of your cocoon. The sentiments of the rakyat are clear - they are disgusted with BN's lies, spins, corruption and abuse of power, and of course that includes you.

Syabas says the water disruption is caused by faulty pumps, which itself is highly suspicious. And you have to add to the lie by saying that there is a lack of water treatment.

We know that DPM Muhyiddin Yassin will come out next to say that Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim is a schadenfreude and is on a covert mission to cause misery to the people.

When are you all going to realise that all your immoral and dirty tactics are going to backfire and make you the victims of your own shenanigans?

BTN: Umno is using its crony companies to blackmail the people of Selangor.

We have a choice. We either submit to Umno's threats or we continue to kick them out, along with all their cronies.

Ex-wfw: What does Noh mean by saying "Selangor will continue to be backward"?

We don't think the PKR government is against any water project that proves fair and equitable to Selangorians.

So at the end of the day, it is a question of who we trust - Khalid or Noh? Or shall we ask Malaysiakini to hold a poll on this?

Survivor: Noh, with due respect, Selangor has been backward under the BN for the last 49 years (1959 to 2008). The last four years (2008 to 2012) was a miracle.

Anti Umno : By the way, the Selangorians do not want any contaminated water from Pahang.

You can channel it, together with all the Lynas radioactive waste, to Putrajaya where the PM and DPM are staying.

Heavywater: BN had given our water away through privatisation, and because of that we are now being held hostage.

Water is a national asset and it should not be privatised. Now the people are being told to spend more to maintain what was once our asset.

The Japanese don't care whether the project is feasible as long as part of the project goes back to them.

For them, it is the left hand giving back to the right hand, and we are the ones paying for it.

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