Sheer incompetency by Syabas to provide water

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YOURSAY 'Every human being needs water; it's not a luxury but a basic necessity. If Syabas is unable to plan its distribution, they have failed.'

Syabas pump station unable to meet water demand

your say Shemc2: Town planning, population increases and water consumption are not things that happen overnight.

Each time a new township is planned, it must be included in water plans for the future. I'm still wondering why Syabas, which manages water in Selangor, cannot seem to get this right.

Every human being needs water; it's not a luxury but a basic necessity. If Syabas is unable to plan this, it proves they have failed.

Please don't tell the consumers there is over-usage of water, just say you don't know how to do the job.

Cocomomo: This is incompetence and political blackmail by Umno cronies. The people of Selangor should be wise enough to see BN's underhanded tactics in trying to get them to vote for BN.

1malaysia2perak3katak: What a load of bullshit. There has been an increase in demand of treated water just before GE13?

It's practically raining every other day in Subang, Petaling Jaya and Klang. If we don't water plants or wash cars there should be a reduction in demand.

This is a fantastic and timely occurrence for Premier Najib Razak to say vote BN, and the problem will be solved. People are not fools.

Moreover, Syabas CEO Rozali Ismail is a former treasurer of Selangor Umno.

Capo: The more Syabas talks, the more furious we become. The dams of deep anger and utter hopelessness is about to break out come GE13.

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, sue them.

Bluemountains: Consumers affected by the water crisis must remain patient until the next general election.

After the election, the crisis will hopefully be resolved speedily by the new government which must prove itself to be worthy of the support of the rakyat.

Consumers in general must not allow themselves to be held to ransom by any party.

Anonymous_3e86: Without doubt the increase in population will create an increase in demand for water. But consumers can alleviate this problem by reducing water wastage. Many households have water bills amounting to RM100 or more every month.

The problem with humans is that they take things for granted until a crisis is reached. Water is wasted everyday by daily washing of floors and cars. One only needs a very much reduced amount of water to wipe instead of washing.

Use a cup to hold the water instead of running the tap when brushing teeth. Turn off the shower when applying soap or shampoo.

Dr Chin Tu Lan: This is more like incompetency from Syabas. Please sack them before the rakyat sacks you.

Stop blaming water woes on others, Najib tells Selangor

Mushiro: Najib is out of touch with the people. Carrying two pails of water two flights of stairs is worse than carrying them up 10 floors. This is because for 10 floors, you take a lift.

The people understand well that Umno is manipulating the water crisis in Selangor. Why the sudden water shortage just before the general election? It is for this reason that people went to demonstrate at Stadium Merdeka on Saturday.

JooGuan: I cannot even finish reading the full news report after seeing the illogical reason of PM. He didn't even know there is such an invention called lift or elevator.

He pities the residents if the residents have to carry the water to the 10th floor. What a shame.

Have you ever see a 10-storey flat without a lift installed? Who would buy such a flat? The rich and never being poor will never understand the real situation of the poor.

Quigonbond: The Syabas CEO is an Umno crony. Pakatan has every right to manage its water resources. It's been raining. No water? Everyone can see it is sabotage.

Sad Malaysian: Fresh water and processed water are two different things. The problem here is the processed water, not the fresh water

Wira: Selangor water shortage problem has nothing to do with Langat 2, which is a future project and yet to be realised today.

Najib, please ask your crony Syabas to do a good job with its existing job and not sabotage the supply situation in the state, either intentionally or through sheer incompetence.

Thump Down To Syabas: My dear PM, it's better not open your mouth. You are not solving the issue here and yet you want a mandate.

We would not be in this position if your cronies had done a good job and not siphoning all the money away until they cannot even manage a pump house.

Ancora: Did Najib mean that once the development order for Langat 2 is issued by Selangor government, water supply will be immediately restored to consumers?

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