Dr M will lose more than just sleep soon

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YOURSAY 'There must be closure of sorts to people victimised by the old man such as those respected judges, people with integrity who stood up against him...'

Anwar: Dr M losing sleep because of me

your say Anonymous #12566075: I would like to remind Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim that a lot of people had suffered miserably under former Dr Mahathir Mohamad's rule for 22 years.

Mahathir and his family have accumulated (‘stolen' is a better word) so much wealth through corruption. If Anwar does not intend to take action if he becomes PM, all future politicians would just follow Mahathir's example as there will be no penalty if caught.

Anwar will set a very bad example for the future politicians within the Pakatan government. We might as well do fight for justice and let BN continues to rule as people would say the Pakatan government would be no different in dealing with corruption.

Absalom: "The PKR leader (Anwar) assured that the Pakatan government would not disturb him for what he has done in the past.

"‘I want to assure Mahathir and Malaysians that I have no malice against anyone. It is not my interest to go against anyone. My interest is to make sure that we are able to govern this country justly and fairly,' said Anwar.'"

Anwar, you may be right - the mark of a good leader is not to dwell on revenge and settling of personal scores and if you are able to do that, great.

But real justice must be seen to be done, not the BN-style though, and wrongdoers protected by the present regime must be brought to face the law.

There must also be closure of sorts to people victimised by the old man such as those respected judges, people with integrity who stood up against him, and yourself of course.

And those who abused their power to enrich themselves obscenely must be made to pay back (if that is even possible). At the very least, we hope you do not repeat what Mahathir has done to the country if you get to be PM.

Anonymous #79199503: I too believe that TDM (Mahathir) has finally met his match in DSAI (Anwar).

TDM thought that he could finish off DSAI but much to his chagrin, DSAI has become more well known and popular, both locally and internationally.

Not surprisingly, TDM is now having sleepless nights and wondering when his home will be stormed like what he had done to DSAI.

Clearwater: I am sure Dr M prefers losing a little bit of sleep instead of losing his freedom should the BN government fall in GE13.

The public is not so forgiving about wrongdoing from those who abused their power. Let him face the law.

Anonnona: Anybody knows whether there is any living ex-prime mnister or ex-president who is so much hated and so widely cursed by the people?

Anybody knows if there is any living ex-PM who has been accused of so many misdeeds and yet has never dared to take any of his accusers to court?

Anybody knows what is it like to be in his shoes knowing that his family and friends are reading all the horrible things said daily about him and yet has to remain silent?

Clever Voter: Historians will not fail to remind us that greed has been one single factor behind the downfall of famous dictators.

Dr M wants to be the contrarian. He may well succeed because he has created a web that even a mosquito would find it difficult to go through.

DSAI has to find the answers, and no one would disagree that it would be tough. Again we leave to history to be the judge.

Starr: Of course, the old man has been losing sleep since he stepped down from the seat of power, not because he's concerned about the Malays, Islam and the country but his vast interests in 'oil' through his offsprings.

No one has put it as clearly as Anwar regarding his primary and continuing motivation in politics, his vast interests in 'oil'.

On the Global Financial Integrity report on Malaysia's top ranking in the illicit capital outflows, Mahathir offers no opinion whatsoever - an issue that's potentially bleeding the country's finances to death.

How can anyone still buy his idea of struggles for the race, religion and the country? His son's ownership in a beer company from the Philippines alone runs counter to the teaching of Islam.

Tim'sTime: In this case, I must disagree with DSAI as Dr M must be made accountable for every sen that has been taken by his cronies and his family. No one can be let off. The next PM cannot make this decision. Only the rakyat can.

Louis: At this ripe old age, Mahathir should be more merciful in his words. Instead of telling lies like Malays will lose power if Pakatan wins, he should be advising the government how to reduce corruption.

A good example he should follow is Lee Kuan Yew who is still very useful and highly sought after internationally for his views and ideas.

Mahashitla: Dear Tun, today you are a very confused man. First you chose Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) as your successor, only to find that you have erred.

Then, you threw you support behind Najib Razak, only to learn from carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan's revelations that this could be another costly mistake.

Your past mistreatment of your nemesis, Anwar, has given you so much guilt and fear of reprisals that you have decided to even support the 'devil' you know. I believe this is weighing heavily on your conscience and good judgement.

Tun, you are 87 years old. How much longer can you be Petronas advisor or oversee your sons' businesses.

Anwar today is a much wiser man. He knows that to go after you for your past misdeeds is going to take years or even decades, which is counter-productive. Governing this country justly and fairly to ensure its prosperity, is.

That is why I find Anwar making this public assurance of no malice when he becomes PM. Tun, it's time you let go.

iK-man: DSAI is not giving assurance to all voters that when Pakatan takes over Putrajaya, all efforts must be taken to recover back for the country those billions of ringgit plundered and filtered away by evil means.

Although it may not be the priority to the new government, it must also not be let bygones be bygones - those selfish deeds done must be made accountable by those involved.

Perhaps an amnesty to be given but unethical funds taken must be returned to the national purse.

Jean Pierre: The law does not take sides. The law is equal for everyone. The law must uphold justice. Based on those maxims, Mahathir shall be prosecuted and bear the brunt of law if and when he is convicted of his crimes.

Until then he is a free man. Anwar or anyone else doesn't have a say in this.

Mohican: To corrupt oneself is inhuman. To forgive is divine. Mahathir belongs to an old, rusty school of thought and his little pea brained thoughts are held in high esteem by some.

After all, as they say, in the kingdom of the blind, the fellow with half an eye is the king.

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