Be a gentleman, pick up the gauntlet

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YOURSAY ‘Bar Council, you are constituted of learned men and women. Be professional, and be a partner in good, not in evil.'

Activist Haris Ibrahim dares Cecil Abraham to sue him

your say Ng Choong Leong: As a Malaysian blind to race and religion, I am all for clearing the integrity (seeking the truth behind private eye P Balasubramaniam's second statutory declaration, or SD2) of the parties involved.

The attorney-general (AG), Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), inspector-general of police (IGP), Home Ministry and the PM's Office on the one hand and the Malaysian Bar Council on the other, are duty-bound to solve this SD2 matter once and for all.

Failing to do their duty would simply mean that they are unfit to hold office, and should step down unconditionally.

Abasir: The stain of a ‘murder most foul' continues to spread. So many are involved, by omission and commission.

A mugshot gallery of the entire cast of characters - the masterminds, the heroes, the villains, the minor players and the ‘look-the-other-way' cowards should be most revealing.

For all its veneer of religious piety and espoused values, this is the real Malaysia.

Wak Kanto: Good work, Haris Ibrahim. You've got guts and wisdom. Now we see whether Cecil Abraham will take up your invitation.

Bar Council, you are constituted of learned men and women. Be professional, and be a partner in good, not in evil.

AR47: We are with you, Haris. This top-notch lawyer should take up your challenge if he dares.

He is behaving like our PM, perhaps he has been told to keep quiet and the whole thing will die down.

The Bar Council is taking selective decision when it comes to this top-notch lawyer. If it is another lawyer, they will be quick to take the necessary action.

Tiger: Clearly the Bar Council's hands are tied. This country's democratic progress will not take place until we send BN to the opposition bench.

Until we can get rid of BN, there will be no true justice and democracy in this country.

Anonymous #68219004: The end is near. There is no honesty and truthfulness when it comes to corruption, deceit and the lack of transparency.

No wonder there are so few men of honour, for what we have is a hornet's nest of thieves and criminals awaiting justice to be served.

Joe Fernandez: The ‘law' is not about truth, justice, who is ‘right or wrong', or moral values, but the ‘law'. There must be a law before there can be a crime.

In the end, it will all be about ‘protecting the innocent' rather than punishing the ‘guilty'. Better to let a thousand guilty men go free rather than hang an innocent man.

Having said that, laws are made not to be enforced, but just in case they need to be enforced.

Laws which are not enforced are as good as dead. In short, laws which are not enforced, do not ‘exist'.

If too many people break the law, as in Sabah with the illegal immigrants, it cannot be enforced and therefore is as good as dead.

Amused Malaysian: I know lawyers generally are slow in everything, but this is an extraordinary situation where speed is essential to clear the name and reputation of one of Malaysia's top lawyers.

Why are they taking their time? Is there some truth is Haris' claims and the council is protecting their own kind.

Louis: True to the spirit of a gentleman, Haris has thrown the gauntlet down to Cecil Abraham. Come on, be a gentleman. Pick it up.

Bar Council to probe identity of SD2 mystery lawyer

Senior: In defence of the Bar Council, "professional misconduct" to me is very technical. It's not a catch-all phrase.

If a lawyer drafts a SD on his client's instructions to be signed by a third party, his duty is to his client and not to the third party.

If the veracity of the SD is not correct, it's up to the maker (the third party) to say so and not affirm it.

Abasir: "We are investigating," said the Bar Council. That sounds awfully familiar. Now where have Malaysians heard that before?

What is the difficulty for a trained, qualified lawyer or the 'investigating team' in posing a simple 'did you or did you not' question to those publicly named?

What is the due process before such a question is posed? How long does the 'due process' take? Weeks? Months? Years?

And if those named maintain their stubborn silence as they have done all this while, what does the Bar Council do? Declare itself irrelevant?

Boiling Mud: I certainly hope the Bar Council will do the right thing to ensure its credibility and integrity are untainted by the unscrupulous in their midst.

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