EC is telling true lies on polls observers

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VOXPOP ‘Clearly this is telling everyone that the EC has everything to hide, which you know I know, and they know, too!’

US polls observers told to come as 'tourists'

vox populi small thumbnail Chipmunk: I take my hat off for the Muslim American Election Observers Committee. Unless the Election Commission (EC) has something to hide (which we all know there is plenty of that), I don't see it as a problem to get third parties to be official observers.

And furthermore, if the EC is toothless, it is better for heads to roll as their key functions are to be an independent body, transparent and just. That comment from EC speaks volume of their role in Bolehland.            

Thetruth: It looks like as the days pass by, the EC had shown the world how really "independent and neutral" they are.

Basically, the fact that EC is finding it so hard to get independent NGO observer for the 13th general election (GE13) had shown that, they really have lots of thing to hide.

Now, the only way is for the rakyat to turn out in full force in this coming GE13 and vote this government out. Then after that, revamp all that is not right and that also includes the EC.

Armageddon: They might as well tell these observers that "you are welcome but don't tell the truth".

Dark Knight: What is wrong with the EC? Have the top guns in the EC something to hide or are they afraid of being caught red-handed?

Adaotak: In Malaysia, 'The cards are always on the table’, and telling true lies in broad daylight without having to blink an eye is an inherent trait in the BN government.

Clearly the reaction from the EC is telling everyone that the government (and EC) has everything to hide, which of course you know I know, and they know, too!

Such is the serious state of our country now, look at the Lynas issue. We must, without fear or favour, rescue and save this nation from being destroyed by these devils.

Maplesyrup: Since when do robbers and thieves want to have police observers while they are at work?

Abuminable: EC come, EC go... go... GO!

Felda buys FGV shares in bid to bolster prices

Dont Just Talk: The right hand Felda dumps the share, the left hand Employees Provident Fund (EPF) buys it from the open market.

Then it is EPF’s turn to dump the share and Felda buys up the share to ensure that the market price does not fall below the initial pubic offering (IPO) price. As a small-time investor, I will not touch FGV share!

Anonymous #64778106: What else do we expect the joint principal adviser, joint managing underwriters and joint underwriters of the IPO to say. to say otherwise means they have failed to do the due diligence during the underwriting.

SMC77: It is not unusual for a company to do share buyback. What is unusual here is FGV is managed by a bunch of questionable managers who are linked to the BN.

Jesse: It is always risky to buy into a company that lacks transparency and is run by political cronies. Buying more of your shares may be a way of shoring up the price but eventually market forces will decide.

One never know what the monkey tricks will be at play from time to time. Insiders are the ones who usually benefit. Not the regular mum and dad! So, be warned!

Foodforthought: So what if it was the 'syok sendiri' second biggest IPO in 2012. Very creative comments from market analysts, too.

Yap cs: An analyst who cannot give comments or advice which place the interest of the investors above all else is a crap analyst. If they are following the 'approved' stance, they are no better than glorified butt kissers regurgitating noxious foul fluids.

Longjaafar: This morning (yesterday), on channel 89.9 BFM radio, an analyst said that the target price of FGV is RM3.53 with a price earnings (PE) ratio of 15.

Compare that with the current market price of RM4.59. The difference is due to our money being used to prop up the price.

Clever voter: Remember the Tin Scandal of the early 80s. It’s obvious we haven’t learnt the bitter lessons. Such artificial fiddling of the market forces will not work.

Mirror On The Wall: I wonder what interest EPF will give its contributors this year after all this wheeling and dealing?


Of course, it is fine for Felda to burn its cash to feel good. When its cash goes down, their price will dive down further. Welcome to the market, Felda, courtesy of Najib Abdul Razak and his friends. Those who have profited have bailed out.

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