Checking inflation far better than swiping KDR1M

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YOURSAY ‘Who's the crony who was awarded the contract for printing the 10 million 1Malaysia Privilege Cards? This crony will be an instant multi-millionaire overnight.'

Gerakan: Is 1M'sia Privilege Card really useful?

your say LittleGiant: The 1Malaysia Privilege Card (KDR1M) and such handouts appear to be outright 'election gimmicks' rather than a genuine interest on the part of the government to effectively control prices of essential goods in the long term.

If the government could plug illicit capital flight , implement zero tolerance for corruption and inefficiency and truly practice transparency and accountability at levels of its administration, that would go a long way to help Malaysians prosper without handouts.

And having known our government to be slipshod in implementing its policies and programmes, where is the assurance that these discount cards would be made available to only deserving Malaysians?

Just take a drive around some of Kuala Lumpur City Hall's (DBKL) low-cost flats and we can witness how rich some of the households there are, with even luxury cars and super bikes!

Government handouts implemented without integrity and transparency would eventually put a huge burden on the country's taxpayers and defeat the very purpose of these handouts.

Multi Racial: Based on past experience, there is one real winner whenever the government launches such a scheme. The crony who had sold the idea to the government.

Lim Chong Leong: What benefit does the card bring, Gerakan asks. Hello, the only benefit in a project like this that you and I know very well is for the Umno cronies.

RM1 per card is RM10 million. Who pays? The government of 1Malaysia lah . Every time we use it, if there is a service charge of say 0.3 percent, who profits? The crony lah .

Anonymous #43051382: One party would be the only winner in this deal: the card supplier and the portal owner (both are the same party). This has definitely been given to a crony without any open tender.

CiViC: It was never the government's intention of to help lower the burden of the people. All these projects are just to enrich the contractors, suppliers and cronies. The first one laughing to the bank would be the card supplier.

ABBN: Who is the crony who was awarded the contract for printing the 10 million KDR1M? This crony will be an instant multi-millionaire overnight.

Foo: Isn't it easier and cheaper to keep inflation in check?

Abuminable: This reveals the utter hypocrisy, mediocrity and stupidity of 1Najibism. Instead of handing a hungry, crying baby back to its mother, which would immediately solve the problem, the rogue regime's highly paid advisors have come up with yet another harebrained scheme to appease the baby by showing it a photo of a milk bottle or a woman's breast.

The baby represents the future of Malaysia - the mother - and all those who genuinely love this land and would never rape, pillage, plunder or poison her.

Malaysian Down Under: The discounts are crap. KFC for example is participating in this programme, offering a discount of 5 percent for meals under RM20. So for a RM20 meal, you get RM1 back.

All this while others buys multimillion dollar rings and Birkin bags. How cheap do they think Malaysians are; when will we stop having to accept the scraps thrown to us by our political masters?

Longjaafar: A ‘privilege' card? If 10 million people have it, where's the privilege? Moreover, times are difficult for retailers and most will not give discounts unless they are compensated.

Ksn: Leaving aside the merits and demerits of this call coming from Gerakan, which is a partner in the ruling BN, how come this party or any other party from BN does not know that such a programme is going to be launched?

Are this and other policies not discussed and decided by the cabinet? Gerakan is member of that cabinet which is the government proper, so how come it is not aware of this? Or is it that these parties sit there to make up the numbers while Umno decides everything?

Why ask about it in public? I am interested to know what the non-Umno parties do in the cabinet. Or is Gerakan just blabbering for the sake of it?

ABU, Don't Play Play : Gerakan, only now you ask these questions. Didn't the PM consult you prior to the implementation or announcement of the discount card? If not, what use are you then to them, or for that matter to us the rakyat?

Amoker: I wonder who gets the contract to come out with the 1Malaysia discount card and how much did the taxpayers pay?

Remember the 1Malaysia email project that gobbled up RM50 million from Tricubes? All these are just well-connected businessmen fleecing consumers under the 1Malaysia banner. Prove us wrong.

Louis: Gerakan Youth deputy chief Oh Tong Keong, you should instead ask why PM Najib Razak has not responded to all those scandalous allegations against him. That is more important.

AkuBangsaMalaysia: A useless idea for yet another card to get cheap products. What is the use of the microchip in our MyKad then?

This chip is being underutilised for more 10 years. There is really no point having so many cards in our wallet.

Headhunter: This is just another scam by the BN. After the next election, the only use for the card is for scratching your back.

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