First, Dataran Merdeka. Now, Stadium Merdeka

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VOXPOP 'The current Stadium Merdeka management really doesn't deserve the privilege of managing this historical place and be the curator of the spirit of this place.'

Stadium Merdeka management snubs Pakatan

vox populi small thumbnail HYL: Why can't we, the rakyat, use the stadium? Why can it be only used by BN? They lock us out from Dataran Merdeka and now Stadium Merdeka.

What else can we use? We have the rights to use these places for matters other than BN propaganda events.

Multi Racial: The problem with this country is everyone think they work for Umno. You know why? Because those heading the respective companies did not get the job through merit but were selected by Umno leaders.

Whether it is the Stadium Merdeka authority, DBKL (City Hall), police, the Attorney-General's Chambers, etc, they are all Umno people.

Daud: This reflects poorly on the so-called reforms touted by the PM and the uncivilised nature of the ruling party. The rakyat are not stupid so BN leaders are doing irreparable damage to their own position.

Bender: If they insist on being so difficult about it (this is Umno we're talking about, what do you expect?), let's take over the streets.

If they complaint about traffic jam, then it's nobody's fault but their own. Judging from past experience, Pakatan Rakyat shouldn't even bother asking for permission.

The stadium is a public place but Umno leaders think that belongs to their grandfather. The streets on the other hand is a truly public place where no one can claim ownership or management rights.

If they want to stop us from using it, they should pay back our road tax.

Anonymous_4196: The current Stadium Merdeka management really don't deserve the privilege of managing this historical place and be the curator of the spirit of this place. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Not Confused: Umno-BN leaders once again are trying to frustrate the opposition in its efforts to rally support. Never mind, wherever the rally is held, it will be attended by many thousands of supporters.

The constant underhand methods used by the ruling regime are well-noted and will be taken into account in the GE.

We know, as well as them, that their time is up - if only they would switch the lights on and realise their folly.

Pputeh: As I see it, the only option open to Pakatan is to have it in Shah Alam Stadium. As the general election approaches, the rakyat are watching. These Umno-BN leaders need to be taught a good lesson at the polls.

They say one thing but do another, and ultimately they shoot themselves in the foot.

Ong Guan Sin: First, Dataran Merdeka. Now, Stadium Merdeka.

We can see the pattern: anything with the 'Merdeka' (independence) symbol is prohibited because the incumbent government is so fearful of the rakyat gaining their independence.

Dood: So, Umno-BN says large rallies must be held in stadiums, yet the use of public stadiums are denied anyway. Heads I win, tails you lose.

Mahfuz urges Agong to call Parliament session

Aziz Kader: No matter what, PM Najib Razak has the responsibility to respond to the claims by carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan.

The police would jump the gun if similar allegations were directed at the other side of the political divide.

Not Confused: I don't think the Agong cares or he would have summoned Najib himself by now.

Umno-BN doesn't care either - it's their skin that's on the line. They are all still living in la la land where everything in the garden is fine and dandy with a totally pliant and sycophantic rakyat bowing to their feudal lords.

Sorry guys, those days are over. Your stunned silence is music to the ears of all opposition supporters. Keep it up - it makes you look even more guilty as each silent day (and night) goes by.

Whatsup: To those pro-Umno supporters with blind allegiance and ignoring all transgressions and excessiveness committed by those in power by attributing them to false accusations every time, please explain the rags-to-riches transformation of those in power - or from millionaire to multi-billionaire - and while you are at it, explain also Election Commission's gerrymandering as well.

If all these are not subversion of our democracy and betraying the rakyat, what is?

Mohican: When one is as guilty as sin, how could one defend accusations against oneself. It would be suicidal to say anything which could be used against him/her.

And so the cement-hard silence.

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