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Teach PAS a lesson for behaving like Umno
Published:  Jan 16, 2013 1:48 AM
Updated: 6:27 AM

YOURSAY 'Unless and until we have a credible alternative coalition, I have no choice but to just spoil my vote for this coming GE.'

DAP berates Kedah gov't over CNY guidelines

your say Geronimo: At the rate things are going, I doubt very much that PAS is ever interested in Putrajaya. These self-centred policies are definitely going to kill the support of the non-Muslims and I strongly urge DAP and PKR to review its stand with PAS very seriously.

It is no loss if DAP wishes to break rank with PAS and allow PKR to contest in all PAS seats wherever possible.

The GE is just around the corner and it is unthinkable for PAS to be pulling off such a stunt at this crucial time. After the fiasco in Kota Bharu and now Kedah, PAS certainly looks like a bad bet.

Shanandoah: This is not the first time that DAP has been at odds with PAS and it will not be the last. They must break ranks with PAS, which is a religiously-inclined party.

Malaysia is secular. PAS policies will never keep it that way. It's best for DAP to go at it alone, if necessary.

By joining Pakatan Rakyat, PAS wants to ride on the back of non-Muslims to gain control in both state and parliamentary elections. DAP, you have lost my vote if you don't leave. Many will do just that.

Abuminable: Kedah MB Azizan Abdul Razak is stuck in a time warp and totally out of sync with the 21st century. He is a serious liability to Pakatan.

PAS must replace him with somebody far more open-minded and in tune with the changing times or risk a massive voter backlash.

Proarte: PAS is showing itself to be unelectable. They speak with forked tongues and persist is displaying a penchant for 'ketuanan' and duplicity. How is this different to the Umno modus operandi? PAS is just the reverse of the Umno coin.

The 'Allah' issue with their vacillating positions or should I say blatant lies is a pointed reminded of what PAS would be like in government.

When Abdul Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz Nik Mat told Malaysians that non-Muslims have a right to use the word ‘Allah' after their meeting with the Pakatan leaders, they then stab Pakatan in the back and have a syura council meeting which contradicts their earlier position adding to further confusion and leaving the matter unresolved.

The rakyat want a government which is honest and clear in direction which respects the constitutional rights of its citizens.

The Chinese New Year 'guidelines' underscore the sex obsession of PAS which is simply disgusting and paradoxically shows their immoral mindset, let alone their duplicity and intellectual bankruptcy.

Anti Umno: PAS really puncture the momentum of Pakatan. If they continue to act this way, I will not be surprised that Pakatan will lose to BN in the coming GE.

Please understand that Islamic law is only applicable to Muslims. Please do not force it onto other races. Indeed, PAS is behaving like Umno.

Myrights: We need to teach PAS a lesson in the upcoming GE13. They are acting like the Taliban. I hate to think what will happen if and when they come into power.

It saddens me that we have to choose between two evils in this country - a racist government versus a Taliban wannabe.

Anon1: I rather have a corrupt MP then a religious zealot who imposes his interpretation of scripts and morals on me.

If religion is so important to any politician, then quit as a politician and go join the church, mosque or temple. They'd be better suited there. Don't confuse the two.

An MP represents constituents, not to preach his individual or religious values. That was not the mandate given. Imagine where the urban votes are going if PAS continues imposing their values on everyone.

So, BN or Taliban? The choice is obvious. I'd prefer if PAS is kicked out of Pakatan and they contest on their own. Even if BN is unable to form a government, a coalition can still be made between Pakatan and PAS later, if need be.

Jiminy Qrikert: If we respect principles of fair play - and PAS being a religious party must therefore subscribe to fairness - then it needs to observe and respect the principle that the Pakatan party that wins the greatest number of Adun (state assembly) seats will form the state government.

In Perak, if Pakatan win, it will therefore be either PKR or DAP and not PAS. With that as a principle, it leaves PAS free to assign former Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin to battle in Kedah and change PAS leadership style there.

Daseen: If PAS wants the Chinese votes, then it has to accede to the whims and fancies of young virgins running around clad in thin dress on the stage, as this seems to be amorous desire of many commentators here.

PAS logic of 'PAS for All' contradicts PAS demeanour and is an affront to the eventual kingmakers in the evolving Malaysian political landscape.

The current PAS logic is akin to a logic which is like a little tweeting bird, chirping in a meadow or a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad.

Not My Real Name: I am Chinese and I say that those "stage performances" should be banned. These stage performances are no longer traditional Chinese operas. These days, they are just a cheap pop concert with bad singing and terrible performers.

They are all rubbish and they are all too loud. They are all held next to residential homes. And they run until midnight or after. They are a public nuisance.

As a Chinese, I find nothing cultural values about these modern performances. PAS has done well to stop this in Kedah. Penang should do the same.

WangMalaysia: PAS would do well to keep their guidelines and not extend it to anybody else. When would these holy folks know that, you cannot make others holy... you can only be a guide, and given that guidelines are guidelines, they are not enforceable.

It's all about free will, unless PAS would risk losing the votes of non-Muslims not only in Kedah but nationwide. So PAS, keep your holiness to yourself. I will be holy on my own accord and my own way.

Myop101: Time to not vote for PAS wherever they are. I think enough is enough. There is only so much tolerance for their moral policing antics.

While I believe their leaders are somewhat sincere, their low level of tolerance only tells us that they are also incapable of seeing forest for the trees.

It is unthinkable, but unless and until we have a credible alternative coalition, I have no choice but to just spoil my vote for this coming GE.

Louis: PAS has gone too far this time. It thinks that it could come to power in Kedah on its own. Most of the non-Muslim Kedahans are fed up with the way PAS and have resolved to give their votes to BN.

I am a supporter of Pakatan, but as far as Kedah goes, I am telling my family to vote against PAS.

Anonnona: DAP has shown its bravery by slamming PAS. Now let's see whether MCA has the guts to slam Umno for keeping silent on this matter. Shouting against DAP alone does not show MCA is fighting for Chinese rights.

If MCA dares to publicly scold Umno for not condemning PAS, then I will believe that it is really fighting sincerely for the Chinese rather than just trying to score political points.

Come on, MCA, show what you are truly made of, otherwise hide your tail between your legs and just disappear.

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