Sabah RCI must call Mahathir to testify

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YOURSAY ‘Will we see another repeat of selective amnesia and denial statements from him in the likelihood of he being asked to testify later?'

Dr M's right-hand men implicated in Sabah IC scam

your say Ferdtan: National Registration Department (NRD) officer Mohd Nasir Sugip admitted to issuing ICs to immigrants for the purpose of increasing support for BN. He said it was instructed by his boss, NRD director Ramli Kamarudin.

Ramli Kamarudin confirmed it to be true and he said it was under the instruction of the then late deputy home minister Megat Junid Megat Ayob.

In court, the collaborative witnesses' statements by two high ranking NRD officers should hold true and confirmed its veracity to their testimonies.

Unfortunately Megat Junid is dead; otherwise, he would be dragged to the RCI to be the key witness. However, let us not forget who Megat Junid's boss is; it is none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He was the minister in charge of the Home Ministry. Mahathir must be called to testify. We have to find out who had sold out the sovereignty of our country to foreigners.

LittleGiant: These explosive revelations at the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Immigrants in Sabah into the alleged citizenship-for-votes scam, in all probability, could be the tip of the iceberg.

I will never trust the NRD, the Election Commission (EC) and the BN government any more. Hereafter, I can never trust a foreigner holding a blue IC (identity card), working and living in my country. How am I to know that he or she acquired the IC through proper procedures and legal channels?

I will forever be suspicious that the blue IC granted to the foreigner could have been through an organised scam, endorsed by the very government agencies and politicians entrusted to protect this nation from foreigners who enter and remain in the country illegally.

In order to earn their bread and butter, these foreigners could be engaged in some illegal and even terrorist activities. How am I to feel safe in the company of these foreigners? Can I assume that the nation's security has been compromised wholesale?

Moontime: The RCI has just begun and the revelations by former NRD officers are devastating indeed. Isn't this proof positive that BN won the election through illegal means?

BN must be regretting the decision to hold this inquiry so near to the 13th GE. So far, only a few VIPs were implicated but everyone knew that they were only following instructions from the master puppeteer residing in Seri Perdana.

Will we see another repeat of selective amnesia and denial statements from him in the likelihood of he being asked to testify later? Definitely, of course!

Ksn: From the reports on admissions at the RCI by the former NRD officials and others, the unlawful directions from EC which the NRD carried out, stupidly and illegally, does it not mean that we have been governed by an illegitimate government elected through fraud and by foreigners?

This exercise must mean that this rotten group of politicians and civil servants have perpetrated and committed the greatest crime against Malaysia.

View Across The Straits: Polls reform movement Bersih was right after all. Let's organise Bersih 4.0 focusing on what must be done following the RCI findings. And most important, catch the snake head and all his accomplices.

Abasir: Many Malaysians wondered why the regime was so upset with Bersih and S Ambiga for merely calling for free and fair elections, which is akin to any morally upright leader encouraging the people to be truthful and God-fearing.

The reason for that extreme and totally unreasonable reaction is now crystal clear: If Bersih prevails, Umno is finished.

Starr: "(Then Tamparuli NRD chief) Yakup (Damsah), who was eventually detained under the Internal Security Act, said he was aware that the operation was illegal, but he followed the instructions as he was a public servant."

The MyKads issued illegally are therefore void and should now be revoked immediately.

In fact, the election results in contests involving these MyKad holders should be nullified. The electoral roll should also be rid off such names.

What a mess? That's what it's all about, the country is in such a mess.

Vgeorgemy: Based on these revelation, we would say Pakatan Rakyat has to climb very steep mountain to clinch victory at GE13. It's very scary to read how Mahathir destroyed the civil service for his own personal gains.

Ez24get: The NRD officers and chief who were instructed by the two top guns to issue ICs to immigrants were detained in ISA after they have done as instructed for no other reason other than to prevent them from spilling the beans.

Instead of arresting EC's Wan Ahmad Wan Omar who allegedly facilitated the electoral fraud and the issuance of ICs to immigrants for high treason, he was instead promoted to the deputy chief's post.

No wonder he is so vocal, often overshadowing his boss. The tactics he uses now in the GE13 are similar to those exposed by the former NRD personnel in Sabah.

In other countries, the deputy EC chief would be sacked and thrown in jail but here, he is promoted and next in line for the top post.

With the heavily-tainted deputy EC chief still around, do you think we will ever get a clean and fair election this time around?

FellowMalaysian: The knife is being sharpened, the noose is being tightened. Surely those guilty up there who gave the ultimate instructions to issue papers to enable the illegal immigrants to vote must be feeling the heat.

The creation of 'instant voters' for reasons of political expediency must be condemned at all costs and the perpetrators be expeditiously charged in court.

Quigonbond: I think Sabah is a goner for BN. However, this assumes that foreigner-voters (who are not citizens) only make up to 25 percent of the population. I very much doubt so. The figure must have steadily increased in the meantime.

The RCI should do the right thing to expand its scope of inquiry into the statistics today, if it does not already have the mandate.

Cocomomo: This is treason, no more just mere corruption. Megat Junid has passed away. Is he a convenient scapegoat since he is not around to deny the allegation?

Yenno: It is so easy to put the blame on a dead man.

Did Megat Junid get instructions from his boss?

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