At least DAP admitted its mistake, would BN?

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YOURSAY 'Whenever there are scandals, they will keep quiet and hope the rakyat will forget about it soon - just like the Deepak exposes.'

DAP 'blunder' ploy to vote Malay in CEC, cries Gerakan

your say Onyourtoes: To most of us, the mistake was genuine, although not a very forgiving one. But to claim that DAP has engineered it just to get a Malay elected into its CEC is moronic. If DAP had wanted that, they could have done it in a more refined way.

Of course, Gerakan may say that it was an afterthought given the criticism levelled against the DAP delegates for not electing a single Malay when the results were announced.

I think DAP as a party would probably accept the criticism but certainly not to the extent to change the election results just to accommodate the criticism.

Apparently Gerakan and the rest of BN have never learned the principle of lying. If you lie, you need another lie to cover the earlier lie, and soon enough you can't keep track of which is which.

What DAP has done, no matter how painful, is the correct way to go.

Tancc: At the very least, DAP has the courage to come clean and be transparent about their mistake and got an independent auditor to verify the results.

Unlike BN, whenever there are scandals they will keep quiet and hope the rakyat will forget about it soon - just like what is happening now with carpet merchant Deepak Jaikishan's exposes.

Anonymous_3e86: First Gerakan and BN complain that there are no Malays in DAP's central executive committee (CEC). Now they complain because there's one.

See how they flip-flop, just their BN leaders? Can they prove that the results were manipulated before opening their mouths?

As non-DAP members, do they have any right to complain about the party's internal election results?

JimmyKL: It does not matter whether the candidate benefiting from the error correction, Penang chief minister's political secretary Zairil Khir Johari, is Malay or Chinese or Chinese Muslim as long as he is not corrupt.

Even though I agree that the quest for a truly multiethnic party in this country is a tough one due to our own education system which encourages voluntary separation since kindergarten up to the universities (and for some, up to their work place with the formation of ethnicised business companies), but DAP's effort to ensure that all ethnic groups are represented in the party is something that should be supported and applauded.

Dont Just Talk: Gerakan deputy president Chang Ko Youn, Malaysians are not stupid like Gerakan members, and at least DAP has the guts to come clean to rectify the mistake.

The result is just an academic exercise for Zairil as he has already been appointed to the CEC anyway.

Just look after your own backyard, Chang, and I hope you will gain the courage to speak on matters of national interest, like the abuse of power and corruption by Umno leaders, and not merely target DAP over irrelevant issues.

Why is there not even a whimper from Gerakan over the National Feedlot Corporation's RM250 million cow-condos scandal and now the Selangor Wanita Umno Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah's scandal as revealed by Deepak?

Betelnut: I can't help but laugh when I read this about the noise made by Gerakan. What about the way their own chief, Koh Tsu Koon, got into the cabinet after being badly beaten in the election in 2008?

Isn't that a bigger joke and farce? Anyway, what has DAP's CEC got to do with Gerakan?

Rakyat Malaysia: Can the same be said for Gerakan, Umno, BN, the Election Commission (EC) in GE13, would they admit any mistake after external and internal audits?

Has Umno, BN, EC done any audit at all? Don't tell me BN is perfect and there is not a single mistake.

AkuMiskin: Tell me, would any political party admit their mistakes or their members' mistakes? Never, especially in BN.

We should appreciate that with DAP, its secretary-general is willing to admit publicly their mistake and is willing to fix it. Who else on earth would do this?

Even in Gerakan, there have been no Malays elected into its central committee after having rule the nation as part of the BN coalition for decades, but DAP has just started ruling a state four years ago and see what they have done.

Tholu: Chang, who told you that the public, "...are suspicious and amazed by this unprecedented decision." Since when were you appointed by us to be our spokesperson? Who are you to demand that the DAP explain this debacle?

We the rakyat, would highly appreciate it if you would demand that the PM clarify the accusations made against him by Deepak instead.

They are allegations that can shred the fabric of our nation's image, economy and political efficiency and stability to pieces if true.

Indeed, we are getting more and more "suspicious and amazed" by his deafening silence.

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