'Listen, listen, listen' - kudos to Bawani and Saifuddin

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YOURSAY 'It's always heartening to have someone like Saifuddin coming out to soothe a nasty situation created by this uncouth panellist.'

Uncouth panellist once led an Umno-linked party

your say Ksn: KS Bawani, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin called you a ‘small' Ambiga or something like that. You should feel proud about that because it is a complement to call you a ‘small' Ambiga.

I hope and pray that you will emulate Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan. Stay determined and work towards your ambition. Best wishes to you, Bawani.

Aries46: Having seen the video , Sharifah comes across as a rather despicable and overbearing woman who resorts to admonishing and reprimanding participants whom she finds as an impediment to her BN brain-washing mission.

The most shocking parts of the video was:

1. Shutting up Bawani, shouting "listen" repeatedly and pulling away the mike.

2. Going on a tirade equating Bersih's S Ambiga to anarchy and free education to animals rights.

3. The audacity to tell off Bawani to get out of the country and the university.

4. Exhorting the participants for support by using religion and the offer of smart phones.

5. Keeping Bawani standing all the while as she berated her with the support of submissive students.

The most shocking part was however the intellectual level and herd mentality of the participants who seem to cheer the cruel moderator on, despite her inability to respond constructively and kindly to Bawani.

Yenno: I saw the video. It was a racist confrontation in the guise of an Islamic forum.

Poor Bawani was bashed all the way, abused and mentally tortured, with "...as a Muslim, I got rights", "the difference between a degree and O-level" and "go to other university".

It's so disgusting to watch such bad behaviour on Sharifah's part. If Bawani was my relative, I would report Sharifah's behaviour to the police for acting like a big bully.

Ferdtan: Sharifah, even Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah are embarrassed by your uncouth behaviour for harassing a young student.

They have rightly disowned you. By the way, why are you taking about cats, sharks and other animals? Student Bawani, you have class. You showed maturity beyond your age. Syabas .

Mahashitla: It's always heartening to have someone like Saifuddin coming out to soothe a nasty situation created by this uncouth panelilst.

This is not the first time he had saved the day for Umno and he is the candidate I'll give my vote to even though I am pro-Pakatan Rakyat. Khairy needs to learn more to gain our respect.

Anonymous #32993250: It shows what true education is. Bawani is calling for the people not to make sexual remarks against Sharifah.

What a magnificent gesture from a young undergraduate, especially when senior politicians in our Parliament are making all kinds of sexual innuendos against their own colleagues.

Keturunan Malaysia: Bawani, you make us very proud of you and I love your last quote above, "As a human, I respect her as a woman." You are indeed a pretty cool and honourable person.

Enlightened: Khairy, are you sure Sharifah is not linked to BN? Why did Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) choose her as a panellist?

This is the first time I'm hearing about an association named Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) and another named Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M).

Saifuddin-quality people in Umno would, on the other hand, pose a threat to Pakatan Rakyat's impending victory in the next general election. Keep up the good work, Bawani and Saifuddin.

Sincere: Saifuddin is in the wrong party. I've been admiring him for his openness and his level of understanding when it comes to higher education and graduates. I wish to see more ministers like him from the future government.

Abuminable: Khairy, Sharifah is the very epitome of everything we loathe about Umno-BN.

The more you attempt to delink from her obnoxious arrogance and bullying tactics, the more obvious it is where she acquired her bad manners and utterly misplaced sense of superiority.

Tiger: This is real Umno-BN type. Condescending - I speak, you listen. Sounds like a female Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Can the government or Education Ministry tell us what is the basis for her and her gang to speak to students in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) and other campuses?

Is she paid by the government? How come she gets to speak? I would like to know how I can go to the universities to speak to students too.

BH Yap: Talking down is one of the most condescending tools to use against another person to make him or her feel inferior. If you have to talk this way, it means no one will listen to you.

2zzzxxx: "Don't have to talk down or condescend... (I have) just spoken to Bawani on the phone...," said Saifuddin.

Saifuddin, for what you have done, I salute you. I pray we have more ministers like you.

Artchan: I have always said that Saifuddin is in the wrong party - he can never reform his colleagues.

Ex-wfw: When heaven decides, all things pour just like the a thunderstorm. Umno-BN has more than a handful to deal with and the prime minister can only pray nothing more would explode in his face.

Every explosion seems to bury him and BN deeper into the earth. Surprised? Don't be. Umno-BN has scribed, planned and played out all these scenarios behind the curtain; indeed they expected their plan to flow so smoothly that repeats are generally expected.

But after last Saturday, things begin to change. Can the PM turn that change to his advantage? I guess it is too late.

Michael Ng 34f2: Sharifah didn't even give the student a chance to finish, she was so rude. Really, I am so disappointed with the other students responding to her rubbish by clapping.

Don't those students have ears, eyes and a brain to see the injustice and corruption all around them?

Don't they have Internet? Or maybe they only have the BTN (Biro Tatanegara) course and Utusan Malaysia to keep them informed?

Anak Malaysia: Bawani, you are a brave young lady who spoke well with substantiated facts. We are proud of you for your courage to voice your opinion. You made a lot of sense.

Do not be intimidated by Sharifah. She had no answer to your arguments. She was just incapable of handling dissenting views, hence had to resort to arrogant bullying tactics to silence you.

Stevie Weng: Sharifah may be a degree holder but she is not educated. Her action is shameful, to put it bluntly. To intimidate a student who display such bravery (and spoke with sense) is a cowardly act.

To you, Bawani, do not get discouraged by Sharifah's comments because you are much more educated than her and you will do well in life. You have my respect.

KSD: I am pleased that Bawani has made a call for netizens not to make sexist attacks on Sharifah. Yes, it is unbecoming.

Holden: Bawani, thank you for your courage and intelligence. You have sterling qualities that will take you far in life. Incidents like this can only make you stronger and more prepared to deal with stupidity wherever you may encounter it.

This time, unfortunately, it was in a university - the last place where you would expect to find it.

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