'Vote PAS for federal, but not for state'

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YOURSAY ‘With both Umno and PAS agreeing on the ‘Allah' issue, what has our PM-for-all-Malaysians got to say?'

PAS, don't force your views on us, says group

your say YF: Once upon a time in a country called Malaysia, Malays and non-Malays co-existed in one muhibbah (peaceful and tolerant) family. Our faiths united us, rather than separated us.

Then came Kitul and his Umno gangsters. Kitul had to prove that Umno was more ‘Islam' than PAS, so the Christians were made to be the scapegoat and thus persecuted. This ‘Allah' issue is one of those whipped up by Umno.

When PAS took a different stand from Umno in the ‘Allah' row, PAS became the hope of many Malaysians in the quest to rekindle the ‘muhibbah' family that we had once enjoyed.

And then this happened, and now there is no difference between Umno and PAS.

RAW: It seems to me that a good approach to this non-issue is to let the politicians on either side say whatever they want - let them give whatever opinions that they need to air.

Christians should and can continue to call God in whatever way they deem to be appropriate in the BM Bible, so long as they do not break any laws of the country.

Currently, there is no law against referring to God as ‘Allah' in the BM Bible or anywhere.

May: Humans are named to differentiate between one from another. The mystery of God is beyond human wisdom. It is not for us mere humans to put god in his place.

If there should be any human reasoning at all, call for an international forum for all stakeholders on how the word ‘Allah' came about, its usage, etc.

The beauty of a religion is not about traditions that can become obstacles, but that which can manifest, sustain and foster the total dignity of the human person.

Blessed are the peacemakers, those who participate and make peace a reality. Don't allow our limited comprehension of the mystery of God tear us apart.

Myop101: For those who feel guilty voting for BN, just spoil your votes if it happens to be contested by PAS. It is a sign of protest for their flip-flopping on the ‘Allah' issue and moral policing.

There is no point trying to argue with them since they are hell-bent on being narrow-minded and ignorant of history.

Onyourtoes: I don't think this a religious issue. This is about who is the ‘tuan' (master) and who is more powerful here in Malaysia. So much for our tolerance and inclusiveness, so much for the humility and humanity that most religions have taught us.

In Malaysia, certain mentalities never change. It is always the same old "kita and mereka, tuan and pendatang, dominance and subservience, and pre-eminent and servitude".

Think deep, it is always the same. How we choose to call our god is just a proxy to the real discontentment simmering below the surface.

Geronimo: If I were to walk around naked or commit sex in the open, the law can take its own course, but not the ones espoused by the religious zealots.

The authorities can charge the non-Muslims under common law, and the Muslims under syariah law, and the state should be governed as such.

The moment you start to impose your values on non-Muslims, that is when we have to draw the line.

Apapunboleh: With both Umno and PAS agreeing on the ‘Allah' issue, what has our PM-for-all-Malaysians got to say? Silent again? It was probably all hot air during his Christmas speech.

Timothy: Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. This is one of the obvious traits of the proponents of 'Ketuanan Melayu' and 'Ketuanan Islam'.

In my area, I have to choose between Umno and PAS. Now I have to rethink... maybe a spoiled vote will do. I will move my constituency to give my vote to DAP/PKR after GE13.

National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia chief Reverend Eu has rightly said - no one can interfere in other religions.

LSP: Vote for PAS at the federal level. We need them to kick out Umno. And vote against them at state level (except in Selangor, as Pakatan needs to win Selangor - the richest state). I hope they lose Kedah.

Jiminy Qrikert: Pakatan had better seriously think about limiting the number of seats awarded to PAS at the federal level. The current anti-PAS mood is not confined to just 95 percent of the Christians.

The other non-Muslims are also angry with them. People are fed up with the nonsense that Pakatan is capable of, especially with PAS' Islamic stand. So where there is significant non-Malay voters, PAS should stay out.

Unless PAS wants to spoil Pakatan's chances of taking over the federal government, it should only be given the super Malay majority seats as it run the risk of losing in mixed constituencies because the non-Malays will spoil their votes. This is very real.

PAS has been done in by their syura council.

Senior: Muslims in this country are not weaklings and have no need to be over-protected. They are not confused, nor will their faith be shaken if the word is used.

Even in the Middle East and in Indonesia, there is no such nonsense. Are the Muslims here better Muslims than them?

Mr KJ John: Christians are free to use any word to refer to their god, and no one else - including governments or political parties - can dictate that.

God does not belong solely to any one group. How can the pot define how the potter can make one of the other?

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