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Bravo to parents for spurning 'cash for votes'
Published:  Jan 20, 2013 10:06 AM
Updated: Jan 21, 2013 12:37 AM

YOURSAY 'Don't let BN think that mere cash handouts (using taxpayers' money) will ever be enough to get your votes.'

Parents don Bersih's yellow for RM100 school aid

your say JFA: Take this RM100 school aid and make it clear to your friends that this token sum is not from our PM or even from BN.

The money is from Malaysian taxpayers, and there is no need to appreciate the person giving the money on behalf of all of us.

AnSoN: Bravo to the principled parents. They are unlike those who upon receiving the meagre RM100, were so happy when interviewed by TV1, TV2 and TV3, thanking the government non-stop.

They have forgotten the fact that the cash was part of our hard-earned money.

I, too, will canvass for friends and parents to wear yellow when accompanying their children to take back our RM100. Note that, it is a take-back of what they owe us, and not a gift from the blood-sucking government.

Anonymous_3e86: Brilliant idea by these parents. Perhaps we should also wear yellow when receiving any form of money (bribes) from BN politicians, or anything from BN. That will embarrass them. Parents' power!

P Dev Anand Pillai: The Chinese are practical people, and they go to great lengths when it comes to a right which they believe in.

It would have been a very different scenario if photographs were taken in a Tamil school, where most of the Indian parents would have been so grateful for the money, continuing and further entrenching the known fact that Indians will always be asking for handouts.

Just my 2cents: I wish I had school-going children, I will proudly wear my Bersih T-shirt too. Anyway, like what Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim always says - take the money and vote for Pakatan Rakyat. Simple as that.

Otherwise I'm pretty sure that within the next five years (if we are still under BN rule), Umno will sell Malaysia to the highest bidder and put the non-Malays/non-Muslims on a slow boat to you-know-where.

Artchan: This is our money, not Najib Abdul Razak's father's money or even the PM's money.

Mirror On The Wall: Yes, it's our money being given back to us, and they behave as if they are doing us a favour, and more so, we are obliged to vote them. The hypocrisy is not with the parents, but with BN for pretending that it's a great gesture of goodwill on their part.

Tan Heng Ken: A jolly good idea, I am going to wear the same T-shirt when I receive the RM500 cash in the coming 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) 2.0. And I hope all Malaysians will do likewise.

Wo Ai Gan Jing: How many days of food expenses are the handouts worth nowadays?

Anonymous #43051382: Just take the money, and after that, vote for the opposition. Just to rub it in, you can even mention it out aloud to the paymasters (after taking the money) on your way out.

Landbank: I salute all these parents for their courage and determination. Maybe all parents should do this to send a clear message and teach our next generation to see what is right.

Centurion: That is true patriotism. Let Najib get the message that money is not everything, and it cannot buy everything. Principles in life matter, and this is of course, something that the likes of Umno could never understand. Way to go Bersih citizens!

Anonyxyz: Good move, let's all wear yellow or green when collecting all the 'election bribes', whether in the form of the BR1M or whatever. Passive resistance is the best form of resistance.

Jimmy Ng: Well done! We salute the parents for having the courage to stand up for what you believe is right. Don't let them think that mere cash handouts (using taxpayers' money) will ever be enough to get your votes. Your votes are not for ‘sale' - ever!

Every Vote Counts: Wear Bersih yellow for all activities, or wear them everyday, if possible.

Kee Thuan Chye: What a brilliant idea! I love the new spirit of defiance among Malaysians. I think we have come of age in realising that we must stand up for our rights. And that it's not wrong to do so.

After all, dissent, as the American political activist Howard Zinn says, is the highest form of patriotism. I urge all parents to do wear Bersih T-shirts if they have them or simply yellow when they go to receive the money.

And not just for the RM100 for students. Those who are receiving the BR1M RM500 or RM 250 (for the single people), please do the same. Show the government that the money is yours anyway so you owe them nothing. Tell them they can't bribe you.

Omega: Giving away financial aid to the needy is good, but if you have to do this by increasing the burden of the nation's balance sheet and debt, then you will have to think who is going to pay for it in the future. It is better to have a long-term strategy to increase the people's income.

Apache: Will they be buying our votes and stealing our country's future with RM100 cash handouts every five years?

Unmasked: Giving out RM100 to students by BN representatives is tantamount to vote-buying and is therefore, against the principles for which Bersih stands for. Good thinking, Bersih Mama!

Pputeh: It's good that the parents have done this. A slap on PM Najib Razak's face, indeed.

Headhunter: "Instead, I received the cash with great trepidation, as I worry what the nation would be like in the future," parent Wong Chai Soon, told Malaysiakini .

The future will be like this, queuing up for handouts to survive like refugees because there would be nothing left. That is, if the BN continues to be in power.

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