Are the press tags to identify who to whack?

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YOURSAY ‘We do not want to see only journalists are safe, we want the police to make sure all are safe. After all, we pay them for doing their job right.'

Cops to issue special press tags for Saturday rally

your say Malaysia ABU: The police have no jurisdiction to demand that media personnel register with them and only recognise tags issued by them.

The tags issued by the Information Ministry are good enough. By the way, it is the police who must wear their tags and police numbers clearly while on duty. I think the media industry must not follow their ridiculous demands.

Anonymous #43051382: Why protect only the journalists? The police should ensure that all people attending the rally should be protected and that the troublemakers should be immediately taken away.

Why is it that for a BN rally, there's no need for a special police pass? This shows that at all Pakatan Rakyat rallies, there is a high chance of BN troublemakers being present. Is that not so?

Anonymous #85701391: Something is not right with the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Is the PDRM giving indirect threats or warnings that force will be used?

When did PDRM, financed and paid by Malaysian taxpayers, become a licensed gangster? If this is PDRM's intention, then even an old man like me with no political parties affiliation, will attend this rally.

Victor Johan: So, the police and home minister want the identity of those journalists covering the event, and perhaps badger those who don't favour the government in their reports.

These fellows really think all journos and their editors are fools to be entrapped in this endeavour.

Also, this is like you go and park your car at a designated car park after hours and the ‘jaga-kereta' boy comes and ask for a more-than-normal-fee, and when you ask, "Why your 'parking charges' so high one?", he answers, "We are here to protect your car from other scumbag hooligans of the night."

Gangsters protect you from other gangsters for a fee.

Lim Chong Leong: They want to identify whom to whack, so they give pressmen tags.

Adaotak: We do not want to see only journalists are safe, we want the police to make sure all are safe. After all, that is their job, and we pay them for doing their job right!

We also want to see those police personnel who injured journalists charged in court. Why are they not... till today? That must be done first before talking about giving special tags to journalists.

Odin: After what had transpired at the Bersih 3.0 rally, I do not think it wise to hold such a gathering anymore.

Although the organisers of the next one have intended it to be peaceful, there is no guarantee that a certain group of people will not be there to turn it into a violent one, and the blame will be put on the former and those who will have been bashed up, while the guilty will go scot free.

The best thing to do is to go for civil disobedience but without going to the streets. Stay at home and do not go to work until what you want, whatever it is, is satisfied. That way, absolutely no violence is guaranteed.

If the number of participants is large enough, there will be a serious breakdown in the system, which will force acquiescence.

The job for the organisers, then, is to muster such a number. I fear the rally, if it is held, may not end in a peaceful way, and that blood will be shed.

Appum: Does this mean that, from now on, the police will have control over journalists carrying out their duties? Think about this before succumbing to their wishes.

Rushmore: Why not everybody wear a name tag of some kind, so that they do not know who to target. There's no law against wearing name tags. Design your own name tags. Doesn't even need a name on it. It could be a slogan.

Bumiasli: When a peaceful rally is going to take place, the police presence is only to ensure that there is no interruption of peace and to protect the public from any third party nuisances. But giving police tags is a clear-cut way of harassment.

Why do journalists need to be segregated, unless the intention of the police is to ensure that they avoid the journalists but get at everyone else. A police force with no backbone should not be present at all as they are the trouble makers.

Dood: So, the police need special tags for the media to prevent a repeat of the beatings members of media received at the hands of the cops?

Why should anyone (not just journalists) be subject to any beatings or rough, physical force by the police at all, especially when the public were peaceful?

As we all know, the people who were violent at the Bersih rallies were not the demonstrators but rather the police.

Hibiscus: In the eyes of the rakyat, the police do not have a good record of keeping the peace. Instead many among their ranks seem to have a sadistic nature and their behaviour during rallies is very barbaric.

Are the special police-issued tags meant to make it easier for the police so that those without special police-issued tags are easily identified as targets for police brutality?

Will the police this time swear not to beat, kick and punch those people who are already lying on the ground? Will the police this time clearly warn their own of severe punishment if they are caught doing so?

Anonymous #37634848: This looks like "you wear my gang tattoo, you are safe". All others will be attacked. When can we expect the lawmen to protect the rights of the rakyat?

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